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Exposed to Asbestos in Wisconsin?

Heavy industries such as manufacturing, metal, and paper mills in Wisconsin made use of asbestos extensively in their machines and buildings, thereby increasing the risk of asbestos exposure-related disease in their workers.

How and Where Were You Exposed to Asbestos in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin, being the largest producer of paper products, houses a large number of paper mills. Georgia-Pacific established many paper manufacturing plants in the state where asbestos was used for insulation of the equipment used to manufacture paper.


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

27 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Algoma Plywood & Veneer Company
• Champion International Corporation
• U.S. Plywood Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

41 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• A.P. Green Refractory Company
• Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company
• Appleton Coated Paper Company
• Appleton Paper Mills
• Appleton Woolen Mills
• Balliet Supply Company
• Bartelt Insulation Supply Inc.
• Consolidated Water Pulp & Paper Company
• Fox River Paper Company
• Green Giant Canning Company
• Industrial Insulation Corporation of Wisconsin
• Interlake Pulp and Paper Company
• Miller Electric
• Neenah Paper Fr, Llc
• Riverside Paper Corporation
• Standard Manufacturing Company
• Tuttle Press Company
• Valley Iron Works Company
• Valley Ready Mixed Cement Company
• Willy and Company
• Wisconsin Tractn L H and P Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

58 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Badger Army Ordinance Plant
• Olin Corporation
• Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation

Beaver Dam

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Beaver Dam

21 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Beaver Dam Mall Iron Company
• Kirach Foundry
• Kraft Foods, Inc.
• Malleable Iron Range Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

120 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Burlington Brewing Company
• Carbonite Metal
• Helene Curtis
• Murphy Products
• Nestle Company Inc
• Nestle Usa, Inc.

Eau Claire

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Eau Claire

66 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Central Heating Plt Wisc
• Chippewa Valley Electric Railroad Company
• Dells Paper and Pulp Company
• Gillette Rubber Company
• National Electric Manufacturing Company
• Plainwell Tissue
• Pope and Talbot
• Sterling Pulp & Paper Company
• United States Rubber Company

Green Bay

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Green Bay

221 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• A & A Insulation
• American Can Company
• Bay Insulation
• Bay Side Station
• Charmin Paper Mill
• Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company
• Cork Insulating Company of Wisconsin
• Fort Howard Paper Company
• Fort James Paper Company
• Fox River Electric Railway and Power Company
• Georgia Pacific Consumer Products, Lp
• Georgia-Pacific Corporation
• Green Bay & Western Railroad
• Green Bay Box Company
• Green Bay E Side Incin
• Green Bay Gas and Electric Light Company
• Green Bay Packaging Company
• Green Bay Paper and Pulp Company
• H.C. Prange Company
• Haevers Crossing
• Hoberg Paper Mills Inc.
• Indian Packing Corporation
• Knox Constr Company
• Marathon Company
• Nelson Machinery
• Northern Paper Mills
• Northwest Cooperative Mills
• Northwest Engineering Company
• Northwestern Insulation Company, Inc.
• Pulliam Station
• Pulliam Steam Plant
• Tape, Inc
• Taylor Insulation Company, Inc.
• Wisconsin Public Service Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

100 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Chevrolet Division
• Chevrolet Motor Division
• Janesville Electric Company
• Northern Petro Chemical Company
• Parker Pen Company
• Samson Tractor Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

215 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Brass
• American Motors
• Arneson Foundry, Inc
• Beam Rental Inc.
• City Lbr. & Supply Company
• Coopers Inc.
• Kenosha Gas and Electric Company
• Ladish Triclover
• Nash-Kelvinator Corp
• Nash Motors Company
• Thos. B. Jeffrey Company
• Werner Laundry
• Windsor Spring Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

181 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Airport Terminal
• Alliant Energy
• All-Temp Insulation, Inc.
• AP Green Refractories Company
• Blount Generating Station
• Blount Street Station
• Capitol Building Heating Plant
• Central Wisconsin Colony
• Charmin Paper Company
• Forsberg Paper
• Fuller and Johnson Manufacturing Company
• Gishalt Machine Company
• Gisholf Foundry
• H.L. Russell Crab
• Housman Brewing Company
• Hydro-Blast Corporation
• Johnson Insulating Company, Inc.
• Madison Gas & Electric Company
• Madison Plow Company
• Madison-Kipp Corporation
• Oscar Mayer & Company
• Swift & Company
• Traux Air Force Base
• Waterworks
• Wisconsin Acoustic & Fireproof
• Wisconsin Brick Company
• Wisconsin Power and Light Company
• Wisconsin State Capitol Heat Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

