Charlotte and Peter P. - lost mother to lung cancer

Charlotte and Peter P. - lost mother to lung cancer video

Charlotte was falling sick too often and then she decided to consult a doctor to find out what was wrong. The doctors removed fluid from her lung and ordered tissue biopsy, X-rays, and CAT scan. The result was far from what Charlotte imagined. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lung cancer and that was in July 2013. After nearly 2 years, in 2015, she was also diagnosed with asbestosis. Charlotte passed away in November 2015, leaving behind her son and daughter in grief.

Charlotte’s children decided to approach us to see if they could derive any compensation for their mother’s loss. We did talk over Charlotte’s disease and work history at first and we got all the necessary documents. She was mostly a housewife but also worked as a drycleaner, hostess, and as a manager of a retail store. We also noted that Charlotte’s ex-husband Bob whom she was married from 1961 through 2006 was a millwright/laborer at International Paper Company and Scott Paper Company and was also working around pipe insulation while it was being removed and installed. This gave a clue that we are dealing with Charlotte’s secondary exposure to asbestos.

Even though Charlotte did not handle asbestos directly, she was inhaling the particles of asbestos fibers trapped in her husband’s clothes. Unknowingly, she had to suffer a lot and paid a high price. But, we have managed to pursue bankruptcy trusts to recover the amount of compensation available to her.