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Ciprian Oltean

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As a Legal Marketing Coordinator, my responsibility is to develop efficient digital marketing strategies which will promote the services of Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. specifically to people who were unfairly injured by asbestos exposure. I am permanently analyzing and improving the marketing techniques we employ in order to reach a larger audience and make our services accessible to anyone who needs a competent attorney for their case.

Our Difference

Legal Marketing Coordinator

Ciprian Oltean is in charge of developing effective marketing strategies and brand awareness campaigns with the purpose of increasing the notoriety of the legal services Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. provides. Because the Internet has become a major source of information within the past decade, benefiting from the knowledge and skills of a Legal Marketing Coordinator is crucial for maximum visibility. A great number of asbestos and toxic exposure victims can be reached through electronic media if appropriate digital marketing techniques are used. By benefiting from the expertise of Ciprian, the popularity of our law firm has grown considerably and our attorneys have thereby been able to help more people recover the compensation they deserve.

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