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Exposed to Asbestos in Georgia?

Georgia’s prominent power plants and manufacturing industries, such as paper and textile mills, have put their workers at the risk of asbestos exposure.

How and Where Were You Exposed to Asbestos in Georgia?

Georgia has a large number of industries known for their high risk of asbestos exposure. In older buildings, which were built before 1980, asbestos-containing materials were used for insulation. Exposure to asbestos was unavoidable in power plants established before 1980, as asbestos was the material used to construct fireproof roofs and floors.


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

11 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• A and M Karagheusian Inc.
• Albany Cotton Mills
• Albany Firestone
• Albany Linen Service
• Charmin Paper Products Company
• Coats & Clark, Inc.
• Cobb Heating & Air Conditioning
• Covil Insulation Company
• Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
• Georgia-Alabama Power Company
• Georgia Growers Distilling Company
• Georgia Power Company
• Herck & Company
• J.P. Stevens and Company
• Lykes Brothers Inc.
• Merck & Company, Inc.
• Merck Chemical Div
• Miller Brewing Company, Inc.
• Mitchell Steam Plant
• National Linen Service
• Proctor & Gamble
• Riverbend Power Plant
• Southern Bell Telephone Company
• Thermal Insulation. Company
• USMC Marine Corps Maintenance Depot
• Vogtle Power Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

40 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Athens Railway and Electric Company
• City of Athens
• Harbour & Company
• Kendall Company
• Tony Postero Insulation
• Westinghouse Electric Corp


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

57 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• A & P Warehouse Building
• AC & S Inc.
• Acousti-Engineering Company
• Air & Refrigeration Corporation Fabrication Shop
• American Art Metal
• American Incinerator Corp
• AP Green Refractories Company
• AP Green Services
• Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
• Armstrong World Industries
• Atkinson /Georgia Power Plant
• Atlanta Airport
• Atlanta Army Depot
• Atlanta Brass Foundry
• Atlanta Fab. Division, Dock #9
• Atlanta Foundry
• Atlanta Gas Light Company
• Atlanta Gas Light Towers
• Atlanta General Depot
• Atlanta International Cotton Exposition
• Atlanta Jet Base
• Atlanta Journal & Constitution Building
• Atlanta Laundries
• Atlanta Linen Supply Company
• Atlanta Paper Company
• Atlanta Railway and Power Company
• Atlanta Steel Company
• Atlanta Steel Erectors
• Atlanta Steel Supply
• Atlanta Terminal Company
• Atlanta Water Works
• Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport
• Austin Company
• B & H Boiler Works
• B F Sturtevant Company
• Bankhead Welding Service
• Barge & Company
• Beers-Emory Clinic
• Bell Bomb Plant
• Birmingham Branch
• Briarcliff Laundry
• Broadview Corporation
• Buckeye Cotton Oil Company
• Building Spec Company
• Campbell Coal Company
• Candler Investment Company
• Capital City Laundry Company
• Carling National Breweries, Inc.
• Carrier Corporation
• Celanese Corporation of America
• Chattahoochee Brick Company
• Chattahoochee River Pumping Station
• Chevrolet
• Childers Products Company
• Cities Service Oil Company
• City of Atlanta
• City of Atlanta Hemphill Station
• City of Atlanta Incinerator Plant
• City of Atlanta Water Works #1
• Clary & Associates
• Cluett Peabody & Company
• Coats & Clark, Inc
• Combustion Engineering
• Consumers Company
• Continental Can Company
• Crown Zellerbach Corp
• Dealers Supply Company
• Delta Air Lines
• Dixie Engine Company
• Dolco Packaging Corporation
• Dupont Equipment & Insulation
• E Van Winkle Gin and Mach Company
• Edward Murray & Company
• Eggo Foods Incorporated
• Exposition Cotton Mills
• Fisher Body Division of General Motors
• Ford Motor Company
• Fort Benning
• Fort Gillem
• Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills
• Fulton Cotton Spinning Company
• General Electric Plant
• General Motors
• Georgia Electric Light Company
• Georgia Institute of Technology
• Georgia Iron and Coal Company
• Georgia Iron and Steel Company
• Georgia Power Company
• Georgia Railway and Electric Company
• Georgia Railway and Power Company Gas Works
• Georgia Tech
• Gordon Foods Inc.
• Gordy Tire Company
• Great Southern Land and Paper Company
• Greenlees Company
• Gulf Oil Corp
• Guthman Laundry and Dry Cleaning Company
• H S Kimball House Company
• H.W. Lay Company
• HB Fuller
• Hemphill Pumping Station
• Holfast Rubber Company
• Hudson Insulation
• Industrial Burners Inc
• Ira Hardin Company
• Joseph Hull
• Kennesaw Plastics
• Lakewood Station
• Liquid Carbonic Corporation
• Lunsford-Wilson
• Mcburney Corporation
• Mckennys, Inc.
• Mead Container Packaging
• Mead Paper Company
• Mechanical Associates
• Merillat Industries
• National Biscuit Company (Nabisco)
• National Lead Company
• National Linen Service Corp
• National Service Industries
• National Starch Company
• Norris & Company
• North Brothers, Inc.
• Owens Ill
• Pattillo Lumber Company
• Pendleton Guano Company
• Pittsburg Plate Glass
• Pollock Paper
• Printpack, Incorporated
• Rabun Apparel
• Randall Brothers Lumber
• Republic Transcon Ind
• Ryder Truck Lines
• Sandoz Laboratory
• Sargent Incinerators
• Sears Roebuck & Company
• Sergeant Incinerators
• Shook & Fletcher Insulation Company, Inc.
• Southeast Equipment & Supply
• Southeastern Distribution Center - Dock # 4
• Southeastern Furniture Company
• Southeastern Refractories
• Southern Automatic Equip Company
• Southern Cement Company
• Southern Pipe Line Company
• Southern Railway Company
• Southern Wood Preserving Company
• St. Regis Paper Company
• State Capitol
• Steam Distr Systems Robins AFB
• Stromquist & Company
• Swift and Company
• Trumbull Asphalt Company
• Trust Company of Georgia
• U S Army
• US Naval Reserve Aviation Base
• Warehouse For Stock
• West Electric Cable Plant
• West Lumber Company
• Western Electric Company
• Westinghouse Electric
• White Provision Company
• Whitehead Die Casting Company
• William Wrigley Jr. Plant
• WR Grace


