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Throat cancer is a general term that refers to the malignant tumors arising in the pharynx, larynx (voice box), and tonsils. Laryngeal cancer, though linked to numerous risk factors including smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, has also been associated with workplace asbestos exposure. Similarly, pharyngeal cancer can develop as a result of inhalation or ingestion of asbestos fibers. If you or your family member have developed symptoms of throat cancer and had been exposed to asbestos at the workplace in the past, contact our specialized attorneys who will help you recover the financial compensation you are entitled to.

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With a throat cancer diagnosis, you have immediate eligibility and our staff and attorneys will prioritize your cases for expedited processing. You will not be required to travel and a family member will be able to handle the paperwork on your behalf.

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Asbestos-exposed individuals are at a 40% higher risk of developing laryngeal/pharyngeal cancer

Throat cancer has been linked to asbestos exposure by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) panel in the year 2006. The panel concluded that studies in the past have suggested a “causal relationship” between asbestos exposure and laryngeal cancer. As per the study conducted by the National Institute of Health in 2006, the chances of developing laryngeal cancer increases with the amount of asbestos an individual breathes in.

The people exposed to asbestos are at a 40% higher risk of developing laryngeal cancer than those with no asbestos exposure. People working in occupations such as smelting/mining, textile, and construction are at 2-3 times greater risk. Moreover, people heavily exposed to asbestos were found to be 157% higher risk.

The American Journal of Industrial Medicine published the results of a 10-year follow-up study which included 14,515 male subjects. This study established that a relationship exists between asbestos exposure and esophageal cancer.

It is well-established that asbestos-related cancers such as lung cancer and mesothelioma develop when the inhaled asbestos fibers start accumulating in the lungs. Naturally, these fibers pass through the larynx before reaching the lungs. The asbestos fibers penetrate the laryngeal tissues and get embedded in its lining leading to severe inflammation and cancer. Apart from the inhalation of the asbestos fibers, coughing up sputum that contains asbestos can also cause the fibers to attach to laryngeal tissues.

A study conducted in 2006 by the US Senate Committee and the National Institute of Health revealed that a higher risk of pharyngeal cancer was seen in asbestos workers. However, as pharyngeal cancer is quite rare, there are only a few studies available to assess the association between pharyngeal cancer and asbestos exposure. Also, there is a lack of information on the dose-response relationship though the evidence suggests an increased risk of pharyngeal cancer among asbestos-exposed individuals.

Common signs and symptoms of cancer of the larynx and pharynx

A few signs of laryngeal cancer such as hoarseness of voice and visible signs of small lumps on the vocal cords are often easily noticed and lead to early diagnosis. The symptoms experienced in both laryngeal and pharyngeal cancer are listed below:

Laryngeal Cancer

Pharyngeal Cancer

  • A lump in the neck
  • Pain or difficulty while swallowing
  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Ear pain
  • A sore throat that does not resolve
  • Wheezing and persistent cough
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • A painless lump in the upper neck
  • Nasal congestion and bleeding
  • Facial pain
  • Tinnitus and hearing changes

If you have a history of asbestos exposure and you were a smoker, you can file a claim to recover compensation.

Under what names can laryngeal cancer be diagnosed?

If you handled asbestos products in the workplace or in the military and have laryngeal cancer, it is essential to know that there are multiple names for this disease, depending on the type of malignant cells that are present within the tumors. The following is a complete list of laryngeal cancer diagnoses that you can receive if you were exposed to asbestos. Being aware of these names is very important, as you will have a better idea concerning whether you qualify for filing a claim.

  • sarcoma
  • lymphoma
  • adenocarcinoma
  • neuroendocrine carcinoma

If your healthcare provider gave you one of these diagnoses and told you that you have laryngeal cancer, we encourage you to reach out to us, as we specialize in asbestos exposure cases and will help you recover the compensation you deserve within the shortest time possible. Because we are aware that people with cancer, especially if it is in advanced stages, are in many cases in urgent need of money to afford better treatment, we will expedite your asbestos claim so that it will result in money sooner.

Throat/laryngeal/pharyngeal cancer misdiagnosis and asbestos exposure work history

Asbestos-related diseases in the early stages often mimic other common respiratory disorders.

Misdiagnosis occurs when throat cancer is wrongly diagnosed as a common cold and sore throat. Differentiating throat cancer from other diseases can be quite challenging and for this reason, we recommend seeking a second opinion from a pulmonologist who specializes in asbestos-related diseases.

