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Exposed to Asbestos in Indiana?

Indiana has been a major industrial hub in the U.S. People working in steel mills, power plants, chemical plants, and oil refineries before the 1980s were invariably exposed to harmful levels of asbestos.

How and Where Were You Exposed to Asbestos in Indiana?

Indiana ranks 14th in the U.S. in the number of deaths related to mesothelioma, according to the data compiled by the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. Most of the employees working for power plants, oil refineries, and steel mills were exposed to dangerous levels of asbestos.


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

22 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Angola Die Casting
• Angola Railway and Power Company
• Croyton and Kinney
• Indiana Utilities Company
• National Mill Water and Light Company
• Weatherhead Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

39 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Allison - Bedford Foundry
• Central Foundry Div/Gm
• General Motors Foundry
• Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical
• Southern Indiana Railway Company
• Texas Gas Transmission Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

65 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Ami Strauss Inc
• Bloomington Bell
• Central Indiana Lighting Company
• Fibreboard Plant - Chembest Division Manufacturing Plant
• Johnson Creamery Company
• National Light Heat and Power Company
• OCF Corporation
• Tri-Delta Sorority
• Westinghouse Electric Corp


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

18 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Corning
• Franklin Electric Company
• New Corning Glass Plant
• North, Frazier Company
• Sterling Casting Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

18 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Arketex Ceramic Corp
• Hydrualic Press Brick Company
• Knight Brinkerhoff Piano Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

15 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Franklin Manufacturing Company
• Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp
• Thompson and Norris Company of Indiana
• Town of Brookville
• Volney Felt Mills


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

11 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Cayuga Power Plant
• Hoosier Energy
• Public Service Company of Indiana
• Public Service Utilities


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

6 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Bunsen Coal Company
• Clinton Electric Light and Power Company
• Clinton Ice Company
• Electric Shovel Coal Corporation
• Eli Lilly and Company
• Lafayette Coal Company
• Public Service Company of Indiana
• Wabash Valley Electric Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

6 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• A.& C.
• Dana Heavy Water Plant
• Dana Powerhouse
• E.I. Du Pont De Nemours
• Ford Motor Company (Fmc)
• Girdler Corporation
• Newport Energy Plant

East Chicago

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
East Chicago

694 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Steel Foundries, Inc.
• Anaconda Lead Products Company
• Blaw-Knox Foundry & Mill
• Capalyptic Const. Gate
• Chicago Horseshoe Company
• Cities Service Oil Company
• Cities Services Petroleum Company
• City Services Oil
• Combustion Engineering, Inc.
• Continental Ordnance Company
• Continental Roll & Steel
• Cudahy Packing Company
• E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Company
• East Chicago, Indiana Refinery
• Eichlay Corporation
• Empire Oil and Refining Company
• Empire Refining Company
• Energy Cooperative, Inc.
• Gatx
• General American Tank Car Corp
• General American Transportation Corp
• Goldschmidt Detinning Company
• Grasselli Chemical Div
• Graver Construction Company
• Graver Tank & Manufacturing Company
• Harbison Walker Refractories
• Hartleys Corporation
• Imperial Electric Company
• Indiana Harbor Works
• Inland Steel Company
• Inland Works
• Jones & Laughlin Steel Company
• Koppers Company, Inc.
• Lanman Bolt
• Linde Air Products Company
• Linde Company
• Linde Company Div Un Carb
• Linde-Crystal Company
• Ltv Steel
• M & I Chemicals
• Metal & Thermit Corporation
• Mittal Steel
• Mobil Oil Company
• National Casting Foundry
• New Jersey Zinc Company
• Northern Indiana Gas and Electric Company
• Oak Brook Terrace
• Paul J. Krez Company
• Republic Iron and Steel Company
• Republic Steel
• Roxana Petroleum Corporation
• Sacony Vacuum Oil Company
• Shell Petroleum Corporation
• Sinclair Refining Company
• Socony Mobil Oil Company
• Socony Vacuum Oil Company
• Standard Forge
• Standard Oil
• Steinberg Baum
• U S Gypsum Company
• U S Reduction
• U.S. Reduction Company
• Union Carbide & Carbon Chemical Corporation
• Union Tank Car
• United States Gypsum Company
• Wadhams Oil Company
• Youngstown Sheet and Tube
• Youngstown Steel Mill