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

57 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Abitibi Southern Corporation
• Atlanta Gas Light Company
• Atlantic Coast Line
• Augusta and Aiken Railway and Electric Company
• Augusta Newsprint
• Augusta Railway Company
• Avondale Mills
• Babcock & Wilcox Company
• Bibb Supply Company
• Buckeye Cotton Oil Company
• City of Augusta
• Columbia Nipro Corp
• Columbia Nitrogen Company
• Continental Can Company
• Continental Forest Industries
• Covil Insulation Company
• CSX Railroad
• DSM Chemicals North America, Inc.
• Federal Paper Board Company/Continental Can
• Fort Gordon
• G. D. Searle & Company
• GA Carolina Brick & Tile
• Georgia-Pacific Corp
• Graniteville Company
• Grant's Five & Dime
• Huron Technologies
• International Paper Company
• J and J Corrugated Box Corp
• J.N. Walker Lumber Company
• John P. King Manufacturing Company
• King Textiles
• Mid-South Container
• Mobil Oil Refinery
• National Linen Service
• Nipro Inc
• Olin Matheison Chemical Plant
• Organics Chemical Plant
• Piedmont Company
• Proctor & Gamble Manufacturing Company
• Richmond County
• Riverside Mills
• Savannah River Plant
• Seaboard Coastline Railroad
• Toyobo New York Inc
• Transco Textile Industries, Ltd


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

• Edwin Hatch Nuclear Plant
• Filtered Rosin Products Inc.
• Georgia Power Company
• Hatch Power Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

71 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Allied Chemical Company
• Atlantic Refining Company
• Babcock & Wilcox Company
• Benjamin Hill
• Bestwall Gypsum Company
• Brunswick Marine Shipyard
• Brunswick Pulp & Paper Company
• Brunswick S S Terminal
• Brunswick Shipyard
• Combustion Engineering Inc
• Filtered Rosin Products Inc.
• G R P
• Georgia Creosoting Company
• Georgia Hydro-Electric Company
• Georgia Pacific
• Georgia Power Company
• Glynn Ice Company
• Hercules Chemical Company
• Hercules Powder Company, Inc.
• Hercules Powder Plant
• J.A. Jones Construction
• JA Jones Shipyard
• LCP Chemical
• Lewis Crab Factory
• Mcmanus Generating Station
• Millennium Speciality Chemicals
• Naval Air Station
• North Brothers, Inc.
• Salvey Chemical
• SCM - Glidco
• Strickland Plumbing
• United States Govt. Picric Acid Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

