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Although lung nodules can appear as a result of numerous factors, including tissue scarring from a previous respiratory infection like tuberculosis or pneumonia, they may also be a sign of lung cancer. Since asbestos exposure is a known risk factor for lung cancer, the presence of one or more nodules in the lungs often indicates the onset of this disease for people with a history of exposure. Nearly 50% of lung nodules are malignant.

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The Risk of a Lung Nodule Being Cancerous Is Higher if Asbestos Exposure Occurred

If you have a history of asbestos exposure and you were a smoker, you CAN file a claim to recover compensation.

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Misdiagnosis is unfortunately a common occurrence among asbestos victims. Regardless of your diagnosis, we advise you to seek a second opinion. A specialist in asbestos diseases with relevant practice experience can help you avoid misdiagnosis, which might prove to be life-saving if your lung nodule is cancerous. Lung cancer from asbestos exposure is responsible for the death of approximately 4,800 people in the U.S. every year.

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