Drexel Chemical Company

Toxic exposure

Founded in 1972, Drexel Chemical Company manufactures paraquat under the brand name Quik-Quat. However, Drexel Chemical Company fails to warn paraquat users of the danger of developing Parkinson’s disease following regular exposure to their herbicide, which is why numerous people have filed lawsuits and claims against this company over recent years. In the unfortunate case that you have a family member who used Quik-Quat and came to struggle with Parkinson’s disease as a consequence, please contact our legal team to recover financial compensation on their behalf, as our main area of practice is toxic exposure.

Claim Evaluation

Drexel Chemical Company and paraquat exposure

The mission of the company is to provide quality products at economical prices. Furthermore, it claims that, with dedication to new technology and the constant fine-tuning of the production process, the cost of their products can be controlled without harming their quality. Quik-Quat is a burndown herbicide designed to control grasses and broadleaf weeds in a variety of crop and non-crop applications. It has recently gained popularity because it is very effective in destroying weeds and grasses that are resistant to glyphosate, another toxic herbicide.

It contains 3 pounds of paraquat per gallon, which makes it very dangerous. Quick-Quat can also be used as a harvest aid and it is registered for use in field, fruit, and nut, as well as in ornamental and vegetable crops. The herbicide begins acting within 30 minutes of application. Because it is highly toxic, it is a restricted use pesticide that can only be applied by licensed users who underwent the special training provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Quality legal assistance for people injured by paraquat exposure

With over 25 years of experience in providing quality legal assistance to people injured by toxic exposure, our resourceful legal team is ready to provide you with the help you need if you have a family member whose health was affected by paraquat exposure. Following a thorough review of your situation, we will prepare your claim for submission by gathering pertinent evidence to support it. Your involvement as a family member in the legal process is crucial, as people who struggle with Parkinson’s disease often have a difficult time explaining their situation. Nevertheless, your involvement will still be minimal, as our legal team will efficiently take care of the majority of documents for you. Eventually, you will receive the maximum compensation available for the diagnosis of your family member from the responsible company. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you.