21 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Edward L. Ryerson
• Fred Randandt & Sons
• Lakeside Packing
• Manitowoc Portland Cement
• Manitowoc Power Plant
• Manitowoc Shipbuilding Inc
• Mirro Aluminum Company
• Northwestern Insulation Company, Inc.
• Spindler Company
• U.S. Lighthouse Keepers Quarters
• Utilities Power Plant
• White House Milk Company
• Wisconsin Public Service Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

26 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Alma Cheese Factory, Inc
• Consolidated Badger
• Power Service Corporation
• Roddis Lumber and Veneer Company
• Roddis Plywood Corp
• Weyerhauser Company
• Wildwood Power Plant


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

13 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Anson Hixson Sash and Door Company
• H W Wright Lumber Company
• Kearney Trucker Corp
• Northern Door Corporation
• Taylor Insulation Company, Inc.


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

102 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• A. O. Smith Corporation
• A. Trostel
• A.C. Sparkplug Div GMC
• A.J. Lindemann and Hoverson Company
• Acands, Inc.
• Adelman Laundry
• Advance Tool & Die Casting Company
• Allied Smelting
• Allis Chalmers Corp
• Allis Chalmers Supercharged Plant
• Allis-Chalmers Corporation
• Alton Box Board
• American Foundry & Furnace
• AP Green Refractories Company
• Appleton Coated Paper Company
• Aqua Chemical, Inc.
• Archer Daniels Midland
• Armstrong Cork Company
• Atlantic Refining Company
• Babcock and Wilcox Company
• Badger Brass & Aluminum
• Badger Cordage
• Barclay Foundry
• Bausch Manufacturing
• Blatz Brewing Company
• Boll-Industrial Insulation Company, Inc.
• Boston Stores Warehouse
• Briggs & Stratton
• Brogdex Heating
• Building Service Industrial Sales
• Bullock Manufacturing Company
• Butler Yard
• C.B. Kruse Heating Company
• Campbell Division
• Capital Drive Team Track
• Capital Stamping
• Caterpillar Tractor Company
• Central Lab Division
• Chain Belt Company
• Charmin Paper Company
• Chas A Krause Milling Company
• Chas. B. Kruse Heating Company
• Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway
• Christensen Engineering Company
• City of Milwaukee Sewage
• Cleaver-Brooks
• Conrad Brothers
• Cornell Paperboard Products Company
• Cream City Sash and Door Company
• Cutler Hammer Manufacturing Company
• Cutler Hammer, Inc.
• E P Allis and Company
• E. Kulibert
• E.R. Wagner Manufacturing
• Eaton Yale & Towne
• Employees Mutual Wausau
• Evinrude Motors
• F.W. Woolworth
• Fairbanks, Morse and Company
• Falk and Company
• Federal Malleable Company
• Filer and Stawell Company
• Fire Brick Engineers Company
• Food Corporation
• Forest Home Cemetery
• Forest Products Lab
• General Electric
• General Merchandise Company
• General Motors
• George Brunder
• Geuder, Paeschke and Frey Company
• Grade Foundries
• Greyhound Bus Depot
• Harnischfeger Corp
• Heil Company
• Hercules Powder Company
• Herman Zohrlant Leather Company
• Hotpoint Company
• Hotpoint Kitchen Appliances
• Hummel and Downing
• HY Zeiger Company
• I R Construction Products Company, Inc.
• Illinois Steel Company