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

91 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Sheet and Tin Plate Company
• American Works
• Dasco Corp
• Elwood Electric Light Company
• G.I. Sellers and Sons Company
• Pittsburg Plate Glass Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

125 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• A.B. Brown Power Station
• Acme Insul. Whse.
• Acme Insulation Warehouse
• Alcoa
• Alton Packaging
• Arco Company
• Arkla Air Conditioning Corp
• Baker Inc
• Bristol-Myers Squibb
• Bucyrus-Erie Company
• Burch Plow
• Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railway Company
• City of Evansville Water Works
• City Water Works
• Crow's Insulation
• East Side Sewerage Plant
• Electric Energy Company
• Enos Coal Company
• Evansville and Southern Traction Company
• Evansville Brewing Association
• Evansville Clutch
• Evansville Cotton Manufacturing Company
• Evansville Electric Railway
• Evansville Gas and Electric Light Company
• Evansville Packing Company
• Evansville Public Service Company
• Evansville Shipyard
• Evansville St. Railway
• Evansville Water Works
• Faultless Caster Corp
• General Foods
• General Insulation & Roofing Company
• Geo. L. Hesker & Company
• George Koch & Sons, Inc.
• Graham Brothers
• H. Fendrich, Inc.
• H.G. Newman
• Hercules Buggy Company
• Insulators Union
• International Harvester Company
• International Steel Company
• J.T. Foley and Company
• Karges Furniture Company
• Kessler Fire Brick Company
• Koch Enterprises, Inc.
• L & N Railroad
• Louisville Insulation & Supply
• Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron
• Monitor Furniture Company
• Nunn Milling Company
• Plumbers Supply Corp
• Public Utilities Company
• Republic Aviation Corp
• Schnake Manufacturing Company
• Seeger Refrigerator Company
• Servel Company
• Southern Indiana Gas & Electric
• State Refractories
• Sterling Brewers Inc
• Sterling Products Company
• Sugar Refrigerator Company
• Sun Oil Company
• Sunbeam Electric and Manufacturing Company
• Swift & Company
• Tennis Company Evansville and Eastern Railway Company
• Tri-State Refractories
• Valley Packing Company
• Vectren
• Whirlpool-Seeger Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

14 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Breed Power Plant
• Breed Station
• Indiana & Michigan Powerhouse

Fort Wayne

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Fort Wayne

163 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Acme Service
• Aia Flo-Sheet Metal, Inc
• B F Goodrich Tire Company
• Baldus Company
• Bentz Metal Products Company
• Berghoff Brewing Association
• Broadway Works
• Brooks Construction Company
• C. Miller & Sons
• Century Rubber Company
• City of Fort Wayne
• City Sewage Treatment Plant
• Clarence Figel Construction Company
• Close Insulation Company
• Commercial Insulation & Acoustics
• Continental Can Company
• Coverall Rental Service
• Dana Corporation
• Defense Plant Corporation
• Empire Fire Brick Company
• Essex Wire Corp
• Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana Traction Company
• Fort Wayne and Wabash Valley Traction Company
• Fort Wayne Con. Railway Company
• Fort Wayne Electric Works
• Fort Wayne Foundry Corp
• Fort Wayne Lamp Works
• Fort Wayne Tailoring Company
• Fruehauf Trailer Company
• Ft Wayne Elect Works
• General Electric
• General Motors Foundry
• Gotham Hosiery Company, Inc
• H.J. Andrews Company
• Hagerman Construction Corp
• Heat Power Engr Company
• Hotel Van Orman
• Independent Piping & Engineering
• Indiana and Michigan Electric Company
• Indiana-Purdue Regional Campus
• Indiana Rolling Mill
• Indiana Service Corp
• Industrial Piping & Engrg.
• International Harvester
• International Harvester Company
• J & B Tool
• John P. Lewis Construction
• Joslyn Manufacturing & Supply Company
• Joslyn Stainless Steel
• Joslyn Steel
• Kerr Murray Manufacturing Company
• Kingsford Packing Company
• Kraus Sheet Metal
• Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
• Lucky Steer
• M. H. Hilt, Inc.
• Magnavox Corp
• Metallurgical Processing Company
• National Handle Company
• National Heat Treating Company
• Northern Ind Public Service Company
• Northern Indiana Gas and Electric Company
• P. L. Brunner Water Pollution Control Plant
• Penna Lines West of Pittsbg.
• Penna Railroad Lines West of Pittsbg
• Pennsylvania Company
• Pennsylvania Railroad Company
• Perma Company Lines West of Pitts
• Phelps Dodge Copper Products Corp
• Phelps Dodge Magnet Wire Corp
• Plibrico 10-R Incinerator
• Power Plant Service Inc
• Pyromation, Inc
• Rea Magnet Wire Company, Inc.
• Reliable Service
• Rogers Markets, Inc
• Rub-No-More Company
• Ruoff & Sons
• Schmeling & Rose
• Scottish Rite Cath
• Sewage Treatment Plant
• Shambaugh & Sons, Inc
• Slick's Family Washing
• Stratoflex, Inc
• Studebaker Corporation
• Superior Fuel Company
• Tokheim Corp
• Townsend Reed and Company
• Tri State Heating Supply Company
• Troy Towel & Supply Company
• U.S. Rubber Company
• U.S. Rubber Plant
• United Plumbing & Heating Company
• United States Rubber Company
• W.B. Sheets & Sons, Inc
• W.C. Grant Company
• Wayne Constn Company
• Wayne Knitting Mills
• Wayne Warehousing; Bowser Plant
• Western Gas Construction Company
• Wolf & Dessauer


