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Kidney cancer cases might be very difficult to pursue, considering the fact that a strong correlation between asbestos exposure and kidney cancer has not been demonstrated yet. Nevertheless, if you suffer from kidney cancer, which occurred following exposure to asbestos at your workplace, we are willing to provide you with quality legal representation in your asbestos claim.

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Occupational Exposure to Asbestos Might Be Responsible for Kidney Cancer

Strong evidence supporting a causal relation between asbestos exposure and kidney cancer is not currently available. However, the results of a 1989 study conducted on three occupational groups (U.S. insulators, U.S. asbestos products company workers and Italian shipyard workers) are perhaps the most conclusive in this respect. The study revealed that a significant number of employees who have been in prolonged contact with asbestos subsequently developed kidney cancer. Additionally, the consumption of asbestos-tainted water was also suggested to represent a risk factor for colon cancer.

Working with asbestos on a regular basis represented a tremendous danger to your health. If you believe workplace asbestos exposure is accountable for your kidney cancer diagnosis, feel free to contact us. The efforts of our attorneys will focus on discovering any essential details and documentation in order to ensure the success of your case.


A study from 1989 suggested that the consumption of asbestos-tainted water in industrial settings lead to renal cancer.

How Do We Carry Out Kidney Cancer Cases?

  • If you decided to work with our lawyers and get legal representation in your asbestos case, the first step you have to follow is to contact us, either by calling, sending an e-mail in which you describe your situation. Because the causal relation between your kidney cancer diagnosis and exposure to asbestos is often extremely challenging to prove, we encourage you to include as many details as you can remember regarding your workplace and companies you worked for.
  • Subsequently, our experienced lawyers will try their best to fill in essential information you might have disregarded and will take care of all the legal documents required.
  • The resolution will be favorable if sufficient evidence is gathered to support your claim by demonstrating that your kidney cancer was directly caused by exposure to asbestos at your workplace. You will then receive financial compensation, which will depend on the particularities of your asbestos case.

Consultation & Advice

With a professional experience of over 20 years, our lawyers will fully dedicate their time and effort to assist you in the process of filing an asbestos claim. Our primary purpose is to ensure a successful outcome for your asbestos case, as well as to obtain the compensation you need.

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