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As a very effective nonselective, contact herbicide whose purpose is to control most small broadleaf and grass weeds and to suppress perennial weeds, Parazone contains paraquat, a highly toxic chemical. It is manufactured by ADAMA USA. The herbicide can be used for over 100 different crops, including chemical fallow, and can also be employed as a desiccant or defoliant at harvest. Nevertheless, Parazone is very dangerous, as even a single sip can result in death. For this reason, only certified applicators who underwent special training provided by the Environmental Protection Agency can use it. Not even people who work under the supervision of certified applicators can use Parazone, as the risk of exposure is too great.

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It is important to know that frequent exposure to paraquat, the active ingredient in Parazone, is linked to a high risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, which is why we strongly encourage people with this diagnosis and a history of paraquat use to contact our law firm. Since our main area of practice is toxic exposure, we can help you recover the financial compensation you are entitled to from the liable Parazone manufacturer.

Parazone has numerous benefits for keeping weeds and grasses at bay, such as being a great tool in resistance management programs prior to planting. It is also frequently used as a harvest aid product in multiple crops, including soybean and cotton. The herbicide contains nearly 44% paraquat dichloride, which makes it very toxic. To avoid being mistaken for beverages such as coffee, Parazone has a strong odor, as well as a substance that induces vomiting upon an accidental ingestion. It is a violation of federal law to use this product around home gardens, schools, recreational parks, golf courses, and playgrounds, as it is intended only for agricultural employment. People who are certified to use Parazone must wear adequate protective equipment to reduce the risk of exposure, such as:

  • coveralls
  • shoes and socks
  • protective eyewear
  • chemical resistant gloves
  • NIOSH-approved particulate filtering respirator
  • face shields

If you have a family member who worked with or was around Parazone, you should keep a close eye on their health, as they have a 250% higher risk of developing Parkinson’s disease than the general population. You need to look for symptoms such as slowness of movement, a tremor in the hands, legs, jaw, or head, stiffness of the limbs and trunk, and impaired balance and coordination. In the regrettable event that you notice one or more of these symptoms, you need to encourage your family member to seek medical attention, as they are very likely to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. However, because the condition is often misdiagnosed, they need to seek a second and even a third opinion in order to receive a correct diagnosis. Only people with Parkinson’s disease can recover compensation for paraquat exposure. With over 25 years of experience in providing legal assistance to people injured by toxic exposure, our legal team is ready to help your family member obtain the money they deserve for their diagnosis from ADAMA USA, the manufacturer of Parazone.

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Our main area of practice is toxic exposure and, thereby, we have the necessary knowledge and resources to provide you with quality legal assistance so that you can recover the financial compensation you are entitled to from the liable Parazone manufacturer. While the legal process is quite complex, it will require minimal involvement on your part and a family member can help you navigate it, as we know that most of our clients are in a lot of physical and emotional suffering. Our legal experts will conduct extensive research to find additional proof for your paraquat claim so that it will result in the most favorable outcome possible. Eventually, you will receive the largest sum of money available for your diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease from the manufacturer of Parazone if you choose to work with our skilled legal team. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will promptly answer your questions.