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As a malignant disease occurring preponderantly in men, esophageal cancer develops on the long, hollow tube running from the throat to the stomach, medically known as the esophagus. Over 20,000 people receive a diagnosis of esophageal cancer every year in the U.S. While the usual risk factors for this disease are smoking, gastroesophageal reflux disease, excessive alcohol consumption, and obesity, esophageal cancer can also be the consequence of toxic exposure. Exposure to coke oven emissions, solvents, and asbestos may cause esophageal cancer. People with the highest risk of esophageal cancer due to toxic exposure are industrial workers and veterans, as most came in contact with these dangerous agents regularly on the job or during active duty. If you struggle with esophageal cancer and have a history of toxic exposure, we strongly encourage you to contact our law firm.

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Working in the iron or steel industry entails a higher esophageal cancer risk due to coke oven emissions

Coke oven emissions stem from ovens that are used to heat coal to produce coke, which is used to manufacture iron and steel. These emissions are complex mixtures of dust, vapors, and gases that usually include carcinogens such as cadmium and arsenic.

People who worked in these industries have a higher risk of developing esophageal cancer, as they would inevitably breathe in coke oven emissions on the job, even when wearing protective equipment such as respirators.

These are the eligibility criteria for filing a claim if you struggle with esophageal cancer:

  • you must have worked in the iron or steel industry for a significant time
  • you must have been exposed to coke oven emissions on the job
  • you must have a correct diagnosis of esophageal cancer that is related to toxic exposure
  • you must provide our diligent attorneys with your employment records and medical records

Asbestos exposure increases the risk of esophageal cancer by up to 40%

Esophageal cancer risk after asbestos exposure

During the last century, asbestos was used in unimaginable amounts for over six decades.

Asbestos is a carcinogenic mineral, resulting in esophageal cancer within 20 to 50 years following the first exposure. This is because once the small toxic fibers become embedded in the lining of the esophagus, they gradually cause inflammation and tissue scarring, which may eventually turn into malignant tumors.

Former industrial workers and veterans have the highest risk of esophageal cancer, as they had to handle numerous asbestos materials and products, such as:

Misdiagnosis is very frequent among asbestos exposure victims. For this reason, we advise you to look for a second and even a third opinion.

Eligibility criteria for filing asbestos exposure claims

For asbestos exposure victims, financial compensation mostly comes from the asbestos trust funds the liable companies had to set up before filing for bankruptcy. Veterans can also have a VA disability compensation claim filed to receive more money for their healthcare and treatment. The following are the requirements you must meet to become eligible to file a claim for esophageal cancer caused by asbestos exposure:

  • you must have been exposed to asbestos for a significant time on the job or in the military
  • you must have a diagnosis of esophageal cancer related to asbestos exposure
  • you must have been discharged from the military other than dishonorably if you are a veteran
  • you must provide our attorneys with your employment or military records, which you must retrieve
  • you must send in your medical records clearly stating your esophageal cancer diagnosis and the fact that it was caused by asbestos exposure

It is essential to note that if you are a smoker with a history of occupational or military asbestos exposure, you can still file a claim with asbestos trust funds and the VA if you are a veteran. If asbestos fibers are found along your esophagus, this indicates that the culprit behind your disease is asbestos, not smoking, which might deem you eligible to seek financial compensation.

Secondary asbestos exposure victims may also obtain financial compensation

Esophageal cancer secondary asbestos exposure

Because asbestos manufacturers and employers kept the dangers of asbestos exposure hidden from workers and the general public for decades, many family members were also indirectly exposed to the mineral.

When industrial workers would return home, their clothes were often covered in asbestos dust, which their loved ones could easily inhale or ingest. Usually, their wives would be exposed to asbestos when shaking out their work clothes before laundering them, while their children would breathe in toxic fibers when greeting their fathers.

If you lived in the same home as a family member who worked with asbestos during the last century and developed esophageal cancer, feel free to contact our attorneys, as they might be able to help you recover financial compensation for your unjust suffering. You will have to provide our legal team with the employment records of your family member, proof that you shared a living space, and your medical records. Shortly after, we will be able to tell you whether you are eligible to file a claim. If you are entitled to compensation, and everything goes in our favor, you may receive the sum of money you deserve.

If you lost a family member to esophageal cancer, we might be able to file a wrongful death claim

Esophageal cancer claims

Refusal to pursue a claim for compensation from asbestos trust funds or the VA is very common among toxic exposure victims when they are alive, as they usually believe that the legal process will be exhausting and overwhelming.

However, the process is relatively fast and easy for our clients since our attorneys have nearly 30 years of experience in filing wrongful death claims related to asbestos exposure. We have successfully helped thousands of clients and will do the same for you.

If you lost a family member to esophageal cancer caused by asbestos exposure, please contact our legal team, and we will strive to obtain the financial compensation you may be entitled to. You will only have to send us their employment records, medical records, and death certificate. Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that the sum of money you may recover will be smaller than what your loved one would have obtained since there are no more ongoing medical costs.

Quality legal assistance for toxic exposure victims with esophageal cancer

Since 1990, our law firm has been pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims and for consumers whose health was compromised by using defective drugs or products. Whether you were exposed to volatile organic compounds on military bases, coke oven emissions, our skilled attorneys will carefully review your case after you provide us with the necessary documents. To ease the legal process, we will only request your employment or military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records if you want to file a claim for yourself.

If we determine that you are entitled to financial compensation, we will prepare your claim for submission while you can go on with your usual life, focusing on your health and treatment. We know how difficult struggling with cancer can be, so we will take care of the most complex aspects of the legal process for you. Eventually, if our efforts are successful, you may obtain the maximum compensation available for your diagnosis from the liable parties. We work on a contingency fee basis, so you will not have to pay our law firm anything unless we obtain money for you.