Giving back for a higher cause

While recovering financial compensation for asbestos victims is our primary mission, supporting our community by actively contributing to cancer research centers and non-profit organizations, as well as by annually awarding three scholarships to students who have a family member struggling with cancer, is equally important to us.

Our relentless desire to help people whose lives were dramatically affected by the blatant negligence of major asbestos companies seek justice has been the driving force behind Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. since the very beginning. We spare no effort in recovering the maximum compensation possible for each of our clients and we certainly do not shy away from tackling extraordinarily difficult cases either. However, we equally value altruism, kindness, and humanitarianism. After having witnessed numerous people struggling with devastating, often terminal illnesses like mesothelioma or lung cancer, we have no doubt that a sense of community is as important as holding the wrongdoers accountable for their careless actions.

Where we have donated

Throughout the past two decades, we came in contact with thousands of individuals severely injured by occupational asbestos exposure, most of whom were visibly distressed and overwhelmed. We are well acquainted with the dire reality of living with cancer and know what impact such a terrible disease can have on both the diagnosed person and their loved ones. Some of us at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. – including Bill Lewis, the founder of our law firm – have or have had family members suffering from a malignant disease as well, so we truly understand the importance of community support.

Prioritizing our veterans injured by toxic asbestos exposure

Because asbestos was highly prevalent in the military during the last century, up to 30% of veterans have recently come to struggle with terrible diseases due to exposure, such as lung cancer. We prioritize and expedite our claims for veterans, as they fought relentlessly to protect our country and deserve to receive financial compensation through trust fund claims and VA claims. We expedite their claims, which we file with asbestos trust funds and the VA so that they can benefit from the money they are entitled to as soon as possible. We strongly encourage veterans who have a diagnosis which may be the result of asbestos exposure, as well as those who only experience symptoms which may indicate the presence of such a disease, to contact us and our staff will promptly review their case. In the absence of a diagnosis, our medical experts will conduct a thorough examination to determine whether asbestos fibers are present in lungs.

Protecting Veterans Who Kept Us Safe

Local Alabama no-cost medical asbestos screenings

Whether you already have a diagnosis which is the result of asbestos exposure or just experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain or a lingering cough, we specialize in diagnosing asbestos-related diseases and we will screen you free of charge, so that you can become eligible for compensation from asbestos trust funds and, if you are a veteran, from the VA as well. Since misdiagnosis is very common when it comes to diseases that stem from asbestos exposure, a second opinion is essential, which is why we encourage you to contact our law firm even if you have a diagnosis. We will file a claim on your behalf so that you and family members can benefit from the financial compensation you deserve. If you live within driving distance of Birmingham, Alabama, do not hesitate to call us for an appointment and then come in for a free asbestos screening, which usually takes 2 to 3 hours.

Local No-Cost Asbestos Screenings

Our coronavirus mask matching program

As the coronavirus is spreading at a fast pace throughout the country, following the adequate protective measures is crucial. Wearing a face mask every time you need to go outside is essential in preventing the spread of the new virus, which is why we launched our mask matching program, which entails providing our clients, as well as any cancer patient or family member who requests them, with homemade face masks. We are donating to local hospitals and medical facilities in the hope of reducing the extent of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the death rate for cancer patients. With face masks we are not only protecting ourselves but also the people around us. Only together we can go through this challenging crisis.

Fighting Cancer and Coronavirus Together

Cancer kills half a million people in U.S. every year

Although treatment is becoming more and more effective and accessible, cancer is still a widespread disease which often entails a pessimistic prognosis. Thereby, feeling helpless in the face of cancer is only natural and so is perceiving it as insurmountable. While we are aware our powers are limited, we believe each of us can make a small difference which will pave the way for a brighter future.

Since 1990, when our law firm came into existence, Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. has donated over $1 million to cancer research centers, charities, and non-profit health organizations, including the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center – one of the leading cancer research and treatment centers in the country, whose outstanding researchers are incessantly striving to improve the life of cancer patients. We have also sponsored multiple cancer-related events in our area in the hope of raising awareness about the burden of malignant diseases and encouraging others to get involved, too.

Our Kindness Campaign

Environmental Litigation Group scholarship program

Initially available for the children and grandchildren of clients whose cases have been settled by virtue of our diligent attorneys, our scholarship program is currently open to any student who has a family member struggling with cancer. Every year, Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. gives away three scholarships to provide a little financial help to those who have witnessed a loved one battling this devastating disease. So far, we have awarded approximately $2.5 million in the form of scholarships to over 160 students who have attended 47 colleges and universities, including Dartmouth College, Auburn University, Stillman College, and Harvard University.

Scholarship Application Form

Keeping Alabama safe & clean

Last but not least, our endeavors are also directed at ensuring a safe and clean environment for communities by helping municipalities develop long-term strategies for decreasing and preventing pollution. Our experts are permanently willing to advise residents on how to reach out to local, state, or federal government in regard to environmental issues, as well as to personally visit sites where clean-up projects are ongoing to make sure toxic agents are properly removed and the risk of future exposure is minimal. We are genuinely preoccupied with the safety and well-being of our community and we do not hesitate to hold culprits responsible for their actions outside the office.

Part of the Alabama Community