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Working for ELG is not a job, it's more of a calling for me. I'm a talker, I like getting to know all those different people - Navy and Air Force veterans, steel plant or powerhouse workers, miners, and other, discovering their stories and ways of life, learning to appreciate what we have now, and being able to help them.

Our Difference

Director of Case Management

Since 1995, Michael Bartlett, our Director of Case Management has had many positions in the firm, starting with legal assistant. After graduating from UAB in 1998, he became an expert in environmental litigation matters, especially asbestos cases. His own life experience with asbestos injuries fueled his motivation to help people in similar circumstances manage their unfortunate situation.

Over the two decades of meeting with clients and doing interviews, Michael has built a vast knowledge of the products that caused significant exposure to asbestos or other toxicants. Helping people remember and identify products and workplaces is crucial in these types of cases.

Most clients have their concerns about what will happen to their families after they pass away. Michael addresses those tough questions with goodwill and lots of energy.

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