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As one of the largest military terminals in the world, Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point was established in 1951 and is located between the town of Boiling Spring Lakes and the Cape Fear River several miles upstream of Fort Johnston in North Carolina. It serves as a transfer point between trucks, rail, and ships for the import and export of weapons, explosives, ammunition, and military equipment for the U.S. Army and is operated by the 596th Transportation Brigade. Still, due to military firefighters using the fire suppressant AFFF on the site regularly, the facility became contaminated with PFAS, a group of over 9,000 toxic chemicals. Everyone who was stationed there is now at risk of developing serious diseases as a result of toxic exposure. If you are a veteran or a family member of one who spent time at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point and struggle with a disease, we encourage you to call our law firm, as you might be entitled to compensation.

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The PFAS level at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point is below the current safe exposure limit. However, the concentration of these chemicals at the installation exceeds the recently proposed safe exposure limit by 3,750 times. Exposure to PFAS is responsible for countless diseases, including cancer. Veterans and family members who spent time at this facility should closely monitor their health and seek medical assistance if they experience unusual symptoms. Timely diagnosis is the key to a good prognosis and good life quality.

What toxic agents are present at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point

Currently, PFAS are the only known contaminants of concern lurking on Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point. Their source on the military installation is firefighters using the fire suppressant AFFF for jet fuel and petroleum fires. AFFF contains between 50% and 98% of these highly toxic chemicals. PFAS are endocrine disruptors and carcinogens, so exposure might result in terrible, life-threatening diseases. The family members of veterans who lived at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point were also exposed to PFAS, so they should also keep a close eye on their health.

PFAS are emerging contaminants, and once they are released by the use of AFFF, they persist in the environment for over a thousand years. While Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point is a Superfund site, it has not been added to the National Priorities List, which means the Environmental Protection Agency is not performing cleanup activities at the site at the moment. Still, it might be in the near future. Removing PFAS from the environment is a very challenging and demanding endeavor, even with the most advanced technologies.

What diseases can you develop following toxic exposure at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point?

Toxic exposure is responsible for countless health problems, but veterans and family members who spent time at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point should know that only certain diagnoses might deem them eligible to file a military base toxic exposure claim. This is because their disease must have a strong connection with toxic exposure that can also be supported by medical evidence. If you were stationed at this military installation for at least one cumulative year and developed one of the diseases below, you might be entitled to financial compensation:

With over 30 years of experience in pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims, including many veterans, our attorneys are ready to offer you quality legal assistance. If you struggle with one of the above diseases and were stationed at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point, we strongly encourage you to call us, as you might be eligible to file a claim. Because we are well aware of how physically and emotionally draining struggling with cancer can be, we will take care of the most complex aspects of the legal process on your behalf.

File your military toxic exposure claim with the assistance of our diligent attorneys

In the regrettable event that you spent time at Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point and developed a disease related to toxic exposure, do not hesitate to reach out to our skilled attorneys, as they have the necessary experience, resources, and knowledge to help you. The only documents veterans will have to provide us to have their case evaluated are their military records, which they must retrieve, and their medical records.

Family members will need to send in proof of their stay at the military facility and their medical records. After we thoroughly assess your situation, we will let you know if you are entitled to financial compensation. Eligible individuals will promptly have their claims filed, as we understand that many toxic exposure victims need extra money to afford healthcare and treatment. We work on a contingency fee basis.