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

347 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Bridge Company
• American Sheet and Tin Plate Company
• Arctic Engineering Company Inc
• Berry Refining Company
• Bethlehem Steel
• Budd Company
• Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corporation
• Chicago, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway Company
• Coke & Coal Chemical Division
• Dean H Mitchell Station Unit No 11
• Dean Mitchell Powerhouse
• Dow Chemical Company
• Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway Company
• Gary Sanitary Commission
• Gary Sheet and Tin Mill
• Gary Steel Works
• General Refractories Company
• Hydro-Blast Corporation
• Illinois Steel Company
• Indiana Steel Company
• Industrial Combustion Engineering Inc.
• Inland Steel
• Interlake Steel
• John Monohy & Son Sheetmetal
• Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp
• Linde Air Products Company
• Midwest Steel Plant
• National Tube Company
• North American Rockwell Corp
• Northern Indiana Public Service Company
• Republic Steel Corporation
• Rolling Mill Refinery
• Rubbers Synthetics
• Standard Oil Refinery
• Superior Construction
• Taylor Forge
• U.S. Steel Corporation
• Union Carbide Corporation
• Union Drawn Steel Company
• Victor Chemical Company
• Walgreens
• Wisconsin Steel


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

11 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Chicago Indiana and Southern Railway Company
• Gibson Generating Station
• New York Central System
• New York Railroad Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

42 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Birma Products Corporation
• City Light Plant
• City of Greenfield
• Eli Lilly & Company
• Owens Bottle Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

347 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Abex Corp
• Alby Asphalt Company
• Allied Steel
• American Steel Foundries
• Babcock & Wilcox Company
• Badall Company Inc
• Bethlehem Steel
• Boilermakers Union
• Calumet Nitrogen
• Calumet Steel Castings
• Champion Corporation
• Chemical Construction Corp
• Chicago District Electric Generating Corporation
• Chinet Company
• Commonwealth Edison Company
• Corning Steel Company
• Delamar Copper Ref'G Company
• Dominion Energy
• Electricians Union
• G. H. Hammond Company
• Inland Steel
• Ironworkers Union
• Keyes Fibre Company
• Lasalle Steel Company
• Lever Brothers Company
• Mirant Corp
• Nipsco
• Northern Indiana Public Service Company
• Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing Company
• Standard Oil Company of Indiana
• Standard Railway Equipment
• Standard Steel Car Company
• Stanray Products
• State Line Generating Company
• Stateline Power Plant
• Stauffer Chemical Company
• Swift & Company
• Union Metal Products
• United Engineering & Foundry Company
• Whiting Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

