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Situated 11 miles northeast of Meridian, Mississippi, in Kemper County and Lauderdale County, this military base was set in 1957 and is one of the 2 jet strike pilot training facilities of the U.S. Navy. Naval Air Station Meridian is still in use nowadays. Initially, the military installation was named Naval Auxiliary Air Station and was commissioned in 1961. The military base is currently under the control of Navy Regional Southeast. Like other 700 military installations throughout our country, Naval Air Station Meridian is heavily contaminated with PFAS, a group of toxic chemicals whose presence greatly endangers the health of everyone who stays there. If you developed a health problem as a consequence of PFAS exposure that occurred on this military base, please contact us to recover financial compensation.

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According to records, AFFF, the fire suppressant that is responsible for PFAS contamination, has been used on the premises of Naval Air Station Meridian, which means that these chemicals are present in the environment of the military base. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry stated that it would continue providing technical support to the U.S. Navy with regard to the mitigation of PFAS contamination on Naval Air Station Meridian. Because AFFF contains PFAS, these hazardous chemicals are certainly present in this military installation.

What toxic agents are lurking on Naval Air Station Meridian?

Naval Air Station Meridian is a Superfund site at the moment, meaning that the Environmental Protection Agency is carrying out cleanup activities on the premises of the military base to remove PFAS, as well as other contaminants of concern that are present there. However, PFAS are the main toxic agents lurking on this military base, and their existence is enough to endanger the health of members of the military and civilians who are staying on the site.

As mentioned above, the source of PFAS on military bases such as Naval Air Station Meridian is the use of AFFF by military firefighters and trainees for Class B fires. With the employment of AFFF comes the release of PFAS in the environment, where they persist forever, as they do not break down. It is only by virtue of the cleanup efforts of organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency that these chemicals can be removed from the military base.

What health issues can exposure to PFAS on military bases cause?

The most terrible disease exposure to PFAS can result in is undoubtedly cancer, which can occur on numerous parts of the body, depending on where the largest amount of these chemicals is. Nonetheless, many other health problems are associated with PFAS exposure, which can also be very serious and even deadly. The following is the list of diagnoses you can receive if you were exposed to PFAS on the military base for 1 cumulative year or longer:

If you have one of the diagnoses above, you are strongly encouraged to give our law firm a call, as we specialize in toxic exposure and can help you recover financial compensation for your unjust suffering. Our attorneys will file a toxic exposure claim on your behalf with the responsible AFFF manufacturers. Finally, if you spent time at Naval Air Station Meridian while you were pregnant and your child was subsequently born with health problems, you should also contact us, as you can obtain compensation for your baby.

Quality legal assistance for people affected by military toxic exposure

If you had the misfortune of coming to struggle with a disease related to PFAS exposure and you were in contact with these harmful chemicals while you were stationed at a military base in the country, you are most likely entitled to compensation. With over 25 years of professional experience, our attorneys will help you file a toxic exposure claim with the liable AFFF companies. All you have to do if you decided to seek compensation is call our legal team, explain your situation, and send your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records via e-mail.

Following a careful review of your case, we will let you know whether you qualify for filing a claim. If you do, our skilled lawyers will begin preparing it for submission. You should know that your involvement in the process will be minimal, as we know how difficult and overwhelming suffering from a serious disease is. Within a few months to a few years from claim submission, you will receive the largest sum of money available for your diagnosis.