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Affecting one million people across the country, ulcerative colitis is a disease that causes inflammation and ulcers along the digestive tract. It mostly occurs in the colon and rectum. While medical experts are unsure what causes ulcerative colitis, there are several risk factors for this disease, including toxic exposure occurring on military bases. Exposure to PFAS is a risk factor for ulcerative colitis, as it was found that people who have it had increased levels of these chemicals in their bodies. Nevertheless, there might have been other toxic substances lurking on military bases during the last century that might contribute to the development of ulcerative colitis. If you are a veteran or a family member of one who spent time at a polluted military base and struggle with this disease, we encourage you to contact our diligent attorneys, as you might be entitled to financial compensation.

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People with late-onset ulcerative colitis were found to have increased PFAS levels in their blood

Ulcerative colitis

While the cause of ulcerative colitis is unknown, the vast majority of people with this condition have problems with their immune systems. Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease, which means it causes inflammation along the colon and rectum.

For this reason, most people with ulcerative colitis have to take medication to reduce the inflammation, as inflammation will eventually result in ulcers, which may require surgery.

The incidence of ulcerative colitis is on the rise – today, the disease is three times more common than Crohn's disease, the other main type of inflammatory bowel disease. In most people, ulcerative colitis is the consequence of a westernized environment and lifestyle. However, when it occurs in veterans, it is usually the result of toxic exposure, as the military bases they were stationed at were heavily contaminated. These are the main symptoms of ulcerative colitis you should look out for if you were exposed to toxic agents in the military:

  • diarrhea, often with blood
  • abdominal pain and cramping
  • urgency to defecate
  • rectal bleeding
  • fever
  • inability to defecate
  • unintentional weight loss
  • fatigue

A study from the Journal of Crohn's and Colitis found that PFAS levels were increased in patients with late-onset ulcerative colitis compared with Crohn's disease patients and healthy controls. The researchers collected serum samples from patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease at 55 years or older. No difference was found in the PFAS levels between Crohn's disease patients and healthy controls. Consequently, exposure to PFAS is a significant risk factor for ulcerative colitis. These chemicals were present on nearly all military bases and still are on some due to the excessive use of AFFF by military firefighters. The fire suppressant can contain up to 98% PFAS.

Finally, the researchers in a study from Environmental Research found higher serum PFOA in ulcerative colitis cases compared to Crohn's disease patients and controls, in contrast to other PFAS. Still, it is possible that PFOA was elevated in the participants with ulcerative colitis prior to their disease occurrence if PFOA is a risk factor for ulcerative colitis. More research is needed to find a definitive association between exposure to PFOA and ulcerative colitis. If you were stationed at a contaminated military base for at least one cumulative year and struggle with ulcerative colitis, you might be entitled to compensation.

We can efficiently help you file a toxic exposure claim for ulcerative colitis

For over 30 years, our attorneys have been assisting toxic exposure victims to recover the financial compensation they were entitled to, including many veterans. If you were stationed at a military base, either as a service member or a family member of one, and developed ulcerative colitis, we advise you to contact our law firm, as you might be eligible to file a toxic exposure claim. To initiate the legal process as a veteran, you will have to send in your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records.

As a family member, we will need proof of your stay at the military base and your medical records stating your ulcerative colitis diagnosis. If you qualify to file a claim, our resourceful legal team will begin working on it as soon as possible. Our skilled attorneys will go to great lengths to obtain the compensation you might be entitled to from the liable companies. It is important to know that we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not have to pay anything out of pocket unless we recover money for you.