How toxic was Ground Zero?

The dust from the collapsed Twin Towers was "wildly toxic," according to air pollution expert Thomas Cahill. Much of the thousands of tons of debris stemming from the collapse of the Twin Towers was pulverized concrete, which can cause silicosis upon inhalation.

Exposure to the toxic air from Ground Zero led thousands of people to develop many illnesses in the decades since

When the North and South towers of the World Trade Center fell on September 11, 2001, 2,753 people died. A massive cloud of debris, chemicals, and soot engulfed the lower Manhattan area after the collapse. It left thick layers of fine gray powder on every surface it touched, which is dubbed "WTC dust" by some researchers. For weeks, the air contained numerous toxic materials, including asbestos, a common building material and a known carcinogen.

Exposure to this contaminated air led to thousands of survivors, first responders, and work crews developing dozens of illnesses in the decades since. Cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, and cancers like mesothelioma can all be traced to the effects of the time spent at or near Ground Zero. The contents of the WTC dust were a highly alkaline concoction of pulverized glass and concrete, gypsum, asbestos fibers, steel, cellulose from paper, and human hair.

It is also worth noting that the jet-fuel-propelled fires that brought the towers down kept smoldering at Ground Zero until December 14, 2001, over four months after the terrorist attacks. The longevity of these burning fires resulted in toxic soot constantly being added to the toxic air, releasing high levels of dioxin. According to a 2007 EPA analysis of Ground Zero, it had "the highest ambient measurements of dioxin ever recorded anywhere in the world."

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