16 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Allatoona Dye Company
• Anheuser-Busch
• Bowen Power Plant
• Chemical Products Corporation
• Etowah Steam Plant
• Georgia Power Company
• Lever Brothers
• Thompson-Weinman & Company
• Union Carbide Corporation

Cedar Springs

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Cedar Springs

1 to 2 Asbestos related deaths (1979-2001)

• Cedar Springs Paper Mill
• Chattahoochee Plywood
• Georgia Pacific Paper Mill
• Great Northern Paper Company
• Great Southern Land & Paper Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

46 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Acands, Inc.
• Eastman Kodak Company
• Foote & Davies
• Frito-Lay, Incorporated
• HW Lay and Company
• Moreland Chemical Company
• Mundet Cork Company
• U.S. Gypsum
• United States Naval Reserve Aviation Base


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

52 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Acoustical Treatments Incorporated
• Acme Laundry & Cleaning Company
• American Service Company
• Archer Mills Inc.
• Bibb Manufacturing Company
• City of Columbus Pumping Plant
• Columbus Carpet
• Columbus Ice Company
• Columbus Iron Works
• Columbus Manufacturing Company
• Columbus Power & Light Company
• Columbus Textile Company
• Continental Can Company
• Eagle and Phoenix Manufacturing Company
• Fairforest Company
• Fieldcrest Cannon Inc.
• Fort Benning
• Georgia Railway Company
• Golden Foundry & Machine
• Hajoca Corporation
• Hamburger Cotton Mills
• Interstate Brands, Incorporated
• J A Kirven Company
• J C Russell Company
• J W Cagle
• Jordan Contracting Company
• Lummus Cotton Gin
• Mechanical Contractors
• Muscogee Manufacturing Company
• Nehi Bottling Company
• Perkins Hosiery Mills
• Southern Bell Telephone Company
• Southland Pecan Company
• Spencer Equipment Company
• Stone and Webster Columbus Power Company
• Swift Manufacturing Company
• Swift Textiles
• Tom Huston Peanut Company
• Tom Underhill Plumbing & Heating Company
• Toms Foods
• W.T. Green Plastering


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

46 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Chemstrand
• George Walker Plumbing
• Kraft Foods, Incorporated
• Monsanto Chemical Company
• Worthington Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

46 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Foote & Davies
• General Motors
• Guthrie Machine Works Inc
• L B Foster Company
• Rockwell Manufacturing Company
• Western Electric


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

17 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Dublin Woolen Mills
• Georgia Plywood Corporation
• J. P. Stevens & Company
• Mohasco Industries Inc
• Southeast Paper Manufacturing Company
• West Point Stevens
• Willis & Eubanks Company

East Point

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
East Point

57 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Armstrong World Industries
• Beers Construction Company
• East Point Lumber Company
• International Paper
• National Biscuit Company (Nabisco)
• Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
• PPG Industries
• Southern Bell
• State Linen Service
• W.C. Meredith Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

53 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Bibb Manufacturing

Fort Benning

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Fort Benning

• Carpenters Plumbing Company
• Fort Benning Powerhouse
• Kelley Hill Barracks
• U.S. War Department
• United States Army Corps of Engr's


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

75 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Cargill, Incorporated
• Chicopee Manufacturing Company
• Coronet Industries
• Fort Stewart
• Gainesville Cotton Mills
• Hawkins Plumbing, Inc.
• Owen-Osborn Plant
• Pacolet Manufacturing Company
• Swift & Company
• William Wrigley Jr. Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

22 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Mills
• Cherokee Mills
• Dundee Mills
• Jaco Mills
• Kincaid Manufacturing Company
• Lowell Bleachery South Inc.
• Packaging Corp
• Pomona Products Company
• Southeastern Pipe Line Company
• Spalding Knitting Mills
• Thomaston Cotton Mills
• Towaligo Falls Power Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

18 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Mills


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

49 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• ITT Rayonier, Inc.
• Jesup Pulp Mill

La Grange

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
La Grange

39 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Service Company
• Callaway Mills
• Deering Milliken, Inc.
• LaGrange Packing Company
• Milliken and Company
• Pepperell Manufacturing Company
• T C. Crenshaw
• Troup Ice Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

