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Prioritizing veterans needing assistance with claims

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Veterans who fought in rough conflicts such as World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War, deserve our utmost respect and consideration, as they were exposed to unimaginable dangers while defending our country. Toxic exposure is only one of these dangers. Contrary to popular belief, toxic exposure in the military is not a thing of the past, as current members of the military are still in contact with hazardous agents. Asbestos is just one of the numerous toxic agents that veterans came in contact with while they were on active duty. Other harmful substances that are responsible today for the physical and emotional suffering of veterans are Agent Orange, PFOS and PFOA, mustard gas, and lewisite. If you are a veteran injured by a toxic agent, we strongly encourage you to seek our legal assistance and will help you file a claim with the VA to recover financial compensation. Furthermore, we will also file a personal injury claim if one or multiple companies are at fault for your suffering.

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Protecting veterans who fought to keep our country safe

The primary mission of our law firm is to help veterans whose health was affected by toxic exposure that occurred in the military recover the financial compensation they deserve for their physical and emotional distress. Consequently, veterans who have a diagnosis that is the result of asbestos exposure, for instance, can file a claim both with asbestos trust funds and with the VA with the assistance of our specialized legal team, which will eventually result in the maximum sum of money they are entitled to. Our law firm highly prioritizes veterans, as they are often elderly and require permanent medical assistance. With knowledge, dedication, resourcefulness, and compassion, we have been providing veterans with the compensation they deserved for the last 30 years. Thereby, if you are a veteran who is injured by toxic exposure, regardless of the hazardous agent involved, please contact our legal team and we will promptly begin working on your case. Because helping veterans is a priority for our law firm, we will expedite claims filed by this demographic so that veterans can enjoy the money they are eligible for within a shorter time.

Veterans with any type of cancer may be eligible for compensation

If you are a veteran and struggle with cancer, you will most likely be eligible for compensation, as many of the toxic agents you were exposed to while on active duty are known carcinogens. Regardless of your cancer diagnosis, we strongly encourage you to reach out to our skilled legal team, who will help you obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

For this reason, seeking legal assistance as soon as you have your diagnosis is essential, as the process of preparing your claim for submission with the company/manufacturer is quite complex and tedious. Our attorneys have the necessary resources and knowledge to provide you with quality legal assistance if you are a victim of toxic exposure, as this is our main area of practice. Your claim will also be filed with the VA, additionally, so that you can also receive disability compensation. Moreover, our legal experts will conduct extensive research to find more evidence for your claim, as your toxic exposure claim must be accompanied by pertinent and solid proof.

We prioritize and expedite the claims for veterans and family members

Regardless of your diagnosis, we prioritize the claims filed by veterans, as we are aware that most of them are in need of financial compensation to pay their medical expenses and treatment. For this reason, your claim will be expedited so that you can receive the money you deserve within the shortest time possible. It is important to keep in mind that filing a claim is not the same thing as filing a lawsuit, as the process is less complex and will result in compensation significantly faster. Similarly, if you decide to file a claim, you will not be suing the government, but the companies responsible for manufacturing the defective products or the toxic agents you were exposed to.

Therefore, you should not think twice before filing a claim, as your involvement in the legal process will be minimal since we know that the majority of veterans are elderly and in great physical and emotional pain. We will make the legal process as easy as possible for you and go to great lengths to recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to from the liable parties. Furthermore, a family member can help you navigate it. By choosing to work with our legal team, which has the necessary evidence and resources to help you obtain the money you deserve, you are bound to receive the largest compensation available for your diagnosis. Lastly, it is important to know that we work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you are not required to pay us anything unless we recover compensation on your behalf. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will promptly answer your questions.

We can file multiple claims if you are a veteran injury by toxic exposure

If you were exposed to multiple toxic agents while on active duty, such as asbestos, Agent Orange, mustard gas, and PFAS, we will file a claim with each company responsible for your suffering, as you are eligible for recovering the maximum compensation available for all your diagnoses. It is not unusual for veterans to have been exposed to more than one toxic agent, which is why filing multiple claims is completely legal and possible. If you struggle with more than one disease or condition, the VA will also provide you with a larger sum of money in the form of disability compensation.

In the unfortunate event that you are really ill, a family member can step in and help you with the legal process, which will make things much easier for you. Eventually, several months after claim submission, you will receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to from all the liable parties. For additional information, please feel free to contact us and we will thoroughly evaluate your situation.

Family members of deceased veterans are also eligible for compensation

In the unfortunate event that you had a veteran as a family member who passed away due to a disease caused by toxic exposure and who had not filed a claim during their lifetime, we can still help you recover financial compensation on their behalf. Regardless of the dangerous substance that caused their disease, our legal experts will conduct in-depth research to find solid evidence to support your claim. While very complex and tedious, the legal process will require minimal involvement on your part, as you will only have to send your attorney the military and medical records of your deceased loved one.

The legal team of Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. highly prioritizes veterans, as well as their family members, which is why we will go to great lengths to recover fair compensation for you or on behalf of your lost family member who was a veteran. We are aware of how terrible it is to struggle with a terminal disease such as lung cancer or mesothelioma, so we will expedite your claim, which will result in financial compensation within a shorter time than usual. Therefore, whether you are a veteran or the family member of a deceased one, our legal team will approach your case with professionalism and compassion and is bound to obtain the maximum sum of money you are entitled to from the liable party. Lastly, you should know that the VA provides the family members of deceased veterans with benefits such as Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, which our attorneys can obtain for you by filing a claim.

The families of veterans with a history of toxic exposure who lost their lives to coronavirus are still eligible for compensation

As the coronavirus pandemic is spreading, the elderly are one of the most vulnerable demographic. Since the majority of veterans are elderly, with a median age of 58, they are significantly more susceptible to contracting the new virus than the general population. In the regrettable event, you have a veteran in your family who was struggling with a disease caused by toxic exposure and passed away due to infection with the coronavirus but failed to seek compensation during their lifetime, you can still file a claim on their behalf.

Our attorneys will help you file a claim with every liable entity, such as asbestos trust funds and the VA, in the case of asbestos exposure. Regardless of the reason for death, the surviving family members of veterans who were victims of toxic exposure are entitled to compensation, which only a legal team who specializes in this area of practice can obtain. For additional information, feel free to contact our law firm at your earliest convenience and we will readily answer your questions and address your concerns.