Do I need an attorney to file a toxic exposure claim?

While you can file a toxic exposure claim on your own, you will most likely have it denied, as the process of gathering all the necessary information and documents is complex and tedious. Only a very experienced attorney can help you file a toxic exposure claim, as they have the resources and knowledge to navigate the process.

Having a knowledgeable attorney file your claim will increase your chances of approval

U.S. militaries can participate in the registries established by the VA

To file a toxic exposure claim, you need to have a thorough understanding of the legal system and consider the many processes and steps involved in filing a claim, such as liability determination, assessing the damages, and defining negligence.

These are only a few considerations in a military base toxic exposure claim. So, you can only imagine how complex and demanding filing a claim is, even for an experienced attorney.

Choosing to work with a toxic exposure attorney entails numerous benefits, such as:

  • they can properly assess your injury
  • they can estimate future medical costs and needs
  • they can gather additional evidence to support your claim
  • they can determine liability
  • they can build a strong argument to favor your claim
  • they can work on your claim with minimal involvement from you

Most attorneys who take up toxic exposure cases work on a contingency fee basis, and so do we. This means that you will not have to pay anything out of pocket unless we obtain financial compensation for you from the liable parties. Consequently, hiring a reputable and experienced attorney is crucial in having your military base toxic exposure claim result in the compensation you deserve for your suffering. With their assistance, you will only have to explain your situation, answer their questions, and send them your military and medical records.

Quality legal assistance for veterans injured by toxic exposure at military bases

With over 30 years of experience, our attorneys have what it takes to assist you in filing your toxic exposure claim if you are a veteran who spent time at a contaminated military base and now struggle with a disease. To initiate the legal process, you just have to give our law firm a call and provide us with your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records stating your diagnosis and explaining how it relates to toxic exposure.

Following a thorough assessment, we will let you know whether you are entitled to financial compensation. If you are, our skilled legal team will promptly begin preparing your claim for submission. Veterans will also have their claims filed with the VA so they can obtain disability compensation if they have a crippling illness such as cancer. Eventually, if our endeavors are successful, you will receive the maximum compensation you qualify for from the liable parties.

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