• Industrial Heat Control
• Industrial Roofing & Insulation Company
• Industrial Towel & Uniform
• Inland Steel Products
• Insulation Services, Inc.
• International Harvester Company
• Interstate Malt Company
• J. Greenbaum Tanning Company
• John Plankinton Estate
• Johnson Insulating Company, Inc.
• Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company
• Kearney & Tracker Corp
• Kran-Mer
• Krause Milling
• L & S Roofing & Insulation Company
• Ladish Stoppenbach Company
• Le Roi Company
• Louis Hoffmann Company
• Madison Gas & Electric Company
• Mann Brothers
• Marquette Cement Manufacturing Company
• Maynard Elec Steel Cast
• Mellowes Company
• Miller Compressing Company
• Milwaukee Car Manufacturing Company
• Milwaukee Central Power Station
• Milwaukee Chair
• Milwaukee Coke and Gas Company
• Milwaukee County Institutions Powerhouse
• Milwaukee Die Casting
• Milwaukee Docks
• Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Company
• Milwaukee Electric Tool
• Milwaukee Forge and Machine Company
• Milwaukee Malleable
• Milwaukee Plant
• Milwaukee Refg Company
• Milwaukee Solvay Coke
• Milwaukee Steam Supply Company
• Milwaukee Valley Power Station
• Mobil Oil Company
• Motor Castings Company
• Mueller Company
• National Enameling and Stamping Company
• National Family Laundry
• National Laundry & Dry Cleaning Company
• National Lock Company
• National Tea Company
• Newport Chemical Company
• Nordberg Manufacturing Company
• Northwestern Job
• Oak Creek Power
• Oilgear Company
• Oliver Iron Mining Company
• Owens-Illinois Glass
• Owens-Illinois Forest
• Ozite Corporation
• Pabst Brewing Company
• Parks Engineering Company
• Pelton Casting Company
• Pelton Steel Casting
• Pemco Realty
• Perfex Corporation
• Pfister & Vogel Tanning
• Pilton Steel Casting
• Pioneer Terminal Warehouse, Inc.
• Plankington Packing Company
• Polly Prim Laundry
• Praefke Brake Supply
• Prefex Corporation
• Red Star Yeast
• Reliance Works
• Rex Chainbelt Inc.
• Riverside Pumping
• Royal Cleaners & Dyers
• S. Louis Hoffmann Company
• Schlitz Brewing Company
• Sears Roebuck & Company
• Semet Solvay Company
• Shoreline Supply Company
• South Side Service
• Southeast Wisconsin Products
• Sprinkmann & Sons Corporation
• Square D. Company
• Stacey Vending Company
• Standard Sheet Metal
• State Fair Team Track
• Story Brothers
• Strachota-Kappus
• T.C. Esser Company
• The Heil Company
• U.S. Steel Corporation
• Unit Crane & Shovel
• Unit Drop Forge Division
• Universal Insulation Company
• Val. Blatz Brewing Company
• Vaper Blast
• Vilter Manufacturing Company
• Vsinger's Inc.
• W D Gray
• Walter G. Kuechle Company
• Weisel & Company
• Wells Building. Company
• Wesley Steel Treating
• Western Iron Stores
• Western Mineral
• Whitehill Manufacturing Company
• Wisconsin Die Casting LLC
• Wisconsin Acoustic & Fireproof
• Wisconsin Bridge
• Wisconsin Electric Power Company
• Wisconsin Gas
• Wisconsin Iron & Bridge
• Wisconsin Milling Company
• Wisconsin Motors
• Wisconsin Paperboard Company
• Wisconsin Telephone Company
• Wisconsin Tractor L H and P Company
• WM Goodrich and Company
• Wrought Washer Manufacturing Company
• Zona Manor