97 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Archer Daniels Midland Company
• Arkwright
• Armstrong Cork Company
• Armstrong Tire
• Bay City Engineering Inc
• Bibb Manufacturing Company
• Bibb Mills
• Bibb Sewer Pipe Company
• Board of Water Commissioners
• Borden Company
• Buckeye Cotton Oil Company
• Burden Smith & Company
• Central City Ice Works
• Central of Ga. Railway Company
• Central Sash & Door Company
• Cherokee Brick & Tile Company
• Corbin Supply Company
• Crane Company
• Ga Coating and Clay Company
• Gantt Insulation, Inc.
• Georgia Kraft Company
• Georgia Kraft Paper Mill
• Georgia Power Company
• Greene Plumbing and Heating Company
• Hays Heating & Plumbing
• L. E. Schwartz
• Macon Electric Light and Railway Company
• Macon Fountain Service
• Macon Gas Lights and Water Company
• Macon Kraft Company
• Macon Machine Shop
• Macon Mine & Mill Inc
• Macon Water Works
• Macon-Bibb County
• Melton Refrigeration Company
• Norfolk Southern Railroad
• North 1 Mill
• North Brothers, Inc.
• Packaging Corp
• Payne Hill
• Poplan Foundry
• Proctor and Gamble Manufacturing Company
• Radar Plumbing Company
• Riverwood International
• Southeastern Pipe Line Company
• Southern Railway System
• Standard Handle Company
• State Wholesale Food Company
• Stevens Fire Brick Company
• Taylor Iron Works & Supply Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

17 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Concord Fabrics
• Georgia Power Company
• Harley Branch Powerhouse
• J.P. Stevens & Company Inc.
• Madison Throwing Company
• Mcgaw Lab
• Plant Harley
• West Point Stevens
• Woolen Mill


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

38 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Bonnell William L Company
• Bonnell Williams & Company Inc
• Georgia Kraft Company
• Georgia Power Company
• Johnson Hardware Company
• Owens-Corning Fiberglas
• Plant Arkwright
• Plant Yates Powerhouse


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

31 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Hercules Fiber Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

23 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Interstate Container Company
• Interstate Paper Corporation
• Riceboro Paper Mill
• T.J.K. Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

11 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Chatillon Corporation
• Anchor Dack Mills
• Battery Machinery Company
• Celanese Corporation
• City Electric Railway Company
• Crannert Station Floyd Cty
• Crucial Fire Brick Company
• Dixie Corporation
• General Electric Company
• General Electric Realty Corporation
• Georgia Kraft Company
• Georgia Kraft Paper Mill
• Georgia Power Company
• Inland Container Corporation
• Kraft Company
• Kraft Paper Mill
• Onell Manufacturing
• Pipe & Boiler Company Incorporated
• Plant Bowen
• Rayon Yarn
• Rome Kraft Paper Company
• Silver Creek Furnace Company
• Thomas J. Deane
• Trend Carpet
• Tubize Chatillon Corp


