Sinon USA, Inc.

Toxic exposure

Sinon USA, Inc. manufactures paraquat under the brand name Bonedry, which contains nearly 44% of this dangerous ingredient. The company is located in Lafayette, California. However, it is a global company, with offices in countries such as Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Taiwan, and Thailand. In the United States, the company only manufactures Bonedry. Exposure to paraquat has a strong causal relation with Parkinson’s disease, a crucial aspect that Sinon USA, Inc. fails to warn users of. For this reason, if one of your family members came to struggle with this brain disorder as a consequence of using or being around this product, they are eligible for compensation, which our knowledgeable attorneys can help them recover from the responsible company.

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Sinon USA, Inc. and paraquat exposure

The mission of Sinon USA, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for both food producers and consumers through committed farmer-agent partnerships and responsible agrochemical usage, according to their executives. Founded in 1955, Sinon grew into a synergistic group of businesses that caters to the agriculture, technology, and construction industries. The founder of the company, Tien-Fa Yang, grew up on a farm in Taiwan. During his childhood, he saw farmers struggle to keep pests at bay, to produce enough food, as well as to maintain a high quality of life for their families. For this reason, he decided to establish what was to be the Sinon company.

Nevertheless, like the majority of paraquat manufacturers, the company fails to warn users of the dangers of long-term paraquat exposure, which can result in Parkinson’s disease. Consequently, if you have a family member with this brain disorder who was exposed to paraquat, we strongly advise you to contact our law firm, as we specialize in toxic exposure and will be able to obtain financial compensation on their behalf from the liable company.

Quality legal assistance for people injured by paraquat exposure

Since 1990, we have been pursuing compensation on behalf of victims of toxic exposure and are bound to go to great lengths to recover the money you are entitled to from Sinon USA, Inc. if you have a family member who struggles with Parkinson’s disease as a result of exposure to their herbicide. Your involvement in the legal process as a family member is essential, as people who have this brain disorder often have a difficult time clearly explaining their situation. However, you will only have to provide our legal experts with evidence of paraquat exposure and proof of diagnosis, as the rest of the necessary paperwork will be efficiently taken care of by our resourceful legal team. You will eventually receive the maximum compensation available on behalf of your loved one if you choose to work with our law firm. For additional information, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.