New London

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
New London

17 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Curtis Corporation
• Georgia-Pacific Corporation
• Hamilton & Sons Canning
• Wisconsin Cabinet and Panel Company

Oconto Falls

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Oconto Falls

32 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Falls Manufacturing Company
• Falls Paper and Power Company
• Kimberly-Clark Corporation
• Oconto Falls Tissue Inc.
• Scott Paper Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

61 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• American Excelsior Corporation
• Citizens St Railway Company
• Diamond Match Company
• Dunphy Boat Corporation
• Fox River Valley Lumber Company
• J. L. Clark
• Morgan Company
• Oshkosh Electric Light and Power Company
• Oshkosh Gas Light Company
• Paine Lumber Company, Inc.
• Peoples Brewing Company
• Pluswood Industries
• Radford Company
• Winnebago Construction Company
• Wisconsin Electric Railway Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

120 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Acme Die Casting Company
• Ajax Rubber Company Inc.
• Allen Merchandising Company
• American Skein
• AP Green Refractory Company of Wisconsin
• Beebe Manufacturing Company
• Belle City Malleable Iron
• Belle City St Railway Company
• Capri, Inc.
• Carlson Racine Roofing Inc
• Carlson Roofing & Insulation
• Case Foundry
• Case Threshing Machine Company
• Chicago Rubber Clothing Company
• J I Case Threshing Mach Company
• J. Bashaw, Inc.
• J.I. Case Company
• Jacobson Thomas Tire Company
• Lakeside Malleable Castings Company
• Metal Lab Inc.
• Milwaukee Electric Railway and P Company
• Mitchell Lewis Motor Company
• Pierce Motor Works
• Qualheim Inc.
• Racine Industrial Plant
• Racine Rubber Company
• Racine Wagon and Carriage Company
• S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc.
• Thomas Realty
• Walker Drop Forge
• Walker Forge Inc
• Walker Manufacturing Company
• Waxdale Plant
• Western Printing & Lithographs
• Wisconsin Natural Gas Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

111 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Badger State Tanning Company
• Crocker Chair Company
• Eastern Wisconsin Electric Company
• Edgewater Generating Station
• Edgewater Power Plant
• Empire Petroleum Company
• Frost Peterson Veneer Seating Company
• Garton Toy Company
• J.M. Kohler Sons Company
• Konrad Schreier
• Larson Plywood Company
• Northern Furniture Company
• O’Tenberg Iron Works
• Plastics Engineering Company
• Sheboygan Chair Company
• Sheboygan Glass Company, Inc.
• Sheboygan Light Heat and Power Company
• Sheboygan Manufacturing Company
• Sheboygan Powerhouse
• The Vollrath Company
• Vinyl Plastics, Inc.
• VPI Corporation
• Wisconsin Power & Light Company

Stevens Point

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Stevens Point

27 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Atlas Insulation Company
• Consolidated Papers Incorporated
• Consolidated Water & Paper Company
• Joerns Furniture
• Kimberly-Clark
• Neenah Paper Division Whiting Mill
• New Page Group, Incorporated
• Normington Laundry
• Skalski Company
• Vetter Company
• Whiting-Plover Paper Company

Sturgeon Bay

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Sturgeon Bay

• Peterson Builders, Inc.
• Sturgeon Bay Shipbuilding


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

40 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• AP Green Refractory Company of Wisconsin
• Asbestos Supply & Roofing
• City Lumber & Supply
• Crestline Company
• Gustafson Oil
• Jaeger Insulation Company, Inc.
• Kraft Foods Company
• Mid-State Contracting
• Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company
• Wausau Electric Company
• Wausau Iron Works
• Wausau Paper Mills Company

Wisconsin Rapids

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Wisconsin Rapids

26 Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Biron Mill
• Charmin Paper Company
• Consolidated Papers, Inc.
• Consolidated Water Pulp & Paper Company
• Consoweld Corp
• New Craft Mill
• Newpage Group Inc.
• Normington Laundry
• Preway Inc.
• Wisconsin Acoustic & Fireproof

Merrill Marshfield Wisconsin Rapids Oconto Falls Sturgeon Bay Algoma New London Appleton Manitowoc Sheboygan Baraboo Beaver Dam Burlington Racine

Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer
Statute of Limitations in Wisconsin

A person wrongly exposed to asbestos in the workplace can file an asbestos claim against the companies that can be held accountable for asbestos exposure. Strict guidelines are to be followed when filing asbestos claims in Wisconsin, and according to the statute of limitations, a plaintiff should file the asbestos claim within three years from the date of the diagnosis of the asbestos-related illness.

For a wrongful death asbestos claim that can be filed by the family members, the deadline is three years from the day their loved one had passed away.

Free Evaluation & Advice

Do You Qualify for Asbestos Compensation?

If you were injured by occupational asbestos exposure and struggle with one of the diseases below, you are immediately eligible for compensation. Since these are very serious diseases that are directly linked to asbestos exposure, all you have to do is give our law firm a call and send our legal experts the necessary documents for filing a claim.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

On the other hand, if you suffer from one of the following diseases and suspect it was the result of asbestos exposure, you will be required to undergo free, additional medical tests with our medical team in Birmingham, Alabama in person. Because the connection between these health problems and asbestos exposure is not completely clear, we will need to find out whether asbestos exposure is the real cause of your diagnosis.

