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Having been active between 1935 and 2001, McClellan Air Force Base was located in the North Highlands area of Sacramento County, 7 miles northeast of the Californian city with the same name. For most of the time, it was operational, the military base was a logistics and maintenance facility for a wide range of military aircraft, equipment, and supplies. It was initially founded as Pacific Air Depot and Sacramento Air Depot, and in 1939, the base was renamed in honor of Major Hezekiah McClellan, who was a pioneer in arctic aeronautical tests. Sadly, McClellan Air Force Base is one of the numerous in our country that is polluted with PFAS, a group of very harmful chemicals. Therefore, if you were stationed there after 1966 and suffer from a disease that may have a link to PFAS exposure, we encourage you to give us a call, as you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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In May of 2020, there was a whopping 62 military installations in California with suspected or known PFAS contamination, among which McClellan Air Force Base. The presence of PFAS on the premises of this military base has greatly endangered the health of everyone who spent time there and continues to do so, as once PFAS enter your bloodstream, they cannot be eliminated by your body. Over the years, the accumulation of these chemicals in your body can lead to life-threatening diseases. In 1987, McClellan Air Force Base was declared a Superfund site due to the degree of contamination it had.

What contaminants of concern were present on McClellan Air Force Base?

Even though PFAS exist in concentrations that slightly exceed the permissible limit of 70 parts per trillion set by the Environmental Protection Agency, their presence on McClellan Air Force Base was enough to affect the health of members of the military and civilians who stayed there for more than a couple of months. If you wonder where PFAS came from on U.S. military bases, the answer is simple: AFFF, a fire suppressant used to put out jet fuel and petroleum fires by military firefighters and trainees after 1966.

While very effective in extinguishing Class B fires, AFFF contains a great amount of PFAS, and as soon as the chemicals are released into the environment, they persist there forever or at least until organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency take action to clean up the contaminated site. PFAS are also known as "forever chemicals" because they remain in the environment for undetermined periods of time, and exposure to these dangerous substances occurs via inhalation and ingestion.

Besides PFAS, the Environmental Protection Agency discovered other contaminants of concern on McClellan Air Force Base, including the following:

  • industrial solvents and cleaners
  • aviation fuels
  • electroplating chemicals
  • oils and lubricants
  • radioactive materials
  • other wastes

What diseases is PFAS exposure responsible for?

There is no doubt that the most harrowing disease exposure to PFAS can result in is cancer, which can affect multiple organs and tissues in the body, depending on where the largest amount of these chemicals has accumulated. Nevertheless, there are other severe health issues PFAS exposure is responsible for, many of which are life-threatening as well.

If you developed any of the following diseases while you were stationed on this military base for 1 cumulative year or longer please contact us:

In the unfortunate event that you have one of these diagnoses as a consequence of having been stationed at McClellan Air Force Base, you should get in touch with our legal team, as you may be able to obtain financial compensation from the liable AFFF companies for your distress and suffering. Last but not least, if you spent time on this military base while being pregnant and you gave birth to a baby with health problems, you should contact us as well, as you can recover compensation for your child.

Our attorneys will help you file a toxic exposure claim if your health was affected by PFAS

With over two decades of experience in handling toxic exposure cases, our attorneys and legal team are ready to offer you quality assistance if you developed a disease as a result of military PFAS exposure. All you have to do to take legal action is to give our team a call, explain your situation, and send us your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records. If we establish that you meet the requirements for filing a claim, our attorneys will rapidly begin preparing it.

Your participation in the legal process will be minimal, as we are well aware that people who suffer from serious health problems need time to take care of themselves and undergo the necessary treatment. Eventually, several months to several years after claim submission, you will benefit from the largest sum of money available for your diagnosis from the liable companies.