Lung nodules

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Although lung nodules can appear as a result of numerous factors, including tissue scarring from a previous respiratory infection like tuberculosis or pneumonia, they may also be a sign of lung cancer. Since asbestos exposure is a known risk factor for lung cancer, the presence of one or more nodules in the lungs often indicates the onset of this disease for people with a history of exposure. Nearly 50% of lung nodules are malignant. If asbestos fibers were also present in your lungs when the nodules showed up you are eligible for compensation.

Occupational Asbestos Exposure

With a lung nodules diagnosis you will need to travel to our medical facility in Birmingham, AL if you wish to receive compensation. Additional no-charge testing will be required, generally a chest x-ray and a physical exam.

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The risk of a lung nodule being cancerous is higher if asbestos exposure occurred

If you were/are a smoker and were diagnosed with lung diseases and have occupational military or industrial exposure to asbestos, we can look into eligibility for a claim for you.

Conditions that qualify for VA asbestos compensation

Asbestos diseases entitle veterans to compensation benefits only if the majority of the asbestos exposure occurred during active duty. Only a few of these diseases will bring in a 100% disability coverage (like pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma), and all of them require documentation and proof that they were caused by asbestos exposure and not other causes.

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