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Wendy Stevens

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What would I say about my role within the ELG team after more than 25 years? That it was satisfying and sometimes frustrating at the same time. I work with the most delicate segment of our clients, the families left behind.

Our Difference

Legal Assistant

Wendy Stevens' job is to work on the deceased clients' cases. She is an experienced legal assistant, who offers support to the widows and children of those that we represent. Helping people can take many forms, from being able to tell them a check is in the mail, to explaining a document in understandable terms, or maybe saying the right thing to someone who has not heard a kind or helpful word in a very long time.

She also handles asbestos claims and pharmaceutical cases. The most challenging part, as Wendy sees it, is perhaps not having enough hours in the day to get the work load completed. Wendy has worked for us since our very first day.

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