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Fighting cancer and coronavirus together

During these challenging times, when the spread of the coronavirus is progressing at a very fast pace throughout the country, it is important to remember that we must all participate together, this is the only way we can overcome this pandemic.

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We sent 429 masks to cancer patients and family members

The importance of social distancing, washing your hands frequently, avoiding leaving your house except for emergency reasons, and wearing a face mask while outside as a cancer patient is tremendous. Adhering to preventive measures every day is crucial during the coronavirus pandemic, whether you are a cancer patient or a caregiver. We strongly advise cancer patients, but also their family members, to wear a face mask when they go outside.

If you are in need of a face mask and we haven't reached out to you yet please fill out the form below, priority will be given to cancer patients and their family members. We will mail face masks directly to your home. You do not have to be a client of ours, just fill out the form and we will send you masks free of charge if we have them available. We can only conquer this pandemic by working together, so please let's keep ourselves and all cancer individuals, loved ones, friends, and family safe.


I have not ventured out yet, but when I do I'll feel protected, knowing that I'm doing my best to stay safe.

Tina C.


Photo of me in my mask today as I headed to chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Thanks so much to your firm for donating the masks.

Beth K.


I am a cancer patient and I am grateful for receiving a mask from you guys.


Karen M.

Thank you so very much for these masks. You are very kind.

Karen M.

Suella S.

On my way to an infusion treatment. I'm wearing the mask that I got from you. Thank you.

Suella S.


The masks are great and very comfortable and not painful on the ears. Thank you for your generosity.



We received the masks. Thank you so much. We finally have some that will fit my husband and ones that can fit kids and adults.

Nikki B.

Heidi D.

We did receive the masks this week. Thank you so much!

Heidi D.

Tina M.

The beautiful masks arrived and mom is using them. I’ve attached a photo. Regards.

Tina M.

Kimberly M.

We received the masks. My family thanks you.

Kimberly M.

Dayna M.

I received the masks. Thank you very much, on behalf of my whole family.

Dayna M.


Thank you. Already in use. I am so grateful for this, so is my entire family. Everyone, stay safe!

Cristina M.


Hey guys, we are really grateful, my family and I for the work you guys did with these masks.

John B.

I did receive the masks and I thank you very much. My family and I are very conscientious about prevention as I am an active chemo patient. It can be really hard to have enough masks if you wear them everywhere. You certainly have helped with that! Thank you so much.

Harriett O.

Would be proud too! Thank you for the mask. Things are very hard my husband has stage 4 lymphoma and insurance is a joke and absolutely zero pay. So every little bit helps. Especially when we can skip buying a mask. Thanks again so much. Can't wait to get em!

Kelly A.

Thank you for the masks which were needed because of his lack of an immune system.

Vicki W.

Yes, we received the mask and I want to thank you for sending them. My husband has stage 3 colorectal cancer and taking chemo treatments. We know how important it is for us to wear the mask with this pandemic. Thank you again and I will send pics of us wearing them.

Regina and Clint P.

Yes, I did receive the face masks. Thank you so much. The black one you sent is the 1st face mask we have found that fits my husband comfortably. The patterned one sent is beautiful. Thank you again!

Sally S.

I would like to express my thankfulness for the face masks that you sent me. I did not have the money to purchase any. I am 60 years old and was afraid to leave my home without a face mask to get food or anything else I needed. My 9-year old granddaughter was so mad at me because we couldn't go anywhere. I have no family down here to help me, so we did without. When she saw these face masks, she shouted," WE CAN GO GET FOOD!" Thank you so much for your help.

Sherrie L.

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Coronavirus mask matching program in Alabama

We invite everyone that makes homemade facial masks, caps or other useful items to join us and donate the items. Please deliver or bring your face masks to our law firm at 2160 Highland Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205 and we will donate them to our clients and also any cancer patients and their families requesting them. Please do not call us as we are now all working remotely, if you have questions you can email us at

For each donated mask we receive we are matching $10 per mask and donating the final amount to local hospitals or clinics to help supplies and medical professionals. Hospitals and medical facilities donations will go to are:

  • UAB University Hospital
  • St. Vincent’s Birmingham
  • Grandview Medical Center
  • Princeton Baptist Medical Center
  • Cullman Regional Medical Center
  • Russellville Hospital
  • Central Alabama VA Healthcare
  • Mizell Memorial Hospital
  • Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Jackson Hospital
  • Madison Hospital
  • Hill Hospital of Sumter County