426 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Acands, Inc.
• Allison Division of General Motors
• Allison Gas Turbine Plant
• Allison Plant
• American Brewing Company
• American Creosoting Corp
• American Horning Company
• American Mechanical Contractors
• Anheuser-Busch
• Asbestos Insul. & Roofing Company
• Atlas Mutual Life Insurance Company
• Barber Coleman
• Beach Grove Shops
• Bearing Plant
• Bedford Power Company
• Bell Telephone Company
• Belmont Sewage Treatment
• Best Laundry Company
• Beveridge Paper Company
• Big 4 Railway Company
• Bixby Corporation
• Board of School Commissioners
• Bragg Re Assoc., Inc.
• Bridgeport Brass Company
• Brown and Love Brothers Company
• Brown Refractory Service, Inc.
• Bryant Manufacturing Company
• Buehler Corp
• Carlisle Corp
• Carpenters & Joiners Union
• Carrier Corporation
• Celotex Corporation
• Central Rubber & Supply Company, Inc.
• Chicago St Louis and Pittsburgh Railroad Company
• Chrysler Corporation
• Citizens Gas & Coke Utility
• Citizens St. Railroad Company
• Citizens Street Railway Company
• City Maintenance Garage
• Cleveland Cinti Chicago St Louis Railway Company
• Commercial & Industrial Insulations
• Commercial Floor Covering, Chrysler Corporation
• Consumer Electronics Div
• Crown Laundry Company
• Curtis-Wright Corporation Propeller Division
• Department of Air Force
• Dow Chemical
• E.C. Atkinsand Company
• Electric Steel Castings
• Eli Lilly & Company
• Environmental Products of America
• Evans Milling Company
• Fairbanks Morse Electrical Manufacturing Company
• Fairmount Glass Works, Inc.
• Fame Laundry Company
• Fargo Insulation Company, Inc.
• Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
• Ford Motor Company
• Forest Guad
• Fort Benjamin Harrison
• Frederick Deitz Company
• Freyn Brothers
• FW Schaefer, Inc
• G and J Tire Company
• G.E. Plastics
• General Electric
• General Hospital Laundry Room
• General Motors Corporation
• George T Evans and Son
• Glass Containers Corp
• Glidden Company
• Great Lakes Foundry
• Grunau Corporation
• Halt Ice and Cold Storage Company
• Harding Street Powerhouse
• Hatfield Electric Company
• Hayes Brothers Inc
• Heat Lock Corporation
• Hogue and Graydon Const Company
• Home Heating and Lighting. Company
• Hunter Siding
• Hydro Power
• Ideal Mining Company
• Imperial Drop Forge Company
• Independent Belting & Supply Company
• Indiana Deaf and Dumb Institute
• Indiana Metal
• Indiana Refrigerating Company
• Indianapolis Abattoir Company
• Indianapolis Bleaching Company
• Indianapolis Drop Forging Company
• Indianapolis Gas Company
• Indianapolis Power & Light Company
• Indianapolis Rubber Company
• Indianapolis Street Railway Company
• Indianapolis Traction and Terminal Company
• Indianapolis Union Railway Company
• Indianapolis Water Company
• Indpls. and Eastern Railway Company
• Industrial Heat Treating
• International Beef Packers
• International Harvester
• Iowa Power and Light Company
• J.W. and E Schmidt
• John Wachtel Company
• Johns-Manville Sales Corporation
• Karpex Manufacturing Company, Inc.
• Kennedy Tank & Manufacturing Company
• Kingan Company
• Kingan Meat Processing
• Kirk & Blum of Indiana
• Kruse and Dewentel
• L. L. Hawhee Company
• Lapel Glass Plant
• Liberty Engineering
• Light and Power Plant
• Linde Air Products Company
• Linde Company A Div of Union Carbide Corp
• Lindenberghevi Duty
• Link Belt Company
• Lisco Fabrication Inc
• LS Ayers & Company
• Manon Siding
• Mansfield Engineering Company
• March Whle
• Marmon and Parry
• Marmon Motor Company
• Merchants Building Company
• Merchants Heat and Light Company
• Miles Laboratory
• Mitchum & Schaeffer & Company
• Model Laundry Company
• Monon Siding
• Monon Switch
• Moss-American Inc
• Multiple-Chamber Incinerators
• Nat Malleable Casting Company
• National Biscuit Company
• National Starch and Chemical Company
• Natl Malleable Casting Company
• New York Central System Belch Grove
• Noblesville Milling Company
• Nordyke and Marmon Company
• Oak Park Plant
• Omar Corp
• Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation
• P. C. C. and St. L. Railroad Company
• P. R. Mallory Company
• Packard Electric division
• Parry Manufacturing Company
• Peoples Light Heat Company
• Perry K. Powerhouse
• Perry W Plant
• Piel Brothers Starch Company
• Pittman Moore
• Pittsburg, Cincinnati Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company
• Pneu Tech Rubber
• PR Mallory & Company
• Progress Laundry Company
• PT Components
• Public Service Company of Indiana
• R.C.A. Corp
• Refractory Engineers
• Reilly Laboratories
• Reilly Tar & Chemical Corporation
• Republic Creosoting Company
• Richardson Company
• Richardson Rubber
• Riley Tar & Chemical
• Rock Island Refining Company
• Rockwood Manufacturing Company
• Rolls Royce
• Sewage Disposal Plant
• Simmons Warehouse
• Sliger and Holloway
• South Wind Division of Stewart Warner
• Southeast Development Corporation
• Speedway Factory
• Speedway Laboratory
• Spickelmier Industries
• Stark & Wetzel
• Sterling Laundry Company
• Stickle Steam Specialties
• Stokely Brothers and Company
• Stokely-Van Camp, Inc.
• Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation
• Swiss Cleaners
• Terre Haute Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Company
• Tokheim Engineering Company
• Townsend Reed and Company
• Union Carbide Corporation
• United States Rubber Company
• Van Camp Packing Company
• Varney Elect Supply Company
• W E Ralph and Company
• Waverley Company Manufacturing of Lights
• Western Electric Company
• Westinghouse
• Wm. E. English
• Woolen and Callon


