Ovarian cancer and asbestos exposure

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Types of Asbestos Fibers
Talc Usage
  • 75% reported embedded talc particles in ovarian cancer tumors
  • 50% greater risk for women who did not use talc themselves, but whose husbands used talc on their genitalia
  • 30% increased risk for women who used talcum powder for intimate hygiene
  • 45% patients reported using talc in their genital area

PAP test will not detect ovarian cancer

1 in 73 women will develop ovarian cancer during their lifetime

There are over 30 types of ovarian cancer

1.75 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer if exposed to asbestos

46.2% of ovarian cancer patients survive for 5 years

It is still unknown how the fibers get into the ovaries – whether they are transported directly through the reproductive system or carried through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system

16% of peritoneal mesotheliomas were misdiagnosed as ovarian cancer

More common in Caucasian women than in other races/ethnicities

63 is the median age of diagnosis

Ovarian cancer causes more deaths than other female reproductive cancers

Studies from the early 1980s have confirmed a direct connection between asbestos exposure and ovarian cancer

Women aged 50-59 are at highest risk for ovarian cancer

Every year 230,000 women are diagnosed worldwide

70% are diagnosed at advanced stages and only 30% at early stages

Death rate has decreased 15% from 1990 to 2009

Talcum powder can be contaminated with amphibole asbestos fibers (tremolite and anthophyllite)

Embedded talc particles were found in 75% of ovarian tumors

2 out of 3 women diagnosed will die of ovarian cancer

Inherited gene mutations BRCA 1&2 are in 15% of ovarian cancer cases

5th most common cancer among women

Small-cell ovarian carcinoma is rare and aggressive, with two main subtypes: hypercalcemic and pulmonary. It is typically fatal within 2 years from the diagnosis.

Different types of ovarian cancer

Epithelial tumors
Stromal tumors
Germ cell tumors

Signs are: menstrual changes, pain during sex, back pain and fatigue

What lowers the risk

Pregnancy/Giving Birth
Oral contraceptive pill
Gynecological surgeries

Standard treatment consisting in cytoreductive surgery and at least six cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy costs an average of $85,987

Estimate Treatment Cost TOTAL COST: $211,940

$127,365 Hospital charges
$57,597 Pharmacy charges
$26,978 Physician charges

During a 2-year period, the average “informal” caregiver spends 8.3 hours per day assisting a cancer patient, taking time off work that amounted to $66,210

Ovarian Cancer Prevalence Across The World

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