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Built in 1941, this military installation is part of Fort Gillem, located in Forest Park, Georgia. Unfortunately, over the past few decades, it has become contaminated with PFAS, a group of harmful chemicals. The source of these substances on Gillem Annex is military firefighters using AFFF, a fire suppressant, regularly on the site. It sometimes contains 98% PFAS, also known as “forever chemicals,” making it very dangerous both to the environment and to human health. Exposure to PFAS can cause numerous terrible diseases, as once these chemicals enter the body, they take a long time to be completely eliminated. If you are a veteran or a family member of one who spent time at Gillem Annex and now suffer from a disease that might be related to toxic exposure, we strongly encourage you to give our law firm a call, as you might be eligible to file a claim and recover financial compensation.

Claim Application

While the PFAS level at this military facility is currently unknown, their presence in the environment of Gillem Annex has been confirmed. It is important for veterans and family members who spent time at the military installation to know that PFAS exposure results in a disease only within several years to several decades from the first contact with these hazardous chemicals. Consequently, they should keep a close eye on their health and seek medical attention if they notice any unusual symptoms, as they might have developed a serious disease.

What toxic agents are present on Gillem Annex?

Currently, the only contaminants of concern lurking on Gillem Annex are PFAS. Nonetheless, their presence alone is enough to pose a major health threat to those stationed there. The longer a person stays at a military facility contaminated with PFAS, the more likely they are to come to struggle with a debilitating illness. Out of this group of over 9,000 chemicals, PFOS and PFOA are the most dangerous, as they have a strong connection with cancer.

Because PFAS are persistent contaminants, removing them from the environment is a challenging endeavor for the Environmental Protection Agency, even with the use of the most innovative technologies. A glimmer of hope for service members on active duty is the Pentagon announcing it will phase out AFFF and replace it with a PFAS-free fire suppressant by 2024. Although this will prevent future toxic contamination, roughly 700 military bases nationwide remain polluted.

What diseases can you develop following toxic exposure at Gillem Annex?

Although toxic exposure can result in a myriad of health problems, it is important for veterans and family members who intend to file a claim to know that only certain diagnoses might deem them eligible. This is because their illness must have a strong connection with toxic exposure, a connection that can also be supported by medical evidence. Even if you have a qualifying diagnosis, you might still not be entitled to compensation, as there are other criteria you have to meet. The following are the diagnoses for which you can file a claim if you spent at least one cumulative year at Gillem Annex:

With over 30 years of experience in pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims, including many veterans, our attorneys will gladly evaluate your case to determine whether you are eligible to file a military base toxic exposure claim. The legal process will require minimal involvement from you, as we understand how overwhelming struggling with one of the above diseases can be. Eligible individuals will quickly have their claims filed, as we prioritize veterans and family members, especially if they have cancer. If our endeavors are successful, you might eventually obtain the money you deserve for your unjust suffering.

Our attorneys can efficiently help you file a military base toxic exposure claim

If you spent time at Gillem Annex and now struggle with a disease that might be connected to toxic exposure, do not hesitate to contact our law firm, as you might be entitled to compensation. Veterans who are seeking legal recourse will only have to send our diligent attorneys their military records, which they must retrieve, and their medical records. If you are a family member of a veteran, you will need to submit evidence of your stay at Gillem Annex along with your medical records.

After we carefully assess your situation, we will let you know if you are eligible to file a military base toxic exposure claim. If you are too ill to participate in the legal process, you do not have to worry, as you can have a family member help you, and our compassionate team will also go to great lengths to make it easy for you to navigate it. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will not have to pay anything out of pocket unless we recover money for you, in which case we will keep a percentage of it.