How to apply for social security disability compensation with mesothelioma

The information below has only informative purposes, as Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. does not handle applications for Social Security Disability Compensation.

If you suffer from mesothelioma as a result of occupational asbestos exposure, another benefit you can seek is Social Security Disability Compensation. However, there are a series of eligibility requirements you need to meet in order to benefit from it. Whether you will qualify for receiving Social Security Disability Compensation depends mostly on your medical records. You will need to provide documents such as statements and treatment notes from your treating physician, discharge summaries from hospital stays, reports of imaging studies, lab panels, as well as reports from physical therapy.

It is important to know that the Social Security Administration will grant you compensation depending on the extent to which mesothelioma is causing you functional limitations. The functional limitations must be serious enough to prevent you from working and performing daily tasks by yourself.

Other requirements you should meet in order to enjoy this benefit include:

  • being younger than 65
  • having paid a sufficient amount of Social Security taxes
  • you were needed to cease working because of mesothelioma
  • you have earned enough work credits to receive Social Security retirement benefits

The amount of compensation you will receive depends on the amount of Social Security taxes paid. In other words, the more money you paid, the larger your monthly compensation will be. If you developed mesothelioma, it is a very good idea to apply for Social Security Disability Compensation instead of requesting early retirement benefits.

The Social Security Administration employs its Blue Book to determine your level of disability. According to section 13.15 of the Blue Book, your diagnosis requires medical documents which state one of these diseases:

  • malignant mesothelioma of the pleura
  • malignant tumors, metastatic to the pleura
  • malignant primary tumors of the mediastinum, not controlled by prescribed therapy

It is crucial to work closely with your physician in order to submit all the necessary documents to the Social Security Administration. This way, you will certainly receive the compensation you deserve for your injury. The Social Security Administration will ask for specific details of your mesothelioma, such as the kind and location of the main lesion, whether it is metastatic, and the extent of cancer.

In certain cases, if you fail to provide all the necessary documentation, you can still obtain Social Security Disability Compensation with the help of a residual functioning capacity form. This must be carefully filled out by your physician. It is going to state what stage your cancer is and if it has spread or metastasized. Furthermore, the residual functioning capacity form will describe what treatment plans or surgeries you underwent or are being scheduled to remove cancer and how they are going to impact your regular functioning and daily life.

In general, the waiting time to receive your money is approximately 5 months, but if you suffer from mesothelioma, you are very likely to receive your financial compensation earlier. People who have a mesothelioma diagnosis automatically qualify for a compassionate allowance, which speeds up the process considerably. This way, you may begin receiving your monthly compensation within a month from the date of the application.

The recommended method of applying for Social Security Disability Compensation is to go directly to the Social Security Administration in your state. You can apply online, too. However, the help of a lawyer specializing in mesothelioma cases can also be useful during this process, as it will make it less challenging and overwhelming.