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

16 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Laughry Brothers Milling and Grain Company
• R.C.A. Victor

New Castle

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
New Castle

32 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Ispat International


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

76 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Alcoa
• Culley Powerhouse
• F.B. Culley Generating Station
• Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company
• Warrick Power Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

13 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Heise Brothers and Company
• Pillsbury Farms
• Producers Marketing Association


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

• Co-Op Power Plant
• Hoosier Energy
• Indiana & Michigan Electric Company
• Indianapolis Power & Light
• Ipalco - Petersburg Generating Station
• Midwestern Gas Transmission Company
• Petersburg Power Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

193 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Bethlehem Steel Corporation
• Luse-Stevenson Company
• Midwest Steel Company
• National Steel


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

14 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Bimel Spoke Auto Wheel Company
• Elwood Plumbing and Heating Company
• Muncie and Portland Traction Company
• Portland Forge & Foundry
• Sheller Wood Rim Manufacturing Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

11 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Evansville and Princeton Tract Company
• Gibson Generating Plant
• H J Heinz Company
• Princeton Mining Company
• R. J. Oil & Refinery Company
• Southern Railway Company
• W.C. Mcbride
• Wabash Valley Powerhouse
• Winmar Oil Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

14 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Burton Plumbing & Heating Company
• Indiana Farm Bureau Co-Op Association, Inc
• Rochester Electric, Light, Heat and Power Company
• United Public Service Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

14 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Electric Power Service Corporation
• Indiana & Michigan Electric Company
• Indiana & Michigan Powerhouse
• Rockport Power Plant
• Rockport Water Works Company
• Wm. Cadick and Son


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

28 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Blish Milling Company
• Freeman Field
• Grubb Warehouse
• John C Grubb Company
• National Veneer & Lumber
• Paramount Die casting
• Seymour Manufacturing Company
• Talon Manufacturing Plant

