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Laryngeal and Esophageal Cancer Lawyers

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Asbestos caused laryngeal and esophageal cancer cases are particularly difficult to approach due to lack of reliable documented evidence. Since a correlation between workplace exposure to asbestos and these cancers has not yet been formally recognized, our attorneys can help prove your case.

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Asbestos Exposure Will Significantly Increase the Risk for Laryngeal and Esophageal Cancer

Asbestos may not be a direct cause of laryngeal and esophageal cancer. Nevertheless, if evidence of having the asbestos fibers in your lungs, results in a correlation between your esophageal cancer and exposure to asbestos in at your workplace, our lawyers will wholeheartedly support you in the process of obtaining proper and just compensation.

If you have a history of asbestos exposure and you were a smoker, you CAN file a claim to recover compensation.

Laryngeal and Esophageal Cancer Compensation

  • Whether you are fully committed to file an asbestos claim against a company or you would simply like to find out more details about this matter, feel free to contact us. Our lawyers are always at your disposal and can offer free legal advice.
  • If you have decided to file for an asbestos claim, we can prepare all the required documents for you, as well as file claims with multiple asbestos bankruptcy trust funds.
  • Our experienced attorneys will do all in their power to discover additional information, which could be essential for details for your asbestos case.
  • The resolution generally ensues shortly after the completion of the process, as our attorneys are well-known by a large number of companies due to our vast experience with environmental litigation.


The risk of developing one of these malignant cncers increases by up to 40% when daily asbestos exposure occurs.

Consultation & Advice

Our attorneys can offer you quality legal representation and accurately assess your case in order to reach the most favorable outcome. We are bound to attend to your case, regardless of its complexity, and can even file multiple asbestso claims in order to obtain maximum financial compensation you are entitled to.

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