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Kidney cancer cases are difficult to pursue however research has demonstrated that asbestos fibers get stuck in the kidneys causing scarring and therefore cancer. Usually there are lung symptoms associated with the kidney cancer, but we have seen cases where lung issues were dormant and nonexistent, however, the asbestos fibers were found in the lungs regardless. If you or a family member were diagnosed with kidney cancer and worked around asbestos, our attorneys can recover compensation through asbestos trust funds claims.

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Occupational Exposure to Asbestos Can Be Responsible for Kidney Cancer

Strong evidence and research is supporting a causal relation between asbestos exposure and kidney cancer. Our own research and documentation revealed that a significant number of employees who have been in prolonged contact with asbestos subsequently developed kidney cancer, also having an underlying lung disease sometimes dormant without any symptoms.

Another correlation between asbestos exposure and kidney cancer emerged when asbestos fibers were discovered in the kidney tumor of a 76-year-old man who used to cut asbestos cement panels at his workplace. Due to improper industrial hygiene, he had been inhaling toxic asbestos fibers for years. Additionally, the man had also developed peritoneal mesothelioma. The disease has not metastasized to his kidneys, which means the two cancers were unrelated in this respect but were both caused by asbestos exposure.

While the most common way of exposure to asbestos is inhalation, the mineral can also be easily ingested, as it has no taste and the fibers are extremely small. Regardless of how one came in contact with asbestos, it can travel through the body and become embedded in the lining of various organs, including the kidneys. Over the years, symptoms such as severe inflammation and tissue scarring will develop, which may eventually give way to cancer. Moreover, if a person is already suffering from an asbestos-related disease such as lung cancer, the risk of being diagnosed with a secondary condition increases considerably, as there is a higher risk for fibers to migrate through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system.

Renal cell carcinoma is the most common type of cancer which prolonged asbestos exposure can result in. “This was a case report on a controversial issue. It may imply that asbestos is a multitarget carcinogen,” professor Stefano Candura from the University of Pavia said.

The most frequently experienced symptoms of kidney cancer include:

  • blood in your urine
  • a persisting fever
  • a lump on the lower back
  • fatigue
  • pain in your side which does not subside
  • anemia
  • swollen ankles and feet
  • unexplained weight loss
  • loss of appetite

Kidney Cancer Misdiagnosis and Asbestos Exposure Work History

As in the case of bladder cancer, kidney cancer is often mistaken for a urinary tract infection or kidney stones, as the symptoms of these conditions are very similar. Nonetheless, people who have a history of occupational asbestos exposure should keep a close eye on their health and seek medical attention as soon as they notice any of the above symptoms. While the risk of developing kidney cancer due to breathing in or swallowing asbestos is not known yet, studies have so far shown that there is a non-negligible possibility.

If you handled asbestos on the job before the ’80 and experience worrisome symptoms, we strongly encourage you to seek a second and even a third opinion, as the chances of being misdiagnosed with a seemingly harmless condition are significant. Should you receive a kidney cancer diagnosis, please do not hesitate to contact our specialized asbestos lawyers at your earliest convenience, as the sooner we take over your case, the more effort we can invest in it and the more compensation you can get. With over 200k asbestos claims submitted, Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. will be able to help you or a family member recover the money you deserve.

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Asbestos Exposure Kidney Cancer Victims Are Eligible for Compensation

Unlike standard litigation, the process of recovering financial compensation for asbestos victims is now much easier by virtue of the existence of asbestos trust funds. The only steps a person injured by occupational asbestos exposure has to take is to provide our attorneys with their employment and medical records and explain as accurately as possible how exactly they came in contact with the carcinogen in the workplace. Afterward, our resourceful team will take over and begin preparing your asbestos claim for submission. With so many asbestos cases our attorneys handle each year, we are equipped with documentation and research needed to support and prove your claim. You may even receive money from multiple asbestos trust funds if more than one company was responsible for your asbestos exposure.

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Compensation for Family Members with a Kidney Cancer Diagnosis Due to Secondary Asbestos Exposure

Due to the lack of proper industrial hygiene which was so common during the last century, it should not come as a surprise that nearly all asbestos workers would bring home carcinogenic fibers on their clothes, where their family members could easily breathe them in. Thus, at the moment, approximately 10% of asbestos victims became ill due to secondary daily exposure to the mineral, having not been around large amounts of asbestos per se ever during their lifetime. Some of the ways secondary asbestos exposure would occur were laundering contaminated work clothes (in the case of wives), greeting the worker upon coming home from the job (in the case of children), and using the same furniture as the person in question (armchairs, couches etc.)

While struggling with a disease as harrowing as kidney cancer, we urge you to seek financial compensation, because it can come in very handy with regard to paying your medical expenses. Our attorneys and legal team have been handling asbestos cases since 1990 and are determined to obtain the maximum compensation you qualify for.

If you have a history of asbestos exposure and you were a smoker, you CAN file a claim to recover compensation.

Lost a Family Member to Asbestos Kidney Cancer, Our Lawyers Will Recover Compensation on Their Behalf

Taking care of legal matters is probably the last thing on your mind when you lose someone dear to kidney cancer. However, when it comes to asbestos victims who failed to claim their well-deserved compensation while they were still alive, taking legal action immediately is essential. The reason why we encourage you to contact our lawyers in the regrettable event you lost a family member to an asbestos-caused disease refers to the statute of limitations, which varies between 1 and 3 years, depending on the state you live in.

If you do not file a claim within this time span, you will lose your right to receiving compensation on behalf of your loved one. Contacting our staff and attorneys as soon as possible will decrease this risk tremendously and will also give our lawyers the necessary time to properly prepare the asbestos claim alongside with the other required documents for submission.

How Do Our Attorneys Handle Kidney Cancer Cases?

Despite the difficult nature of asbestos-related kidney cancer cases, our law firm will gladly help you and any family member reaching out, as our experience and resources allow us to work out cases other lawyers cannot help with. Therefore, if you or a family member struggle with kidney cancer which might have been the consequence of occupational asbestos exposure, these are the steps you have to follow:

  • after contacting us, we will ask you to send in your medical and employment records and, because the causal relation between kidney cancer and asbestos exposure is still challenging to prove, we encourage you to include as many details as you can remember regarding the companies you worked for and the tasks you had to perform
  • subsequently, our experienced lawyers will carefully fill in the potentially essential information you might have disregarded about your situation and will take care of all the other legal documents required
  • when your asbestos claim is ready, it will be submitted to one or multiple asbestos trust funds for review
  • within 3 to 6 months, we will hear back from the asbestos trust funds and you will start receiving your money in monthly installments from those which approved your claim


A study from 1989 suggested that the consumption of asbestos-tainted water in industrial settings lead to renal cancer.