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Pleural Plaques Lawyers

Asbestos exposure is almost exclusively responsible for the development of pleural plaques, a condition which involves the thickening of the outer lining of the lungs (pleura). Pleural plaques typically appear within 20 to 50 years of first exposure to asbestos and although this condition is benign, it is not impossible for a form of cancer to affect the lungs in the future.

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Close to 50% of the People Exposed to Asbestos Will Develop Pleural Plaques

If You Have a History of Asbestos Exposure but Were Also a Smoker, You Can Still File a Claim to Recover Compensation

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If you have a pleural plaques diagnosis and were exposed to asbestos in the workplace, seeking a second opinion from a specialist might be crucial for your prognosis. The rate of misdiagnosis is alarmingly high among asbestos victims, one of the reasons being the similarities asbestos-related diseases display in terms of symptoms and appearance. Having your lungs examined by multiple specialists will help you avoid misdiagnosis and may also allow you access to financial compensation.

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