What documents are necessary to file a Toyota 4Runner claim?

By Michael Bartlett

Posted on August 24th, 2021

Since it came to light that the frames of Toyota 4Runners are susceptible to premature rust corrosion, more and more people who experienced this issue, as well as terrible car accidents caused by it, have been interested in filing a claim with the company. However, you may wonder what documents you need to gather to start the legal process.

Despite having been faced with numerous lawsuits, some of which settled for considerable sums of money, Toyota Motor Corporation refuses to comment on the issue of premature rust corrosion of the frames of 4Runners from the fourth generation. Nevertheless, hundreds of displeased and enraged owners of 4Runners manufactured between 2003 and 2009 have joined the class-action lawsuit that is currently pending against the automaker, which was initiated by Gary Weinreich of South Carolina in 2018.

It is essential to know that, if you have a 4Runner with this manufacturing defect, whether it has led to a car accident or not, you can seek compensation from Toyota Motor Corporation with the assistance of a specialized attorney. This precedes becoming a plaintiff in the ongoing lawsuit against the company. Nonetheless, to ensure you will achieve your goal, which can be having the frame of your 4Runner replaced for free, recovering compensation for the injuries you sustained in a car accident, or both, you need the assistance of a lawyer whose main area of practice is product liability, as only they have the necessary expertise to help you.

You should not be intimidated by what the legal process entails, as the majority of matters will be taken care of by the legal team on your behalf. This would allow you to spend more time focusing on self-care and treatment if you went through a car accident. However, you will still have to provide your attorney with a series of documents so that they can have a starting point in their research and the process of claim preparation.

The documents you will have to send your lawyer if you decided to file a Toyota 4Runner claim

A common myth about taking legal action is that you have to spend countless hours collecting documents and filling out forms in order to eventually have a lawyer file a claim on your behalf. This cannot be further from the truth. While the documents we will request from you when it comes to Toyota 4Runner claims are more than what we usually ask for, you can easily obtain these papers. In fact, you most likely have the majority of them at home.

Another key aspect that many people who consider filing a claim overthink is whether they need to travel to be able to talk to their attorney. We have good news for you! If you want to file a Toyota 4Runner claim, traveling is not necessary, as you will communicate with our legal team, as well as with your lawyer, only through phone calls and online.

These are the documents you will have to send our legal team via e-mail so that our resourceful attorneys can begin the process of filing your claim with Toyota Motor Corporation:

  • car maintenance records, such as routine oil changes and tire rotation
  • several photos of the rust damaging the frame of your 4Runner
  • evidence of current or past ownership of the car, such as title, registration, bill of sale, and contract
  • documents proving that your car has not passed mandatory state inspections due to rust corrosion, if applicable
  • accident reports, if applicable
  • towing documents, if applicable
  • documents showing modifications to the automobile, if applicable
  • documents or receipts for repairs to the car
  • any complaints or correspondence with Toyota or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, if applicable

After you sent all these documents to our legal team, you can rest assured that the rest of the paperwork will be efficiently and carefully attended to by us on your behalf. Our legal experts will gather additional evidence to support your claim, while our attorneys will prepare your claim for submission. Lastly, if you are worried that you cannot afford a lawyer, you should know that payment is not required unless we obtain money for you from the liable company, as we operate on a contingency fee basis.

Quality legal assistance for owners of defective Toyota 4Runners

We have been recovering compensation for wronged consumers for over 20 years, and we are bound to fight for you, regardless of how complex your case might be. As you read above, starting the process of filing a Toyota 4Runner claim is quite easy, as you only need to fill out the claim evaluation form or give our legal team a call, after which you will have to send the required documents via e-mail.

If you had the misfortune of just experiencing severe rust corrosion on the frame of your 4Runner, we will arrange with the company to have it replaced for free. Nevertheless, if this serious manufacturing defect has caused you to suffer a car accident, we will also recover financial compensation for you, which will help you cover your medical expenses and your lost wages.