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Although the exact causes of pulmonary fibrosis are not known, a correlation between pulmonary fibrosis and prolonged exposure to asbestos has been suggested by multiple studies. If you are suffering from pulmonary fibrosis and are inclined to believe asbestos is the cause, our attorneys can provide you with quality legal representation and guidance in order to obtain the financial compensation you are eligible for.

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Survival Rate for Pulmonary Fibrosis is Less than 5 Years


Correlations between this pulmonary fibrosis and prolonged exposure to asbestos has been determined by our attorneys and they will help you fight your case.

How Do We Carry Out Pulmonary Fibrosis Cases?

  • If you decided to file an asbests claim, the first step is to contact us. You are highly encouraged to share all the information you can remember regarding the circumstances of the asbestos exposure, such as the company you worked for (in the case of occupational asbestos exposure), the asbestos-containing products you were in contact with and the duration of your exposure. Additionally, our lawyers will fill in any missing details, which may prove to be crucial for the success of your case.
  • After we gather all the relevant information, our experienced attorneys will prepare the necessary legal documents for you. We can also file asbestos claims with multiple asbestos trust funds so that you will receive the maximum compensation available.
  • Resolution ensues following the submission of your asbestos claim. If a strong connection between your pulmonarr fibrosis diagnosis and exposure to asbestos can be accurately demonstrated, you will be awarded the sum you are eligible for.

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We have successfully represented thousands of clients in their asbestos cases throughout the U.S. within the past two decades and we are willing to dedicate our time and effort to achieve the most satisfactory outcome for victims and their families.

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