Marine Corps Base Quantico claims

As a U.S. Marine Corps installation, this military base is located near Triangle, Virginia, and was built in 1917. Marine Corps Base Quantico covers over 55,000 acres and is mostly used for training purposes. The military base is also known as the "Crossroads of the Marine Corps". Most of the community of over 12,000 people is made up of the Combat Development Command of the U.S. Marine Corps, which constantly develops strategies. However, Marine Corps Base Quantico is heavily contaminated with PFAS, among other toxic agents, which puts the health of the members of the military and civilians who live there at stake. If you were stationed at this military site and came to suffer from a disease that has a connection with PFAS exposure, you should give our legal team a call, as you may be eligible for compensation.

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At the moment, there are 5 sites that are being addressed under the Superfund program by the Environmental Protection Agency. The activities that have been generating hazardous waste on the military base since 1917 include maintenance of vehicles, aircraft, and engines, oil and fuel storage and distribution, facilities maintenance, photo processing, munition operations, and water and sewage treatment.

What contaminants are lurking on Marine Corps Base Quantico?

The primary contaminants that are polluting the environment of Marine Corps Base Quantico are PFAS, a group of dangerous chemicals that have been released by the use of AFFF on the military base since 1966. AFFF is a fire suppressant that can very effectively put out jet fuel and petroleum fires and is employed by the vast majority of military and civilian firefighters. However, it contains high concentrations of PFAS, which, once released in the environment, persist forever. Everyone who spends time on Marine Corps Base Quantico is inevitably exposed to PFAS, which increases their chance of developing terrible health problems.

In addition to PFAS, the Environmental Working Group has found the following toxic agents lurking on the military base:

  • bromodichloromethane
  • chloroform
  • dibromochloromethane
  • trichloroacetic acid
  • haloacetic acids
  • dichloroacetic acid

The presence of more than one contaminant on the military base only worsens the degree of toxic exposure, which makes people stationed there significantly more prone to coming to struggle with serious diseases over the years. Members of the military who spend more than a couple of months on Marine Corps Base Quantico are at high risk of developing life-threatening diseases. For this reason, if you were stationed at this military base, it is advisable to undergo periodical medical examinations so that a potential health issue can be timely detected.

What diseases can PFAS exposure cause to people who were stationed at Marine Corps Base Quantico?

There is a vast array of health problems exposure to PFAS can result in, particularly if it is prolonged or frequent, the most serious being cancer, which can occur on numerous organs and tissues in the body. Here is the complete list of diseases you can develop if you have a history of PFAS exposure, as well as the health problems that qualify you for filing a toxic exposure claim:

In the regrettable case that you were stationed at Marine Corps Base Quantico after 1966 and were assigned one of these diagnoses, please contact our attorneys, as you are most likely eligible for compensation. If you were pregnant during your stay at this military base and your child was born with health issues, you should also give our legal team a call, as you may be eligible to file a claim for your baby as well.

Our attorneys will help you file your toxic exposure claim with minimal involvement on your part

Because we have seen countless cases of toxic exposure victims during the 25 years we have been providing legal assistance, we are aware that most people whose health was severely affected by hazardous agents are in a lot of physical and emotional pain. Therefore, our skilled legal team will strive to make the legal process as easy as possible for you if you were exposed to PFAS on a military base and were diagnosed with a related disease.

All we need to start the legal process is your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records, documents that will be used to assess your situation, as well as to support your toxic exposure claim if you qualify for compensation. The rest of the paperwork will be handled by our legal team on your behalf, and several months to several years after claim submission, you will obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to for your suffering.