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Gema Zapien

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Interacting with clients is my favorite part of the job, because I get to speak to someone different every day. I get to know more about our clients and despite their misfortunes, many of them are keeping a positive mindset and are very pleasant to talk to.

Our Difference

Client Liaison / Legal Assistant

Be it an older employee or a recent one at our law firm, communication is an important aspect of our team's activity, especially for a client liaison and legal assistant such as Gema Zapien. She is one of the kind voices that our clients hear on the phone. She is patient in gathering work history information for asbestos-related cases and helps the clients with all the necessary documents.

Gema relates to our clients by keeping in mind at all times the difficulties of their situation. Having to remember things from more than 40 years ago while suffering from a disease is not an easy thing for anyone. That is why Gema wants to be of assistance to our clients. Gema is also fluent in Spanish.

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