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

160 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• A F Reese Company
• Acands, Inc.
• Addie Bagley Daniels
• Aladdin-Stevens Insulators Incorporated
• Alec Temple
• Alexander R Shepherd
• Am Agricultural & Chem
• Amer Cyanamid
• American Agricultural Chemical
• American Cyanamid Company
• American Oil Company
• Amoco
• Andrew Pickens
• Atlantic Creosating Company
• Babcock & Wilcox
• Ben Robertson
• Bradley Plywood Company
• Brunswick Pulp and Paper
• Button Gwinnett
• Carr Biscuit Company
• Casimir Pulaski
• Central Georgia Railroad Yard
• Chatham Correctional Institute
• Chemical Construction Company
• Colonial Oil Industries Inc.
• Continental Can Company
• Diamond Manufacturing Company
• Duke Siding
• E I Dupont De Nemours
• Electric Power
• First Federal Savings & Loan
• Flintkote Corp
• Georgia Ice Company
• Georgia Pacific Corp
• Georgia Pacific Plywood Company
• Georgia-Pacific Corporation
• Gilman Paper Company
• Globe Dredging Company
• Great Dane
• Greenbar Dial
• Grinnell Corporation
• Hamlin Garland
• Hartsville Turbine
• Hoke Smith
• Hunter Air Force Base
• Hunter Army Airfield
• Hunt-Wesson Foods, Incorporated
• International Container Corporation
• International Paper
• Jewish Educational Alliance
• Johns-Manville
• Johns-Manville Products Corporation
• Kaiser Agricultural Chemical
• Kress & Sav. Sugar Ref.
• Langdon Cheves
• Lindsay & Morgan Company
• Linoleum & Shade Shop
• Marine Corps Recruit Depot
• Mexican Petroleum Company of Georgia
• Mexican Petroleum Company of Louisiana Inc
• Mingledorff Shipyard
• Moina Mitchell
• National Gypsum
• National Linen Service
• National Rosin Oil and Size Company
• North Brothers, Inc.
• Parris Island Job
• Reynolds and Manley Lumber Company
• Riverside Power Station
• Ruberoid Company
• Rudolph Kauffman
• Rust Engineering Corporation
• Savanna Gas Company
• Savannah Creosoting Company
• Savannah Electric & Power Company
• Savannah Gas Company
• Savannah Lighting Company
• Savannah Lumber Company
• Savannah Machine & Foundry
• Savannah Marine & Shipyard
• Savannah Mill
• Savannah Plant Site
• Savannah Power Company
• Savannah River Nuclear Project
• Savannah Shipyard
• Savannah Street Railway Company
• Savannah Sugar Refining Corporation
• Simons Refractories Company
• Southeastern Shipbuilding Corporation
• Southern Cotton Oil Company
• Southern Marine Supply Company Inc
• Southern Nitrogen Company
• Southern Paperboard Company
• Southern Rr Warehouse
• Southern States Phosphate
• Southwestern Cotton Oil Company
• Thomas Wolfe
• Union Bag & Paper Company
• Union Camp Paper Company
• Venezuela American Petrochemical Corporation
• Wesson Refinery
• West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company

St. Marys

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
St. Marys

17 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Durango Georgia Paper
• Gilman Paper
• Gilman Paper Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

10 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• B.F. Goodrich
• Bleachery Div
• Thomaston Bleachery
• Thomaston Cotton Mills
• Thomaston Mills


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

14 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Woolen Company, Inc.
• Builders Supply Company
• J I Newton
• JP Stevens
• Knit-Tex Corporation
• South Georgia Ice Company
• Texture Tex
• Tifton Aluminum
• Tifton Cotton Mills


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

43 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Crown Cotton Mills
• Langdale Company
• National Container Corporation
• North Brothers, Inc.
• Owens-Illinois Glass Company
• Sargent Builders Specialties
• Southern Cotton Oil Company
• Southern Team Track
• Texture Tex Plant

Warner Robins

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Warner Robins

62 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Robins Air Force Base
• Turner Murphy Company
• Warner Robins Air Force Base


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

2 to 3 Asbestos-related deaths (1979-2001)

• Power Plants


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

22 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Johns-Manville

Rome Cartersville Gainesville Winder Chamblee Doraville Decatur East Point Oxford Jackson Waynesboro Milledgeville Forsyth Griffin Newnan La Grange Thomaston Fort Benning Warner Robins Dublin Savannah Riceboro Baxley Jessup Brunswick St. Marys Tifton Cedar Springs Columbus Augusta

Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer
Statute of Limitations in Georgia

If you or your family members have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer, you can file an asbestos claim against the company responsible for your asbestos exposure in the workplace. The request should be submitted within the time-frame set by the State law, which is called the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations period specified in Georgia for filing an asbestos claim is two years from the date you have received your diagnosis.

According to the statute, a family member of the mesothelioma or lung cancer patient can submit a wrongful death asbestos claim within two years from the death of the patient. In both these situations, as there is a short time to collect relevant evidence and file an asbestos claim, patients, and their families should make quick decisions about contacting an experienced lawyer. You must submit your asbestos claim before the statute of limitations expires, or you could lose your right to receive the compensations you deserve.

Free Evaluation & Advice

Do You Qualify for Asbestos Compensation?

If you were injured by occupational asbestos exposure and struggle with one of the diseases below, you are immediately eligible for compensation. Since these are very serious diseases that are directly linked to asbestos exposure, all you have to do is give our law firm a call and send our legal experts the necessary documents for filing a claim.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

On the other hand, if you suffer from one of the following diseases and suspect it was the result of asbestos exposure, you will be required to undergo free, additional medical tests with our medical team in Birmingham, Alabama in person. Because the connection between these health problems and asbestos exposure is not completely clear, we will need to find out whether asbestos exposure is the real cause of your diagnosis.