South Bend

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
South Bend

216 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Allied Products Corp
• Associated Investment Addition, Ruskin St.
• Bearing Service
• Bendix Aviation Corporation
• Birdsell Manufacturing Company
• Cummins Engine Company
• Drewry's Ltd Inc.
• Economist Plow Company
• Empire Box Corporation
• F. W. Means and Company
• Ginger Manufacturing Company
• Great Lakes Foundry
• Hein Metals
• Indiana and Michigan Electric Company
• Indiana Railroad Company
• Mchenry Millhouse Manufacturing Company
• Midland Engineering Company
• Midwest Floor Covering
• New Energy Corporation of Indiana
• New Energy Ethanol Power Plant
• Oliver Chilled Plow Works
• Oliver Corporation
• Oliver Farm Equipment Company
• Protofore Machine and Engineering
• R.C.A. Whirlpool
• Refractories Const. Company
• Rotary Electric
• Shetland Properties, Inc
• Singer Manufacturing Company
• South Bend City Water Works
• South Bend Electric Company
• South Bend Iron Works
• South Bend Pump Company
• South Bend Range Corp
• South Bend Supply Company
• South Bend Toy Manufacturing Company
• South Bend Wagon Works
• South Bend Water Works
• South Bend Wood Parts, Inc
• Stephenson Manufacturing Company
• Stone and Pipe Manufacturing Company
• Studebacker Brothers Manufacturing Company
• Studebaker Corporation
• Tempcor, Inc
• The Oliver Corp
• Torrington Company
• Twin City Insulation Company, Inc.
• Wheelhorse Products, Inc


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

14 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Amax Coal Company
• Breed Power Plant
• General Telephone Company
• Indiana and Michigan Electric Company
• Sullivan Supply, Inc.
• Travis & Isenstein


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

46 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Dalton Foundries Inc
• Gatke Corp
• R. R. Donelley Company
• The Dalton Foundries, Inc.
• Wiona and Warsaw Railway


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

17 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Anchor Hocking Glass
• City of Winchester Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Dayton and Muncie Traction Company
• Overmyer Corp

East Chicago Portage Angola Warsaw Fort Wayne Rochester Monticello Bluffton Portland Elwood Winchester Cayuga Dana Clinton Brazil Greenfield New Castle Brookville Sullivan Fairbanks Bloomington Seymour Bedford Orleans Petersburg Princeton Gibson Evansville Newburgh Rockport Hammond

Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer
Statute of Limitations in Indiana

In Indiana, the statute of limitations falls into two different categories and depends on who the defendant is. If an asbestos claim is filed against a company which mined, as well as sold, raw asbestos, then the statute of limitations is two years from the date the plaintiff becomes aware of his/her asbestos-related illness. In the case of defendants that manufacture and supply products containing asbestos, the statutes of limitations are either two years after the diagnosis or within a decade from the delivery of the asbestos-containing products to the individual (plaintiff). The ten year cutoff for manufacturers and suppliers of asbestos-containing products is called a statute of repose.

Asbestos laws followed in Indiana allow individuals affected by asbestos exposure in the workplace to sue the companies responsible for their illness. Asbestos claims come under a specialized area of law. The statute of repose allows people to pursue asbestos claims against those defendants who mined as well as sold asbestos but keeps a 10-year cut-off on asbestos claims against accused companies who were not involved in the mining and sale of asbestos.

If a person exposed to asbestos dies of mesothelioma or lung cancer or another asbestos-related disease, then the statute of limitations is two years from the day of the death.

Free Evaluation & Advice

Do You Qualify for Asbestos Compensation?

If you were injured by occupational asbestos exposure and struggle with one of the diseases below, you are immediately eligible for compensation. Since these are very serious diseases that are directly linked to asbestos exposure, all you have to do is give our law firm a call and send our legal experts the necessary documents for filing a claim.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

On the other hand, if you suffer from one of the following diseases and suspect it was the result of asbestos exposure, you will be required to undergo free, additional medical tests with our medical team in Birmingham, Alabama in person. Because the connection between these health problems and asbestos exposure is not completely clear, we will need to find out whether asbestos exposure is the real cause of your diagnosis.

