Asbestos heating ducts

These heating ducts were usually insulated with an asbestos-made coating. When these products age, their materials become worn and leave the asbestos in a friable state, its fibers being released more easily into the air, putting the lives of the workers nearby in danger.

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45 years

Asbestos heating ducts were mostly made with transite cement. This kind of cement was strengthened with asbestos fibers and was mostly used for pipes and ducts. Chrysotile or “white asbestos” was the type of asbestos preferred for the protection of ducts.

Although asbestos was added for durability, the passing of time made it friable increasing the material’s fragility and the potential risk of exposure for the workers interacting with it. You could have been exposed if:

  • You worked directly with asbestos insulated heating ducts
  • You performed maintenance work in factories or plants
  • You worked on ships
  • You performed demolition work

Companies liable for manufacturing or use of asbestos heating ducts

How can we help workers that worked with or around asbestos heating ducts

Every time you were around these asbestos insulated heating ducts because your occupation required you to, you risked direct exposure to asbestos. If now you are developing an asbestos-related disease, get in contact with us in order to receive a proper examination and a legal consultation that can benefit you in the long run, as we can file claims against the asbestos trust funds of the companies responsible.

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