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One of the top-selling chemical hair relaxer brands is Motions, manufactured by Strength of Nature Global, LLC. The cosmetics company's chemical hair relaxers are primarily used by women of color to flatten and straighten their coily or curly hair. Chemical hair relaxers dismantle the hair's protein structure and change its natural texture. Motions hair relaxers need to be re-applied every few months as the hair grows out. Women who sued Strength of Nature Global, LLC, accuse the company of marketing their chemical hair relaxers as safe when they should have known that the hair care products contain chemicals harmful to human health.

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Risk of severe health problems for women who use Motions hair relaxers

Many African American women use the top-selling Motions line of hair relaxers to have smooth, silky, and shiny hair. These hair care products contain a mixture of chemicals to damage the hair's protein structure. Some of these compounds are known to be endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can cause serious ailments because they disturb the normal function of the endocrine system, which regulates hormone production.

The Motions chemical hair relaxer products are manufactured and sold by the Georgia-based cosmetics company Strength of Nature Global, LCC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Godrej GroupSome of the Motions brand's chemical hair-straightening products:

  • Motions Classic Mild Formula Hair Relaxer
  • Motions Professional, Smooth & Straighten
  • Motions Classic Lye Relaxer Formula
  • Motions Smooth & Straighten Hair Relaxer

Motions hair relaxer lawsuits

After the Sister Study was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute,  women started to file toxic hair relaxer product liability lawsuits against the cosmetics company. Women who sued Strength of Nature Global, LCC, allege that the cosmetics company promoted the Motions hair relaxer line toward women of color while failing to warn about the health risks of exposure to the harmful endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the products. Plaintiffs in the Motions hair relaxer lawsuits claim that their hormone-sensitive ailments, such as uterine and ovarian cancer, were caused by their long-term regular use of Motions chemical hair straightening products.

We can assist you in filing a Motions toxic hair relaxer claim

If you used Motions hair relaxer products marketed by Strength of Nature Global, LCC, and now you are struggling with uterine or ovarian cancer, we strongly advise you to call our law firm for a free case evaluation. We know that dealing with severe health conditions presents daily difficulties. Therefore, our goal is to maintain your involvement in the legal process to a minimum. Our attorneys will need your medical records confirming your diagnosis and evidence of your Motions hair relaxer use to review your case. The attorneys at the Environmental Litigation Group work on a contingency fee basis; you will only have to pay if they obtain the rightful compensation for you.