Prioritizing veterans needing assistance with claims

Veterans, the brave and strong men and women who were involved in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, deserve our utmost respect and consideration, as they exposed themselves to great dangers while serving our country. They were unknowingly exposed to dangerous chemicals such as asbestos, agent orange and many others. The U.S. Navy is notorious for having made use of over 300 different asbestos products before 1980, also asbestos was present in heavy amounts in all military and navy branches during the last century. Today, over 30% of veterans struggle with serious health issues and rely on financial help for healthcare.

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The diseases they came to suffer from as a result of asbestos exposure makes veterans vulnerable to infection with the new coronavirus, as their respiratory and immune systems are weak. Because the virus targets primarily the respiratory system, veterans are significantly more susceptible to the coronavirus infection than the rest of the population. The majority of veterans are also elderly, which increases their risk of contracting the virus. Furthermore, they are also more likely to experience serious health complications if they become infected, such as severe pneumonia, lung fluid buildup, heart failure, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and brain damage.

Protecting veterans who fought to keep our country safe

Veterans who have a diagnosis which is the consequence of military asbestos exposure are eligible for compensation from the asbestos trust funds of the companies which manufactured the dangerous products they were in contact with and the VA. Both entities provide financial compensation to veterans injured by asbestos exposure.

Our law firm has been dedicated to providing quality legal services to veterans for the past 30 years and, if you find yourself in this regrettable situation, we will help you and your family as well. We highly prioritize veterans who request our legal assistance, as we know how important recovering compensation and holding the liable parties responsible for their negligent actions are. Therefore, we will promptly file a claim with asbestos trust funds and the VA and gather the necessary documents which must accompany it. Our attorneys will expedite your asbestos claim so that you can recover the money you deserve for your injury as soon as possible.

What diseases make a veteran eligible for compensation?

There are certain diseases that immediately make a veteran entitled to financial compensation from asbestos trust funds and the VA, as they are the direct consequence of military asbestos exposure, according to medical studies. In this situation, the process will be very simple for you and will only take between 2 and 3 hours over the phone or e-mail. The following are the diagnoses which qualify you for recovering compensation without further medical investigations:

However, there are some diseases that require an additional medical examination, as a definitive causal relation has not yet been established between these diagnoses and asbestos exposure. To qualify for financial compensation if you struggle with one of the diseases below, you will need to travel to Birmingham, Alabama so that our medical experts will be able to conduct the necessary tests to determine whether asbestos fibers are present in your lungs. If you live within driving distance to our headquarters, namely in Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, or North Carolina, we strongly encourage you to come to our offices. The medical professionals we collaborate with have extensive experience in asbestos-related diseases and will assign you the correct diagnosis.

Family members of deceased veterans are also eligible for compensation

In the unfortunate case that you lost a family member who was a veteran struggling with a disease as a consequence of military asbestos exposure and who failed to pursue a claim for compensation during their lifetime, we can still help you file a claim with asbestos trust funds and the VA on their behalf. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind the statute of limitations for asbestos exposure cases, which is 2 years from the moment of death in most states. If the statute of limitations expires, you are no longer eligible for recovering financial compensation on their behalf. This is why we advise you to reach out to our law firm as soon as possible after the death of your veteran family member.

The importance of seeking legal assistance as soon as you discover your diagnosis

Since asbestos exposure cases have a statute of limitations, filing a claim to recover the compensation you deserve as soon as you find out about your disease is very important, as the legal process is very complex. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, seeking legal assistance immediately after you are assigned a diagnosis is crucial, as the chances of contracting the new virus and losing your life to it are very high because people with a weak immune system and underlying diseases are particularly vulnerable. Thereby, we strongly advise you to reach out to our law firm if you struggle with a disease as a consequence of asbestos exposure, and our attorneys will promptly review your case and file a claim with asbestos trust funds, as well as with the VA if you are a veteran. If a person with a history of asbestos exposure passes away before starting the legal process, it will become very difficult for the family members left behind to recover financial compensation on their behalf.

The families of veterans with a history of asbestos exposure who lost their lives to coronavirus are still eligible for compensation

In the regrettable case, you have a veteran in your family who was struggling with a disease caused by military asbestos exposure, and passed away due to infection with the new virus and failed to seek compensation during their lifetime, you can still file a claim with asbestos trust funds and the VA on their behalf. Our attorneys have been pursuing financial compensation for veterans injured by asbestos exposure in the military for the past 30 years and will be glad to provide you with the legal assistance you need. However, keep in mind that, in the majority of states, the statute of limitations for cases of wrongful death which occurred because of asbestos exposure is 2 years from the moment of death. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to contact us as soon as possible, as filing a claim and gathering all the necessary documents which need to accompany it is a very complex and time-consuming process.