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In order to achieve great results, every team member has to do many small, seemingly insignificant tasks that are necessary for the success of our day to day operations. At Environmental Litigation Group I do these on a daily basis since October 4, 1993.

Our Difference

Archival and Record Manager

Alan Brasher, our Archival and Record Manager is responsible for checking-in, organizing and storing any evidence that we may need to use for our cases. He researches information that may prove beneficial to us and to our clients. Also, he is in charge of organizing large numbers of documents for case related projects. His job includes maintaining the paperwork, documents, X-rays for all of our clients in all of our cases. If there were only three words to describe Alan's job they would be "Always very busy!", but that is not uncommon in our working environment. In our experience, great success is a result of many hours of dedicated work.

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