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Eddie Perry

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My job may require sometimes to literally go the extra mile. For instance, when clients are incapacitated or don't have transportation, I travel to them and assist them with their paperwork. I like giving a helping hand to our clients while being able to listen to the many life stories they share from their past and even offer me some life insights.

Our Difference

Procurement Clerk

Eddie's daily activities in the Circulation Department consist of mailing client correspondence, taking care of the supplies, doing maintenance, and visiting clients at their location. He's been working for us for 18 years, always being a people-oriented employee and also a genuinely caring person.

Having experienced asbestos-related illness in his extended family, Eddie is one of the persons who really understand the consequent distress and difference in the quality of life. For him, the most challenging part of the job is actually meeting the clients and their families and living heartfelt moments along with these people, in all the types of cases we're involved.

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