Lauren L. - husband died of lung cancer

Lauren L. - husband died of lung cancer video

My husband died in 2016 after suffering from respiratory problems caused by asbestos for two years. He was in the Army National Guard as a Scout Leader and served in Alabama between 1965 and 1972. He also worked for a long time in environments where he probably got exposed to the toxic asbestos. He was a mechanic at the Texaco between 1955 and 1960, at Tuscaloosa Chevrolet between 1964 and 1965 where he was involved with asbestos brakes repair and other mechanical work. He was a carpenter and laborer at J.W Reynolds Construction between 1960 and 1985. Then, he worked as a carpenter in different companies; McAbee Construction, Walter W. Dean Construction, and US Steel.

We linked his exposure to the fact that he remodeled the floor, fixed leaks in steam lines, ripped insulation off asbestos piping. His final years were difficult as he could not breathe properly. In January 2014, he went to Dr. Hinton and Dr. Tucker at DCH Medical Center and he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

I am glad that we found Environmental Litigation Group, we worked very well together, and they helped me recover a fair compensation after my husband’s death. That is why I urge people who have worked around asbestos to get tested because the earlier you get diagnosed, the better as you can access effective treatments that can help you live longer.