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Most of our clients are really nice, hard-working blue-collar people that have been wronged and suffer everyday from cancer or other asbestos-related diseases. The least we can do is to ease their financial concerns in their remaining time, by earning a fair compensation for them and their families left behind.

Our Difference

Director of Claims

As CFO and Director of Claims, Jonathan Sharp is responsible for our firm's financial matters. His main responsibilities are case evaluation, management of firm assets, financial analysis, to name only a few of the things he's been handling for almost 23 years. 

As Director of Claims, he manages client relations and the collection and proper distribution of all the funds. He has been with the firm almost from the beginning and he's also been very involved in asbestos cases over the years. He thinks of his occupation as being a "Sophisticated, non-traditional, rewarding one, sometimes challenging." Always, the client comes first for our team, and Jonathan Sharp is able to help and address any concerns that you might have.

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