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Exposed to Asbestos in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, people working in industries such as power stations, oil refineries, and construction were exposed to harmful levels of asbestos dust that led to the development of severe lung cancer and mesothelioma.

How and Where Were You Exposed to Asbestos in Wyoming?

The major work sites that were known for dangerous asbestos exposure in Wyoming include oil refineries, power plants, and vermiculite processing plants.


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

3 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Amoco Oil Company
• Casper Supply Company
• Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company
• Construction Specialties Company
• Husky Oil Company
• Investors Oil Company
• Midwest Refining Company
• Mobil Oil Company
• Mountain States Power Company
• Natrona County Electric Company
• Pacific Power and Light Company
• Petrontomics Company
• Power Service Corporation
• Producers and Refiners Corp
• Provident Savings & Loan
• Rocky Mountain Carpot
• Socony Mobil Oil Company
• Socony Vacuum Oil Company
• Standard Oil Company
• Standard Oil Refinery
• Texaco Refinery
• Texas Company
• Union Tank Car Company
• White Eagle Oil Corporation


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

• Becker Brewing & Malting Company
• Chevron, United States of America, Inc.
• Union Pacific Railroad Company

Green River

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Green River

6 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Allied Chemical Station
• Food Machinery and Chemical Corp
• Mountain State Insulation
• Pacific Power Company
• Soda Ash Plant
• Stauffer Chemical Company
• T.W. Boyer
• Union Pacific Railroad Company
• Utah Power and Light


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

• Great Western Sugar Company


Asbestos Exposure Areas in

• Continental Oil Company

Rock Springs

Asbestos Exposure Areas in
Rock Springs

6 Asbestos Related Deaths (1999-2013)

• Bridger Power Plant
• Central Coal and Coke Company
• Fmc Corporation
• Jim Bridger Power Plant
• Lion Coal Company
• Pacific Power & Light Company
• Union Pacific Coal Company

Lovell Evanston Green River Manville

Mesothelioma & Lung Cancer
Statute of Limitations in Wyoming

A person diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer, or any other asbestos-related disease can file an asbestos claim against the companies liable for his/her suffering to receive the just amount of compensation that helps meet medical expenses and lost wages. In Wyoming, people who want to file an asbestos claim need to do so within four years from the date of the diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness.

In the case of a wrongful death that occurred due to an asbestos-related disease, the heirs can file a wrongful death asbestos claim within two years from the date of death, according to the statute.

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Eligible Conditions for Asbestos Compensation

Workers, veterans, or family members that experienced past asbestos exposure may first notice some minor symptoms, like shortness of breath. They may attribute such symptoms to other causes, like aging. But, the result of medical checks and investigations can show past asbestos exposure in the workplace has led to a current asbestos-associated disease. If you find yourself in this scenario, the help of counsel experienced in representing asbestos cases is essential. Our lawyers will assist you in navigating the legal system and fighting for compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. These are the asbestos diseases approved for asbestos claims:

Lung Cancer Asbestosis Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer COPD Pleural Plaques Pulmonary Fibrosis Diffuse Pleural Thickening

Filing an Asbestos Claim in Wyoming

Current and former residents of Wyoming diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, and their family members should contact us as soon as possible. The statutes of limitations are four years from the date of the diagnosis (for personal injury asbestos claims) and two years from the time of death (for wrongful death asbestos claims). In 90% of the cases, we file asbestos trust fund claims rather than going through a lawsuit. Our experienced attorneys will help you with the steps involved in the asbestos claim process.

Bankruptcy trust claims

Asbestos trust funds were set up years ago to pay people that are sick and have been injured by asbestos. However, as asbestos trust funds do not have enough money to pay all asbestos claims fully, they offer a set percentage of the legal demand. But, the funds are typically dispersed faster than in lawsuits. Asbestos trust fund claims are usually handled out of court.

Preparing the claim

The quicker we can get the information from you and get it filed with the asbestos trust funds, the quicker the payment will come. In the beginning, we are on a fact-finding mission, but it's not as intensive as a typical lawsuit would be. It's more of an administrative process.

Gathering the information

Initially what is required from the asbestos trust fund is to prove occupational exposure to that particular's asbestos trust fund product or products and you also have to show that you've been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease. First, we will qualify the medical reports. Then, we have to prove how you were exposed: primarily through occupation or secondarily through a family member that you lived with and who worked directly with or around asbestos-containing products. For occupational exposure, you have to tell us where you have worked at and inform us about any products that were in your working environment.

Filing your claim

We make the process simple, and we don't put anything other than the actual necessity on you to provide certain documentation to prosecute your asbestos claim, such as medical records from your treating hospital or physician, employment records, social security records from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and, if applicable, military records. As soon as we get the necessary information, we can start filing that with the asbestos trust funds and expect payment within a couple of months to one year. We will also report to Medicare to obtain a clearance to release funds to you.

Claim evaluation

Asbestos trust funds usually qualify the asbestos claim and pay it under two processes. "Expedited Review" is based on a minimum set of probable medical and asbestos exposure criteria and applications receive a schedule amount that is not negotiated. "Individual Review" allows for asbestos claim amounts up to a published maximum. Factors that determine the actual amount can include but are not limited to, age at diagnosis, jurisdiction, and the settlement history of your counsel.

Claim payment

Trustees make a determination and decide whether they will or won't pay the asbestos claim. Usually, payment comes within a couple of months to one year, and we can set up a stream of revenue for our clients. You will receive your compensation in one installment.

At Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., we strive to get you the best asbestos claim results possible. To pay out asbestos claims, asbestos trust funds managers rely on something called case valuation matrix. Case valuation matrix is a document approximating historical settlements values and assigning different values for compensable cancer types. The base dollar amounts vary by state or region because location sets occupational asbestos exposure levels. The table below provides the average settlement values, by disease level, at asbestos trust funds with seven disease levels, as presented in Rand Corporation's report on Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts.


Mesothelioma (Level VIII)
Lung Cancer 1 (Level VII)
Lung Cancer 2 (Level VI)
Other Cancer (Level V)
Severe Asbestosis (Level IV)
Asbestosis/Pleural Disease (Level III)
Asbestosis/Pleural Disease (Level II)

Disclaimer:  Compensation for your asbestos case will be calculated starting from the base calculation matrix, increasing or decreasing the level of compensation according to the specifics of your case. Factors that can affect the value of your case include, but are not limited to, your location, age, work history, pain and suffering, the asbestos products involved in occupational exposure, and expenses related to your illness. Individual cases vary based on such factors, and previous results don't ensure an equal outcome. The factors specific to your case make it difficult to predict its value before you file an asbestos claim. So, determining how much your case is worth can be a complicated process. If you have any questions about settlements and your legal rights, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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Why Residents in Wyoming Choose Us?

Our experienced team of attorneys is skilled at handling asbestos claims. Knowing the Wyoming asbestos laws thoroughly, we are capable of representing residents in this state with asbestos-related illness and helping them claim the compensation they deserve. We assist you throughout the legal process of pursuing an asbestos claim and make it hassle-free. Also, our long-standing success in resolving each and every case we take up has made Wyoming residents choose us. We work with a multidisciplinary team of specialists, and this helps us advise you regarding the best mesothelioma and lung cancer treatment and specialist physicians treating asbestos-related illnesses.

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