Helmquat 3SL

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The manufacturer of this herbicide is Helm Agro. Similar to other products that contain this active ingredient, Helmquat 3SL has a concentration of nearly 44% paraquat dichloride, which makes it highly toxic. For this reason, only licensed applicators can use this product after they undergo the mandatory training provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. The use of Helmquat 3SL is forbidden even if the person who applies it works under the supervision of a certified user. This herbicide is so dangerous that even a single sip can prove to be fatal.

Claim Application

Helmquat 3SL is approved for use on over 100 different crops. It delivers rapid, versatile, and highly effective burndown of emerged grasses and broadleaves. Nevertheless, people who worked with or were around Helmquat 3SL have a high risk of developing Parkinson’s disease over the years, which is why their family members need to keep a close eye on their health. In the regrettable event that you have a family member with a history of paraquat exposure who is struggling with this condition, we strongly encourage you to contact our attorneys, as they specialize in toxic exposure and will be able to recover fair compensation on their behalf from the responsible company.

As a broad-spectrum, non-selective, burndown herbicide, Helmquat 3SL is used as a defoliant and desiccant for a wide range of crops. It is very effective in controlling weeds that are resistant to glyphosate, provides fast, complete broadleaf burndown, destroys emerged weeds for clean fields at planting, and helps agricultural workers save time by not having to switch products. Nonetheless, Helmquat 3SL is also very toxic and inhalation, skin contact, and ingestion must be avoided at all costs, as these routes of exposure can be fatal. The herbicide is very effective for treating the following crops:

  • alfalfa
  • almonds
  • barley
  • berries
  • corn
  • cotton
  • beans
  • peas
  • peanuts
  • potatoes
  • rice
  • safflower
  • sorghum
  • soybeans
  • strawberries
  • sugarbeets
  • sugarcane
  • sunflowers
  • vegetables
  • vines
  • wheat

The risk of developing Parkinson’s disease following prolonged exposure to Helmquat 3SL is 250% higher in people who use this herbicide. Consequently, their family members need to pay close attention to the symptoms that may indicate the onset of this condition, such as slowness of movement, a tremor in the hands, legs, jaw, or head, stiffness of the limbs and trunk, and impaired balance and coordination. If you notice one or more of these symptoms in a family member who worked with or was around paraquat, please encourage them to seek medical attention from multiple specialists, as misdiagnosis occurs in up to 30% of people with Parkinson’s disease. Thereby, they must visit more than one medical expert to receive a correct and accurate diagnosis. Not only will the right diagnosis help your family member receive the treatment they need, but it may also make them eligible for compensation from the liable manufacturer of Helmquat 3SL.

File a paraquat exposure claim with the help of our legal experts

With over 30 years of experience in pursuing compensation for the victims of toxic exposure, we are ready to help you recover the compensation you deserve from Helm Agro if you were exposed to their product and subsequently came to struggle with Parkinson’s disease. Although the legal process is complex, it will require minimal involvement on your part and a family member can help you navigate it with more ease, as we are aware that most of our clients are in a lot of physical and emotional distress. We will gather the necessary evidence to support your claim and, eventually, you will receive the largest sum of money available for your diagnosis from the responsible manufacturer. For additional information, please feel free to contact our law firm and we will promptly answer your questions.