Help a cancer patient. Join our Kindness Campaign.

The primary mission of our Kindness Campaign is to enhance the qualify of life of cancer patients by offering them gift baskets filled with foods and objects that can ease their discomfort and suffering at least a little. If you want to help a cancer patient, all you have to do is contact us by using the form on this page and subsequently prepare a gift basket for the person you want to receive your kindness. We hope that, by virtue of our Kindness Campaign, we will be able to offer even more help to people who are struggling with cancer by encouraging everyone, regardless of their background, to get involved in this program.

Community Involvement

Help a veteran who is struggling with cancer

Every year, approximately 40,000 veterans receive a cancer diagnosis in the United States. Unfortunately, the annual number of cancer cases among veterans is expected to rise in the near future as this demographic ages. Our Kindness Campaign includes veterans as well since many of our clients are veterans who are seeking compensation for their terrible diagnoses. If you would like to bring joy to a veteran, please fill out the form below and prepare a gift basket with foods and objects you think would ease the suffering of the person who will receive it.

Gift Baskets for Veterans

"Everyone has goodness inside. Everyone can be kind almost effortlessly."

"Yet another beautiful and kind way to give back to your community."

"Thank you to Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. for sponsoring this post so I could fill you in on their Kindness Campaign and how to create the perfect gift for a cancer patient."

"Put a smile on someone's face and bring joy to their life when it's much needed. By joining the Kindness Campaign you will be doing just that."

"The program is just a small attempt to put a smile on the faces of people who are battling cancer. You can participate by creating a gift basket that will support and encourage cancer patients by helping when they need it the most."

""When I was approached to be part of the Kindness Campaign, I didn’t hesitate a second. How could I not help spread so much love and positive energy!""

Gift basket ideas for cancer patients

You can participate in the Kindness Campaign by creating a gift basket that will enhance the quality of life of a cancer patient at least for a while. When people develop cancer, some of them lose considerable income as a result of having to pay medical expenses, as well as the ability to cook and clean, so any kind of help will be welcomed. We encourage you to be kind and bring a smile to their faces. Bringing a cancer patient a meal they cannot prepare anymore means a lot to them and their family. We have selected and listed below some foods that help people with cancer in their battle against this awful disease.

Prepare or Request a Gift Basket For Our Kindness Campaign

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