Tinker Air Force Base claims

Tinker Air Force Base, originally called the Midwest Air Depot, got its current name in 1945 from the first Native American Major General of the U.S. Army, Clarence L. Tinker. During World War II, the location accommodated an aircraft factory that produced about half of the C-47 Skytrains used in battle. Located in Oklahoma, its gradual expansion currently incorporates a great number of military members and many vital United States Air Force, Navy, and Department of Defense installations, such as the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, Navy Strategic Communications Wing One, and Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Depot, among others. As one of the multiple contaminated U.S. military bases, Tinker Air Force Base contains the dangerous chemicals found in AFFF - a fire-extinguishing foam affecting human lives and the natural environment.

Claim Application

Exposure to AFFF has been deemed highly toxic, with severe long-term health consequences. Tinker Air Force Base entered the Superfund program initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency due to the significant amount of toxins found in water sources. The chemicals involved in the cleanup included chlorinated solvents and hexavalent chromium. The station ranks 52nd on the Environmental Working Group’s list of top 100 most polluted U.S. military bases, with an onsite PFAS concentration of 170,000 parts per trillion, according to the latest test in 2017.

What toxic agents were found on Tinker Air Force Base?

The constant use of AFFF and a heavily contaminated water supply generated severe health conditions in service members and civilians. The presence of PFOS and PFOAs synthetic chemicals in local drinking water sources is persistent and extremely dangerous.

The Department of Defense is currently collaborating with the CDC for carrying out safety measures throughout affected military sites. These changes include pond emptying treatments and water filters installations.

Everyone stationed or living near Tinker Air Force Base may have been exposed to these harmful contaminants and is at risk of accumulating toxic chemicals in the blood, causing life-threatening consequences.

What are the diseases associated with PFAS exposure on Tinker Air Force Base?

The most horrendous disease associated with PFAS exposure is cancer, depending on the area of the body most affected by the deadly substance. The conditions that can make you eligible to file a claim if you were stationed at Tinker Air Force Base are:

You are solidly advised to reach out to us for a free case evaluation if you have recently received any of these diagnoses. Family members can also benefit from reparations, especially pregnant women who experienced childbirth difficulties or had babies with subsequent health troubles.

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Toxic exposure claims involve a statute of limitations, depending on the state; therefore, the time to submit a claim is limited. Our strong recommendation is to get in touch with us immediately after receiving your diagnosis so that we can obtain the maximum amount of compensation for you.