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Located on 6,400 acres in Jefferson and Rockaway Township in Morris County, New Jersey, this installation is a military research and manufacturing facility. Picatinny Arsenal was established in 1880 and is the headquarters of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center. The military base is known for developing the ubiquitous Picatinny rail and being the Army's center of expertise for small arms cartridge ammunition. Sadly, the military facility has become contaminated with PFAS, a group of over 9,000 toxic chemicals. The source of these substances, also known as "forever chemicals," is military firefighters using AFFF, a fire suppressant, excessively on the site. Exposure to PFAS is responsible for many serious diseases, including multiple forms of cancer. If you are a veteran or a family member of one who spent time at Picatinny Arsenal and now struggle with a disease, you should contact our law firm, as you might be entitled to compensation.

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At Picatinny Arsenic, the PFAS level is twice over the current safe exposure limit. PFOS and PFOA are the most dangerous chemicals out of this group, as they have a strong connection with cancer. In the summer of 2022, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed substantially lower exposure limits for these substances. According to these limits, the PFOS level at the military facility exceeds the maximum limit by 3,350 times, while the PFOA level eclipses it by 2,750 times. Therefore, veterans who spent time at Picatinny Arsenal should keep a close eye on their health, as they are at high risk of developing a serious disease.

What toxic agents are lurking on Picatinny Arsenal?

In addition to PFOS and PFOA, there are other toxic agents that might lurk on Picatinny Arsenal, which only worsened the degree of toxic exposure among veterans who spent time there during active duty. The following are other dangerous substances that might be found on this military facility:

  • chloroform
  • bromoform
  • thallium
  • manganese
  • uranium
  • strontium
  • trichloroethylene
  • molybdenum

All of these harmful substances have a strong link with cancer, so we advise veterans who were stationed at Picatinny Arsenal to seek medical attention immediately if they experience unusual symptoms. Not only is a timely and correct diagnosis essential for your prognosis but also for your chances of obtaining compensation.

What diseases can toxic exposure on Picatinny Arsenal cause?

Although toxic exposure on military bases can lead to the development of countless health problems, veterans and family members who seek compensation should know that only certain diagnoses might deem them eligible to file a claim. This is because there must be a strong association between their diagnosis and toxic exposure, which can also be supported by medical evidence. The following are the diseases for which you can file a claim if you spent at least one cumulative year at Picatinny Arsenal:

Our law firm has what it takes to help you determine whether you qualify to file a military base toxic exposure claim. With over 30 years of experience in pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims, our attorneys will gladly review your case. The legal process will require minimal involvement on your part, as our compassionate legal team will take care of the most complex aspects for you. We understand that people who struggle with such awful diseases need to focus on their health and treatment.

Quality legal assistance for veterans and family members who experienced toxic exposure at Picatinny Arsenal

In the regrettable event that you came to struggle with a disease after being stationed at Picatinny Arsenal, we encourage you to get in touch with our resourceful attorneys, as they have the necessary experience and knowledge to help you find out if you are entitled to compensation for your unjust suffering. As a veteran, you will only have to provide our legal team with your military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records.

Family members will have to send in proof of their stay at Picatinny Arsenal and their medical records. After we thoroughly assess your situation, you will know if you are eligible to file a military base toxic exposure claim. Eligible individuals will have their claims prioritized, especially if they have cancer, as we know that many toxic exposure victims need additional money to afford treatment, which can be very expensive.