Getting diagnosed correctly at an early stage is important as it opens to you the most effective treatment options and increases your chances of survival.

About 84% of patients who have been diagnosed in stage 1 have been able to survive for more than 5 years. An accurate diagnosis of your condition, on the other hand, helps you recover the right amount of financial compensation from the asbestos trust funds. If you have been exposed to asbestos at your workplace, make sure you receive annual health screening to rule out signs of asbestos-related diseases.

Quality legal assistance for asbestos exposure victims with throat/laryngeal/pharyngeal cancer

If you have been diagnosed with throat cancer after asbestos exposure at worksites handling asbestos or its products, you may be eligible to file a claim with the asbestos trust funds of your former employers. You will need to initiate the legal process as soon as possible and seek legal assistance. At Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., our legal team will thoroughly evaluate your case and check whether you qualify to file a claim. In the event that you are found eligible for compensation, our team will take care of the further steps involved in the legal process including preparation and submission of the required documents so that you can completely concentrate on your health. Our law firm has been successful in recovering compensation of over $1.4 billion for asbestos victims so far and will certainly help you, too.
Our standard fee is a 40% contingency fee. This means we only collect the fee when we are able to obtain money for a client. If we do not collect anything, our clients are not out any money out of pocket.

Victims of secondary asbestos exposure suffering from throat/laryngeal/pharyngeal cancer are also eligible for compensation

Secondary asbestos exposure refers to the development of asbestos-related illness as a result of indirect contact with the toxic fibers. It was common in women who washed their husband’s work clothes and it comprises about 10% of patients with asbestos-related diseases. Even the victims of secondary asbestos exposure who have developed throat cancer may be entitled to receive compensation from asbestos trust funds. If they meet the eligibility criteria, they will be able to receive compensation from the asbestos trust fund set up by the employer for which their family member was working. However, it is better to seek assistance from a lawyer with good experience in asbestos litigation to pursue such claims as cases involving secondary asbestos exposure are challenging.

If you have lost a family member who was suffering from throat/laryngeal/pharyngeal cancer, our attorneys will help you recover compensation on their behalf

Many reasons including unawareness or the fear of going through a long, cumbersome legal process to receive compensation could hinder filing a claim or even seeking legal assistance by asbestos exposure victims. However, if you have lost your family member who was an asbestos-exposure victim, get in touch with a lawyer specialized in handling asbestos exposure cases to check out whether you can claim your rightful compensation from one or multiple asbestos trust funds.

With more than thirty years of experience in handling asbestos litigations, our attorneys will try to recover as much compensation your departed family member was entitled to receive. You will need to provide us with information regarding the victim's work history and medical records. After that, we will completely handle all aspects of the legal process and your involvement will be minimal. If it is established that the products manufactured by the company at which your family member was working were responsible for their illness, then you will be eligible to receive money from the asbestos trust fund that was set up by the employer.

However, it is important to file a wrongful death claim within the statute of limitations period, which is 1-3 years and it may vary dependig on the state you belong to. Therefore, it is necessary to seek legal assistance as early as possible for a positive outcome.

Our legal process in a throat cancer case

Throat cancer has been linked to asbestos exposure by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) panel in the year 2006.

Common questions

The compensation you will receive highly depends on factors such as the severity of your diagnosis, the size of the asbestos trust fund you file with, as well as the percentage they pay out.

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Every asbestos case is unique and there are numerous factors that might influence the waiting time. Depending on the situation, asbestos claims will result in financial compensation within one month to one year.

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Yes. The money you were receiving from asbestos trust funds during your lifetime will go to your family after your death. If, however, you had not filed a claim, your family can still recover compensation.

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In order to receive compensation, you need to file a claim with the asbestos trust fund set up by the company responsible for your injury. A lawyer will speed up the process significantly.

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The statute of limitations refers to the amount of time you have to file an asbestos claim after diagnosis. It varies between one and six years, depending on the state you live in.

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Diseases caused by asbestos exposure affect 20% of former industrial workers and 30% of veterans. Every year, between 12,000 and 15,000 people lose their lives to diseases that stem from asbestos exposure.

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Asbestos is a carcinogen responsible for the occurrence of terrible diseases. However, most people who became ill had been exposed to high levels of asbestos over the course of several years.

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Veterans diagnosed with nearly any disease which occurred as a result of military asbestos exposure are considered as having a certain level of disability by the VA and thereby qualify for financial benefits.

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