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As a former U.S. Army Air Forces training base, Lowry Air Force Base was established in 1937. It is no longer operational. The military base is located approximately 6 miles southeast of downtown Denver, Colorado. During the Cold War, it also served as a training facility. Lowry Air Force Base was initially known as Lowry Field. Today, the military installation is contaminated with PFAS, a group of over 9,000 toxic chemicals. The source of these toxic agents on the base is military firefighters using the fire suppressant AFFF excessively, which contains up to 98% PFAS. As a consequence of toxic exposure, numerous veterans who were stationed at Lowry Air Force Base after 1967 are now at high risk of developing serious diseases. If you served at this military base and struggle with a disease, we encourage you to contact us, as you might be eligible to file a toxic exposure claim.

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While the military base was deemed a Superfund site, it is not currently on the National Priorities List, which means no cleanup activities are being carried out to remove PFAS from the environment at the moment. In addition to these chemicals, other toxic agents might lurk on Lowry Air Force Base, which can endanger the health of residents who live nearby. The exact PFAS level at this military base is unknown, but since firefighters used AFFF there, it is, without a doubt, contaminated with PFAS.

What toxic agents are present on Lowry Air Force Base?

The only known contaminants at Lowry Air Force Base are PFAS, out of which PFOS and PFOA are the most dangerous. This is because they have a strong association with multiple cancers. The fire suppressant AFFF has been used by military firefighters for jet fuel and petroleum fires since 1967 and contains between 50% and up to 98% PFAS, making it highly toxic.

Although military firefighters have the greatest risk of developing a disease as a result of toxic exposure, everyone who stayed at Lowry Air Force Base may come to struggle with a serious illness. Therefore, veterans who served at this base should keep a close eye on their health, as they are also at high risk of developing terrible diseases.

What diseases can you develop following toxic exposure at Lowry Air Force Base?

Veterans who think about filing a military base toxic exposure claim should know that only certain diseases can make them eligible. This is because there must be a strong connection between toxic exposure and their diagnoses that can also be supported by medical evidence. The following is the complete list of diseases for which veterans who spent at least 1 cumulative year at Lowry Air Force Base might be eligible to file a claim:

If you have one of the above diagnoses and stayed at Lowry Air Force Base, we advise you to contact our diligent attorneys, who have over 30 years of experience in pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims. Many of our clients are veterans, and we are willing to go to great lengths to obtain the money you deserve for your unjust suffering if we determine that you are eligible.

Our experienced attorneys can help you file a toxic exposure claim if you were stationed at Lowry Air Force Base

Since 1990, our legal team has been dedicated to assisting toxic exposure victims in obtaining financial compensation, and we are ready to do the same for you. If you spent time at Lowry Air Force Base and developed a qualifying disease, we encourage you to contact our law firm. The only documents we will need from you are your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records stating your diagnosis. If you are the family member of a veteran who lived at the military base and now struggle with a disease, you might also be eligible to file a claim.

We will ask family members who seek compensation to send in evidence of their stay at Lowry Air Force Base in addition to their medical records. Following a careful and thorough review of your case, our skilled attorneys will let you know if you are entitled to financial compensation. Eligible individuals will promptly have their claims filed, as we know that most struggle with cancer and need additional money to afford treatment. If our endeavors are fruitful, you will obtain the maximum compensation available for your diagnosis. It is important to note that we work on a contingency fee basis.