AsbestosisPulmonary FibrosisPleural PlaquesPleural EffusionDiffuse Pleural ThickeningCOPDEmphysemaChronic BronchitisPleurisyLung NodulesLung SpotsAsthmaTuberculosisPneumonitisHistoplasmosisRounded AtelectasisLung Scarring Bladder Cancer

Filing an Asbestos Claim in Indiana

Current and former residents of Indiana diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, and their family members should contact us as soon as possible. The statutes of limitations are only two years from the date of the diagnosis (for personal injury asbestos claims) and the time of death (for wrongful death asbestos claims). Also, the statute of repose for asbestos claims against manufacturers and suppliers of products containing asbestos is ten years from the delivery of the asbestos-containing product. In 90% of the cases, we file asbestos trust fund claims rather than going through a lawsuit. Our experienced attorneys will help you with the steps involved in the asbestos claim process.

Bankruptcy trust claims

Asbestos trust funds were set up years ago to pay people that are sick and have been injured by asbestos. However, as asbestos trust funds do not have enough money to pay all asbestos claims fully, they offer a set percentage of the legal demand. But, the funds are typically dispersed faster than in lawsuits. Asbestos trust fund claims are usually handled out of court.

Preparing the claim

The quicker we can get the information from you and get it filed with the asbestos trust funds, the quicker the payment will come. In the beginning, we are on a fact-finding mission, but it's not as intensive as a typical lawsuit would be. It's more of an administrative process.

Gathering the information

Initially what is required from the asbestos trust fund is to prove exposure to that particular's asbestos trust fund product or products and you also have to show that you've been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease. First, we will qualify the medical reports. Then, we have to prove how you were exposed: primarily through occupation or secondarily through a family member that you lived with and who worked directly with or around asbestos-containing products. For occupational exposure, you have to tell us where you have worked and inform us about any products that were in your working environment.

Filing your claim

We make the process simple, and we don't put anything other than the actual necessity on you to provide certain documentation to prosecute your asbestos claim, such as medical records from your treating hospital or physician, employment records, social security records from the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and, if applicable, military records. As soon as we get the necessary information, we can start filing that with the asbestos trust funds and expect payment within a couple of months to one year. We will also report to Medicare to obtain a clearance to release funds to you.

Claim evaluation

Asbestos trust funds usually qualify the asbestos claim and pay it under two processes. "Expedited Review" is based on a minimum set of probable medical and asbestos exposure criteria and applications receive a scheduled amount that is not negotiated. "Individual Review" allows for asbestos claim amounts up to a published maximum. Factors that determine the actual amount can include but are not limited to, age at diagnosis, jurisdiction, and the settlement history of your counsel.

Claim payment

Trustees make a determination and decide whether they will or won't pay the asbestos claim. Usually, payment comes within a couple of months to one year, and we can set up a stream of revenue for our clients. You will receive your compensation in one installment.

At Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., we strive to get you the best asbestos claim results possible. To pay out asbestos claims, asbestos trust funds managers rely on something called case valuation matrix. The case valuation matrix is a document approximating historical settlement values and assigning different values for compensable cancer types. The base dollar amounts vary by state or region because location sets occupational asbestos exposure levels. The table below provides the average settlement values, by disease level, at asbestos trust funds with seven disease levels, as presented in Rand Corporation's report on Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts.


Lung Cancer
Other Cancer
Non Malignant Diseases

Disclaimer:  Compensation for your asbestos case will be calculated starting from the base calculation matrix, increasing or decreasing the level of compensation according to the specifics of your case. Factors that can affect the value of your case include, but are not limited to, your location, age, work history, pain and suffering, the asbestos products involved in occupational exposure, and expenses related to your illness. Individual cases vary based on such factors, and previous results don't ensure an equal outcome. The factors specific to your case make it difficult to predict its value before you file an asbestos claim. So, determining how much your case is worth can be a complicated process. If you have any questions about settlements and your legal rights, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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We are an experienced team of lawyers with in-depth knowledge of handling asbestos claims in the state of Indiana. Our asbestos exposure attorneys know the laws and regulations governing Indiana asbestos claims. Also, we understand your situation and help you face the stress you and your family experience. We assist you in filing your asbestos claim and ensure that you receive compensation as early as possible. Patients with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases in Indiana choose us to represent their cases because of our long-standing success. As we work in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of specialists, in addition to the legal solution, we ensure that you receive the best medical treatment available.

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