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As one of the largest military bases in the world by population, with roughly 54,000 military personnel, Fort Bragg was built in 1918. It will have its name changed to Fort Liberty, as the facility had originally been named for a Confederate. The military base is located within Cumberland and Hoke counties in North Carolina. Due to firefighters using the fire suppressant AFFF excessively on the installation, it became heavily contaminated with PFAS, a group of toxic chemicals. To make matters worse, other dangerous agents might lurk on Fort Bragg. Veterans who were stationed at the military base have a high risk of developing crippling diseases now. If you spent time at Fort Bragg and struggle with a disease related to toxic exposure, do not hesitate to get in touch with our attorneys, as you might be eligible to file a claim.

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AFFF is a fire suppressant that was devised by the U.S. Navy and the 3M company in 1966. Since then, military firefighters have been regularly using it for jet fuel and petroleum fires. Still, because it sometimes contains 98% PFAS, it is highly toxic both to the environment and to the health of those who come in contact with it. Not only do PFAS persist in the environment for a long time, but they also stay in the body for years following exposure, being able to cause many diseases, including cancer. While Fort Bragg is a Superfund site, cleanup activities are not ongoing at the military base.

What toxic agents are present on Fort Bragg?

At the moment, PFAS are the only known contaminants at Fort Bragg. Out of this group of chemicals, PFOS and PFOA have the strongest association with cancer. The current safe exposure limit to both is 70 ppt. However, recently, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed significantly lower maximum limits – 0,02 ppt for PFOS and 0,004 for PFOA. According to the proposed rule, at Fort Bragg, the PFOS level exceeds the safe exposure limit by over 1,100 times, and the PFOA level eclipses it by 6,400 times.

Even in small amounts, PFAS can cause terrible diseases. They are currently present in the blood of 97% of Americans. Still, military firefighters and veterans might have considerably greater concentrations, as they were exposed to PFAS firsthand during active duty. Consequently, they should keep a close eye on their health and seek medical attention as soon as they notice unusual symptoms. Because the misdiagnosis rate is high in veterans, looking for a second opinion is also recommended if you believe you developed a disease.

What diseases can you develop following toxic exposure at Fort Bragg?

While there are many diseases that can stem from toxic exposure, only certain diagnoses make veterans and family members eligible for compensation. This is because there must be a strong connection between toxic exposure and the disease that can be supported by medical evidence. If you were stationed at Fort Bragg for one cumulative year or longer and came to struggle with any of the following illnesses, you might qualify to file a military base toxic exposure claim:

Our attorneys will gladly help you determine whether you are eligible to file a claim if you are in this unfortunate situation, as they have over 30 years of experience in handling these cases. The legal process is simple and will mostly take place over the phone. We will prioritize the claims of veterans, as we understand that many need the financial compensation to afford the treatment they need, which is usually expensive.

Quality legal assistance for veterans and family members who lived at Fort Bragg

Our law firm has been dedicated to assisting toxic exposure victims since the very beginning, and many of our clients are veterans suffering from diseases caused by toxic exposure. To initiate the legal process, you just have to give us a call and send our legal team your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records. Family members of veterans who lived at Fort Bragg will have to provide us with evidence of their stay at the military base in addition to their medical records.

Following a careful and thorough assessment of your case, we will let you know whether you are eligible for compensation. Veterans can also have their claims filed with the VA to receive disability compensation. If we deem you eligible, we will promptly begin working on your claim so that you can receive the money you deserve as soon as possible. People who are too ill to participate in the legal process can have a family member help them, and our compassionate team will also go to great lengths to simplify everything for you.