Do hair relaxer manufacturers use false advertising practices?

Yes. Like many other companies whose goal is to sell as many products as possible and to gain the trust and loyalty of consumers, hair relaxer manufacturers often use false advertising practices to attract potential buyers. Some good examples of false advertising are misleading advertisements and discriminatory advertising.

Some of the women on the packages of hair relaxers have naturally straight hair

Marketers and brands are notorious for not using real life to sell products to consumers, and hair relaxer companies are no different. It does not pay to deceive the public. In advertising, there is a major difference between pushing the truth and making untrue claims. Numerous companies have been caught out for peddling mediocre products, using false claims such as "scientifically proven" with "guaranteed results". For companies that cross the line, it can cost millions if consumers decide to sue, and it can also lead to a forever damaged reputation. This could also be the case for many hair relaxer manufacturers, which use false advertising practices to deceive consumers, such as:

  • misuse of terms, which includes terms such as "natural" and "organic" in the brand names of hair relaxers, such as Organic Root Stimulator™
  • inconsistent comparison, which occurs when a company compares its products to those of its competitors, claiming theirs are the best on the market
  • misleading illustrations, when showing hair strengthening results on the package that do not match reality or showing women who already have straight hair
  • angel dusting, which is when companies add a very small amount of something beneficial, such as olive oil, so that the product can be labeled accordingly
  • misleading advertisement, when there are statements or claims that are not supported by actual facts or research on the package of the hair relaxers
  • pressure tactics, in which companies tap into the fear of missing out and the consumer's desire to fit in by having straight hair
  • false endorsements, when advertisers use celebrities to make a product look more appealing when that person has most likely never used that hair relaxer
  • exaggerated results, when companies promise results that are unrealistic or impossible, such as achieving straight hair that will last for a long time

In a utopic world, everyone would be of immaculate marketing morals, nobody would be dishonest, and all advertising would be truthful. Still, this is far from the truth in this day and age, when companies go to unimaginable lengths to promote their products even if they are of poor quality or fail to do what they claim to. For decades, hair relaxer manufacturers have been adding toxic chemicals to their products that can cause uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and many other serious health issues. It is crucial to be aware of false advertising practices, both in the case of hair relaxers and in general, when it comes to other products, so that you know which ones to choose for your personal use.

Quality legal assistance for women struggling with a disease due to using toxic hair relaxers

Since 1990, our law firm has been pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims, also taking up numerous defective product cases. Our resourceful legal team has the necessary experience and knowledge to help you find out whether you are eligible to file a toxic hair relaxer claim if you have uterine cancer or ovarian cancer. All you have to do to initiate the legal process is send our attorneys your medical records and proof of your use of these products.

Once we deem you eligible, your claim will be filed with all the responsible manufacturers so that you can obtain the financial compensation you deserve for your suffering. Since we know how painful struggling with cancer can be, our team will do its best to assist you during each step of the legal process and take care of the most difficult aspects for you. If you feel too ill at any point during the legal process, a family member can step in until you feel better.

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