AsbestosisPulmonary FibrosisPleural PlaquesPleural EffusionDiffuse Pleural ThickeningCOPDEmphysemaChronic BronchitisPleurisyLung NodulesLung SpotsAsthmaTuberculosisPneumonitisHistoplasmosisRounded AtelectasisLung Scarring Bladder Cancer

Filing an Asbestos Claim in Georgia

Current and former residents of Georgia diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, and their family members should contact us as soon as possible. The statutes of limitations are only two years from the date of the diagnosis (for personal injury claims) and the time of death (for wrongful death claims). In 90% of the cases, we file asbestos trust fund claims rather than going through a lawsuit. Our experienced attorneys will help you with the steps involved in the asbestos claim process.

Bankruptcy trust claims

Asbestos trust funds were set up years ago to pay people that are sick and have been injured by asbestos. However, as asbestos trust funds do not have enough money to pay all asbestos claims fully, they offer a set percentage of the legal demand. But, the funds are typically dispersed faster than in lawsuits. Asbestos trust fund claims are usually handled out of court.

Preparing the claim

The quicker we can get the information from you and get it filed with the asbestos trust funds, the quicker the payment will come. In the beginning, we are on a fact-finding mission, but it's not as intensive as a typical lawsuit would be. It's more of an administrative process.

Gathering the information

Initially what is required from the asbestos trust fund is to prove occupational exposure to that particular's asbestos trust fund product or products and you also have to show that you've been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease. First, we will qualify the medical reports. Then, we have to prove how you were exposed: primarily through occupation or secondarily through a family member that you lived with and who worked directly with or around asbestos-containing products. For occupational exposure, you have to tell us where you have worked and inform us about any products that were in your working environment.

Filing your claim

We make the process simple, and we don't put anything other than the actual necessity on you to provide certain documentation to prosecute your asbestos claim, such as medical records from your treating hospital or physician, employment records, social security records from the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and, if applicable, military records. As soon as we get the necessary information, we can start filing that with the asbestos trust funds and expect payment within a couple of months to one year. We will also report to Medicare to obtain a clearance to release funds to you.

Claim evaluation

Asbestos trust funds usually qualify the asbestos claim and pay it under two processes. "Expedited Review" is based on a minimum set of probable medical and asbestos exposure criteria and applications receive a scheduled amount that is not negotiated. "Individual Review" allows for asbestos claim amounts up to a published maximum. Factors that determine the actual amount can include but are not limited to, age at diagnosis, jurisdiction, and the settlement history of your counsel.

Claim payment

Trustees make a determination and decide whether they will or won't pay the asbestos claim. Usually, payment comes within a couple of months to one year, and we can set up a stream of revenue for our clients. You will receive your compensation in one installment.

At Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., we strive to get you the best asbestos claim results possible. To pay out asbestos claims, asbestos trust funds managers rely on something called case valuation matrix. The case valuation matrix is a document approximating historical settlement values and assigning different values for compensable cancer types. The base dollar amounts vary by state or region because location sets occupational asbestos exposure levels. The table below provides the average settlement values, by disease level, at asbestos trust funds with seven disease levels, as presented in Rand Corporation's report on Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts.


Lung Cancer
Other Cancer
Non Malignant Diseases

Disclaimer:  Compensation for your asbestos case will be calculated starting from the base calculation matrix, increasing or decreasing the level of compensation according to the specifics of your case. Factors that can affect the value of your case include, but are not limited to, your location, age, work history, pain and suffering, the asbestos products involved in occupational exposure, and expenses related to your illness. Individual cases vary based on such factors, and previous results don't ensure an equal outcome. The factors specific to your case make it difficult to predict its value before you file an asbestos claim. So, determining how much your case is worth can be a complicated process. If you have any questions about settlements and your legal rights, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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Why Residents in Georgia Choose Us?

Choosing the best asbestos exposure lawyer is a vital step in filing your asbestos claim and receiving compensation. We are the most sought-after law firm among Georgia residents as our attorneys possess in-depth knowledge regarding the Georgia laws, rules, and regulations that govern litigation related to asbestos exposure. Also, our lawyers are experienced, hard-working, and dedicated to resolving cases. We understand the emotional stress you or your loved ones go through once you have been diagnosed with such a disease, and we ensure you that you will receive all the help and support needed while you file an asbestos claim. As we work in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, we will explain your legal rights and provide information regarding the best medical treatment facilities as well.

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