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Located in Maryland, this installation is currently known as H. Steven Blum Military Reservation. The military facility has become contaminated with PFAS over the past few decades as a consequence of firefighters using AFFF, a highly toxic fire suppressant, on the site regularly. While Gunpowder Military Reservation is closed, the presence of these harmful chemicals endangers the health of everyone who lives nearby. PFAS exposure can cause many serious diseases in veterans who spent time there, as the health problems exposure to these substances causes occur within several years to several decades following the first contact with them. If you are a veteran or a family member of one who stayed at Gunpowder Military Reservation and now struggle with a disease that might be related to toxic exposure, we strongly encourage you to contact our attorneys, as you might be eligible to file a claim and obtain compensation.

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At the moment, the PFAS level in the environment of Gunpowder Military Reservation is below the current 70 ppt safe exposure limit. Still, the concentration of PFOS and PFOA at the site exceeds the new safe exposure limits proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. These are the most dangerous chemicals out of the PFAS group, as they have a strong connection with cancer. While the PFOS level exceeds the new limit by 115 times, the PFOA level eclipses it by 900 times. Veterans and family members who spent time at Gunpowder Military Reservation should closely monitor their health, as they are at risk of developing crippling illnesses.

What toxic agents are lurking on Gunpowder Military Reservation?

Currently, the only contaminants polluting Gunpowder Military Reservation are PFAS. Nevertheless, their presence alone is enough to endanger the health of veterans and family members who lived there, as even exposure to small concentrations can result in a debilitating illness. Because some of these substances persist in the environment for over a thousand years, they are also known as “forever chemicals.” Similarly, when they are present in the human body, it takes years for them to be completely eliminated.

The source of PFAS on Gunpowder Military Reservation, as well as on 700 other military bases nationwide, is AFFF, a fire suppressant used to extinguish petroleum and jet fuel fires. Although it is effective, it is very dangerous, as it sometimes contains 98% PFAS. However, a glimmer of hope for veterans stationed at active military bases is the announcement of the Pentagon, according to which it will cease the use of AFFF within the military and replace the fire suppressant with PFAS-free firefighting foam by 2024.

What diseases can you develop following toxic exposure at Gunpowder Military Reservation?

Toxic exposure can be responsible for a myriad of health problems, but veterans and family members who intend to file a claim should know that only certain diagnoses might deem them eligible to file a military base toxic exposure claim. This is because only some diseases have a strong association with their illnesses, which can also be supported by medical literature. Even if you have a qualifying disease, you might still not be entitled to compensation, as there are other requirements you have to meet. The following are the diagnoses for which you can file a claim if you spent at least one cumulative year at this military facility:

With over three decades of experience in handling toxic exposure cases, our attorneys can help you determine whether you are eligible to file a claim. The legal process is simple and will require minimal involvement on your part, as we understand that people who struggle with one of the above diseases are often physically and emotionally exhausted. We prioritize the claims of veterans and family members, especially if they have cancer, as we are aware that many need extra money to afford treatment, which is often very expensive. Our law firm can also assist veterans in filing a VA disability claim to obtain this benefit.

File your military base toxic exposure claim with the assistance of our diligent attorneys

Since 1990, our mission has been to assist toxic exposure victims in obtaining the financial compensation they deserve, and many of our clients are veterans in your situation. If you spent time at Gunpowder Military Reserve and now suffer from a disease caused by toxic exposure, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. As a veteran, you will only have to submit your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records.

Family members who want to file a military base toxic exposure claim will need to send in proof of their stay at the military installation and their medical records stating their diagnosis. After we carefully evaluate your case, we will let you know if you are entitled to compensation. If you are too ill to participate in the process, you do not have to worry, as our compassionate team will take care of the most complex aspects on your behalf.