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Hilda Oltean

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Although my job entails a very fast-paced work environment and requires constant interaction with a lot of different people, being able to promote the invaluable legal services Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. provides is always rewarding. We are permanently striving to increase the firm’s visibility so that asbestos exposure victims will know they have someone reliable to turn to for legal representation and advice.

Our Difference

Media & PR Coordinator

Hilda Oltean is responsible for organizing and coordinating our law firm’s events and interviews, as well as for developing the company’s public image. She promotes the legal services Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. offers by arranging public appearances, maintaining a social media presence, issuing press releases and supervising the content on our website. Our Media and PR Coordinator also contributes significantly to the planning of future marketing programs aimed at increasing the firm’s visibility. By making essential information about Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. available to the public, more people injured by asbestos exposure will have access to our services.

Outstanding organizational skills, critical thinking and perfect communication skills are mandatory for a successful Media and PR Coordinator and Hilda exhibits all these vital attributes. Regardless of the demanding nature of her job, she always rises to the challenge and by virtue of her skills.

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