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Rounded Atelectasis Lawyers

Also known as folded lung or Blesovsky syndrome, round atelectasis occurs when a portion of the lung gradually collapses as a result of tissue scarring. On X-rays, this condition appears as a round mass, which can easily be mistaken for a cancerous tumor. Round atelectasis is frequently related to asbestos exposure, since the fibers accumulated on the surface of the pleura can cause severe tissue scarring.

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Rounded Atelectasis May Coexist with Lung Cancer

If you have a history of asbestos exposure and you were a smoker, you CAN file a claim to recover compensation.

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People diagnosed with round atelectasis as a consequence of past asbestos exposure are at high risk of developing mesothelioma and lung cancer. If this is also your case, we strongly advise you to undergo a series of tests (chest X-rays, pulmonary function tests and a CT scan) twice a year under the guidance of a specialist in pulmonary disease. By having your lungs evaluated regularly, a potential disease will be timely detected and you will be able to undergo effective treatment before it progresses. Last but not least, because misdiagnosis happens frequently when it comes to asbestos-related diseases, it is also a wise idea to seek a second opinion, preferably from a more experienced medical specialist.

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