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Pleurisy – also known as pleuritis – refers to the inflammation of the pleura, the thin membrane, which covers the lungs. There are multiple causes of this condition, including asbestos exposure. It is not uncommon for pleurisy to precede the onset of mesothelioma and oftentimes, it co-occurs with the disease. The most common signs of pleurisy are shortness of breath and chest pain.

If you have a pleurisy diagnosis and X-rays showed the presence of asbestos fibers in your lungs, we can help.

Occupational Asbestos Exposure

With a pleurisy diagnosis you will need to travel to our medical facility in Birmingham, AL if you wish to receive compensation. Additional no-charge testing will be required, generally a chest x-ray and a physical exam.

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As a common early sign, pleurisy often occurs before mesothelioma

If you were/are a smoker and were diagnosed with lung diseases and have occupational, military, or industrial exposure to asbestos, we can look into eligibility for a claim for you.

Our experienced attorneys will provide you with legal assistance if you are a victim of asbestos exposure

Since 1990, our attorneys have been dedicating their endeavors to helping people injured by asbestos exposure obtain the financial compensation they deserve. If you struggle with pleurisy and have a history of occupational or military asbestos exposure, we encourage you to contact our law firm, as you are most likely eligible to file a claim. To initiate the legal process, we will need your employment or military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records. After evaluating your case, our skilled attorneys will let you know whether you qualify for filing a claim. If you do, we will begin preparing it for submission as soon as possible. Eventually, our attorneys will present you with the largest sum of money you are entitled to from asbestos trust funds and the VA if you are a veteran.

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