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In my 25 years with this firm I had the satisfaction to see it grow into a powerful firm representing thousands of people. Our team is very important in the whole process. We are united, motivated and qualified - this is the thing that sets us apart from other law firms.

Our Difference

Administrative Director

Treven Pyles, the Administrative Director, is in charge of organizing complex operations that involve people and information, which are two of the key concepts on which our law firm operates. From welcoming and training new members of the staff, to recording and managing information, planning and maintenance and many unlisted support operations Treven handles the great amount of daily tasks that make our team go forward, one case after another.

Treven Pyles knows the importance of addressing the clients' needs in complex cases like environmental litigation. Patience and hard work are the qualities Treven embodies, as a whole-hearted, people-oriented member of our staff.

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