AsbestosisPulmonary FibrosisPleural PlaquesPleural EffusionDiffuse Pleural ThickeningCOPDEmphysemaChronic BronchitisPleurisyLung NodulesLung SpotsAsthmaTuberculosisPneumonitisHistoplasmosisRounded AtelectasisLung Scarring Bladder Cancer

Filing an Asbestos Claim in Wisconsin

Current and former residents of Wisconsin diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, and their family members should contact us as soon as possible. The statutes of limitations are only three years from the date of the diagnosis (for personal injury asbestos claims) and the time of death (for wrongful death asbestos claims). In 90% of the cases, we file asbestos trust fund claims rather than going through a lawsuit. Our experienced attorneys will help you with the steps involved in the asbestos claim process.

Bankruptcy trust claims

Asbestos trust funds were set up years ago to pay people that are sick and have been injured by asbestos. However, as asbestos trust funds do not have enough money to pay all asbestos claims fully, they offer a set percentage of the legal demand. But, the funds are typically dispersed faster than in lawsuits. Asbestos trust fund claims are usually handled out of court.

Preparing the claim

The quicker we can get the information from you and get it filed with the asbestos trust funds, the quicker the payment will come. In the beginning, we are on a fact-finding mission, but it's not as intensive as a typical lawsuit would be. It's more of an administrative process.

Gathering the information

Initially what is required from the asbestos trust fund is to prove exposure in the workplace to that particular's asbestos trust fund product or products and you also have to show that you've been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease. First, we will qualify the medical reports. Then, we have to prove how you were exposed: primarily through occupation or secondarily through a family member that you lived with and who worked directly with or around asbestos-containing products. For occupational exposure, you have to tell us where you have worked and inform us about any products that were in your working environment.

Filing your claim

We make the process simple, and we don't put anything other than the actual necessity on you to provide certain documentation to prosecute your asbestos claim, such as medical records from your treating hospital or physician, employment records, social security records from the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and, if applicable, military records. As soon as we get the necessary information, we can start filing that with the asbestos trust funds and expect payment within a couple of months to one year. We will also report to Medicare to obtain a clearance to release funds to you.

Claim evaluation

Asbestos trust funds usually qualify the asbestos claim and pay it under two processes. "Expedited Review" is based on a minimum set of probable medical and asbestos exposure criteria and applications receive a scheduled amount that is not negotiated. "Individual Review" allows for asbestos claim amounts up to a published maximum. Factors that determine the actual amount can include but are not limited to, age at diagnosis, jurisdiction, and the settlement history of your counsel.

Claim payment

Trustees make a determination and decide whether they will or won't pay the asbestos claim. Usually, payment comes within a couple of months to one year, and we can set up a stream of revenue for our clients. You will receive your compensation in one installment.

At Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., we strive to get you the best asbestos claim results possible. To pay out asbestos claims, asbestos trust funds managers rely on something called case valuation matrix. The case valuation matrix is a document approximating historical settlement values and assigning different values for compensable cancer types. The base dollar amounts vary by state or region because location sets occupational asbestos exposure levels. The table below provides the average settlement values, by disease level, at asbestos trust funds with seven disease levels, as presented in Rand Corporation's report on Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts.


Lung Cancer
Other Cancer
Non Malignant Diseases

Disclaimer:  Compensation for your asbestos case will be calculated starting from the base calculation matrix, increasing or decreasing the level of compensation according to the specifics of your case. Factors that can affect the value of your case include, but are not limited to, your location, age, work history, pain and suffering, the asbestos products involved in occupational exposure, and expenses related to your illness. Individual cases vary based on such factors, and previous results don't ensure an equal outcome. The factors specific to your case make it difficult to predict its value before you file an asbestos claim. So, determining how much your case is worth can be a complicated process. If you have any questions about settlements and your legal rights, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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Why Residents in Wisconsin Choose Us?

We are a group of knowledgeable attorneys with expertise in handling complex asbestos litigation across the state of Wisconsin. We know thoroughly the laws applying in Wisconsin as well as the workplace asbestos exposure sites; therefore, we can guide you throughout the legal process of filing an asbestos claim. Our lawyers are compassionate and understand the difficult situation each client and their family goes through after being diagnosed with this deadly condition. We make the legal actions hassle-free so that you can take care of your health and family. Our service and excellent track record have made residents of Wisconsin choose us. Also, as we collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of specialists, we can advise you regarding the best available treatment options.

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